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A German Shepherd was donated to us http://www.usborderguard.com/US_Border_Guard.html and she has proven to be a great K9.

2012-01-05 03:01:22 US_Border_Guard
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With the archeological discoveries of the Kennewick Man, Buhl Woman, Spirit Cave Mummy, Clovis People, Windover Bog People, Penon Woman III, Solutreans, and many, many other true Native Americans who are in fact White, and dated to before the Asian barbarian cave men who could not evolve were kicked out of China invaded the Whites- it is rather clear that the whole of the Americas belong rightfully to the Europeans. So time to take your savage ways and mongrel blood back to Asia. Our ancestors not only discovered this continent before the hordes of violent Skraelings showed up raping and pillaging like they still do, we actually turned it into a technological marvel and a bastion of liberty for all peoples of the world to emulate. Once again, the invading mongrel hordes tear down civilization and breed like savage beasts of the field with no regard to the Rule of Law or anything clean and orderly.

2011-08-30 17:25:33 JT Ready