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In response to your story 03/02/18 “Harris County Republicans are so diverse they attack diversity,” I would like to set the record straight, I have never performed a gay wedding in secret or anywhere else. I’ve never been asked to, because everyone who knows me is well aware I am a devout Catholic knows where I stand on these issues.

But, it is very unfortunate that you took the bait from my opponent and/or her supporters and published a slanderous attack for them. The previously unheard-of publication, the so-called Houston Church News, is nothing but cowardly unsigned rubbish. The author purposely does not include their name because they know this is completely untrue. It is mailed in anonymous brown craft envelopes.

I am proud of the support I have earned, and it speaks to my conservative record.

2018-03-05 16:50:49 Theresa Chang