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It was brought to my attention that someone hiding behind the moniker of “Prophet” claimed on this thread that I am somehow involved in an effort to unseat Rep. Sean Lynn. Let me be as clear as I possibly can. I am unaware of any “crowd…actively recruiting a primary candidate to take out Sean Lynn.” What a ridiculous assertion. I support the re-election of Rep. Sean Lynn 110%, and I look forward to working with him in the years to come. Thank you.

– Trey Paradee

2018-05-16 15:57:57 Trey Paradee

RE Vanella, To clarify, I was a member of the board of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce twenty years ago when I was in my late-20s. I served for two years. I am not currently a member of the State Chamber of Commerce or the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce and have not been for over a decade.

2018-02-23 16:05:14 Trey Paradee

Earlier this morning, I personally donated $500 to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund. The Committee To Elect Paradee gave an additional $500 to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund. I thought it was more beneficial to donate this money to the victims of this horrible mass murder than to send it to the NRA.

2018-02-23 15:37:05 Trey Paradee

This morning I received several texts from friends about this thread. Some of the posts are so absurd and so devoid of facts that it’s disgusting.
Let me make a couple things very clear. I first asked Ms. Benner out on a date in April of 2012. Both of us were unmarried at the time. According to the story in the News Journal, the football game was in October of 2011. I would not attend a Cowboys-Patriots game if someone paid me. I won’t let someone wearing a Cowboys jersey in my home, and I still have not gotten over the Eagles Superbowl loss to the Patriots.
I have never set foot in a Red Roof Inn at any point in my life. I am currently paying a mortgage on my home in Dover, as well as my office building in Dover. As I have disclosed on my personal financial report, I am a 10% owner in Eagle Hospitality LLC, which owns the Mainstay Suites Hotel in Dover. My point here is that I have absolutely no reason to stay at a hotel in Dover when I have three other places where I can go that I am currently paying for.
El Som, your depiction of the exchange between Chip and I in Leg Hall is far from accurate. First of all, you don’t even have the location correct. The exchange took place in the lobby in front of the Majority Caucus Room. There are at least a dozen witnesses who can attest that at NO point did I raise my voice or my fists or use any foul language. The other party in the exchange cannot say the same. Well, I guess he could say it – it just wouldn’t be true. The taxpayers expect their elected officials to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of their offices, and that is exactly how I conducted myself that day. What I observed that day was truly surreal.
For the sake of restoring the integrity of the office and the faith of the people, I feel it is necessary to conduct a full investigation of the spending in the Treasurer’s Office, including the credit card accounts and reimbursement requests of Chip, Deputy Benner, and anyone else who serves in that office. If I was Chip and I had done nothing wrong and wanted to stop this absurd rumor mill, I would immediately release these records to the press and the public. Further, Chip needs to answer some questions and go on record. I am calling on Chip (I’m sure “Truthsayer” can pass this along for me) to go on record and publicly state whether he was at the Patriots-Cowboys game or not. Let’s just get this rumor cleared up so I don’t have to see my name attached to it anymore.
If I am to believe everything that I have read in News Journal, then it appears that Deputy Benner has made some terrible mistakes, but it sickens me to hear you people disparage her reputation and her diminish her qualifications. Erika is a remarkably intelligent person who possesses a great understanding of business, finance, economics, and the State budget. She has a tremendous work ethic. She got her job because she is qualified and worked her way up to get it – not because she is beautiful (which she is) and not because she slept with someone. She is a single mother who is raising two exceptional young men. She does not deserve to have her personal reputation and professional qualifications denigrated by people who sling around rumors while hiding behind ficticious names.
From now on, why don’t you people just leave my name out of it because I have absolutely nothing to do with any of this nonsense.
Yours truly,
Trey Paradee

2013-09-08 16:14:12 Trey Paradee
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While it is indeed true that I found a beaver, I did not have a barbecue. 2016-06-05T13:58:17-04:00 Trey Paradee