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I hope you will watch UNC TVs A Generation of Change. The major advances in NC since the Great Depression and WWII were led by Democrats, from the expansion of hospitals across the state, to the decisions by Democratic led state and local governments and universities to create the Research Triangle Park, transform the state’s economy and raise the per capita income, to Governor Hunt’s bi-partisan focus on early childhood education, the Bio-Tech center, expanding internet to rural areas, and much more. That’s not the mention our state-wide road system, established after WWI by Democrat Harriet Morehead Berry. Democrats have certainly made mistakes; but they also provided the enlightened, visionary leadership that accounts for the spectacular growth NC has enjoyed over the past 60 years. The current leadership is moving resources from moderate and low income North Carolinians to the already wealthy in the State. That’s not the kind of economy that will stimulate across the board
growth for the long term.

2015-07-09 13:59:54 verlainsko

A count by chamber gives a better picture. In November, NC House Democrats defeated four incumbent Republicans and lost one seat. Tine’s switch reduced the House gain to two seats. Senate Democrats lost one seat for a total NCGA gain of one seat. The details show the considerable success of the NC House Democratic caucus – the best in the nation for any minority House Democratic caucus. That counts.

With four more seats and a more cohesive caucus in 2016, NC House Democrats could sustain a Democratic Governor’s vetoes. Six seats are well within reach.

2015-05-22 19:54:06 verlainsko
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Thanks for getting the word out to a broader community. Gov. McCrory’s mistatement went across the state through traditional media outlets. Every NC newspaper and every local TV outlet needs to know truth.

2013-04-01 14:19:16 Verla Insko

During the budget process, DHHS staff informed Rep. Dollar that the CMS ruling also affected group homes for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled. Rep. Dollar asked Sec. Delia to document the problem which Beth Melcher did in her memo. After that, Rep. Dollar added a provision to the technical corrections bill clarifying that the relief funds could be used “only” for adult care homes. According to the DHHS staff member, a lobbyist told Rep. Dollar or his ataff that the group homes would not be affected.

The very specific language limiting the funds to adult care homes prevents the Governor from invoking the Executive Budget Act.

2012-11-27 03:16:03 Verla Insko

Despite objections to my amendment to keep lobbyist off the regulatory board, I discovered this issue is already covered by our ethics statutes, G.S. 120C-304(e); (e)

2012-06-14 12:14:47 Verla Insko