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I stepped down in December. I have never seen this mail piece before now. 2013-05-06T18:04:45-04:00 Tim Murtaugh
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Do you really think a woman like Claudia Tucker would enter this race unaware of such obvious attacks as you have already offered?

The fact that this is what you resort to is proof that you have nothing to offer in favor of your own candidate. Whoever that may be.

Give us better than that, fool.

2011-06-14 02:21:15 Peyton Randolph, Jr.

How long did it take for your side to claim that G.W. Bush was politicizing September 11th?

I can’t remember how long it took, something in the manner of days as I recall. But, boy, you have set the land speed record on this one, haven’t you?

I mean, the bodies of the dead aren’t even cold and you’ve tried and convicted the entire Republican Party.

Never mind that the shooter may have been insane, or worse *gasp*, not a right-winger.

This is the danger of jumping out first to make a political point of an unexpected occurance of tragedy.

By the way, if your idea of threatening people is to say that you might have a gun on your person, then you’ve been hanging around with Democrats for too long.

For God’s sake. Drop the political crap for at least a little while.

There are a lot of people dead, including a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge.

How long did it take for you, between the time that you learned of the shooting and the first clicking on your keyboard?

Pathetic and inhuman.

2011-01-09 05:16:30 Trembling in Fear of Richmonder

Funny guys, those Blue Virginia types.

They wail about the columns that Brian, Jim and Vivian landed, as if they wouldn’t write one for a paper if offered the chance. In fact, I hear Lowell is still peddling copies of his book out of the trunk of his ’73 Volvo.

The guy likes to write (just not well). Ever read his blog?

But consider their options in NoVa:

* They would sooner go on a hunting trip with Sarah Palin than pen anything for the Examiner, Politico or the *gasp* Washington Times.

* They have declared all-out war on the Washington Post, their loyal ally in all things liberal, because Kaplan is a subsidiary of the Post.

Here’s their quandry:

* The Post got Jim Webb elected in 2006.

* But they hate the Post now.

Oh, what are frustrated liberal bloggers to do?

Maybe approach DC’s City Paper or some other free rag … that won’t pay them.


Seems to me that Lowell didn’t care much about purity when candidates were paying him.

(Hey, Lowell, about quitting your cushy government job to do blogging … how’d that go?)

Lowell had his time in the blogosphere, circa 2006 or so. But between then and now, well, that’s a lifetime in cyberspeak.

If you’re reading this, Lowell, watch out for that tar pit over there … I hear that’s where dinosaurs go to die.

So long, Lowell. We hardly knew ye.

2011-01-06 03:56:40 NoVa Guy

Couple this with Blue Virginia’s lukewarm condemnation of the Cantor death threat (followed closely by a littany of alleged GOP-infused attacks against Democrats), and you can see that there is no doubt a double standard in our friends in the lefty blogosphere.

Alleged shouts at a rally while members of Congress walk by, and it is time for high outrage.

Shout “baby killer” in the House chamber, and there must be a call for civility — or at the very least, a press conference from Steny Hoyer pretty much blaming all Republicans anywhere for whatever some idiot might have said.

And then, bring on the bullet that shattered the window at Eric Cantor’s office in downtown Richmond. Witness the lefty blogosphere itself in knots to demonstrate that it wasn’t nearly as bad as when people were yelling things (words hurt, don’t you know?). The police report was such that it seemed that it wasn’t fired intentionally. Hardly definitive. Suddenly, every lefty blogger was a ballistics expert.

Regardless, a bullet had penetrated a window of an office of a sitting member of Congress. So, our friends on the left would be suitably outraged, right?

After all, it is an improbable coincidence that a bullet fired into the air would find its way into the window of an elected member of Congress.

They would be outraged if such a random bullet found its way into the window of a Democrat member, right?


Arguments abounded. It was the police report. Cantor lied. Cantor had no real office there (no, only his fundraising arm, his consultants, and the place where he, himself sits to make fundraising calls.) Other than that, he had no connection to the place.

All of that was to be disregarded. CANTOR LIED! Because the police conjectured that it was a random bullet.

So … exactly what separates Cantor’s situation with the likes of Democrat politicians who felt themselves in peril in the last few days?

Well, there’s this: the FBI has actually arrested someone who threatened Cantor and his family and he is facing 15 years.

These other threats that Democrats have alleged? How are those investigations proceedings? Any arrests imminent?

And from Lowell, Ben, et al?


Well, sure, let us now denounce all “hate speech.” So long as a supposed Republican is the suspect.


2010-03-30 01:21:56 NoVa Guy