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Thanks Charlie. Anne was a class act throughout some very tough times. When I was first elected to the Dunwoody City Council and through 8 years in the Georgia House, I had 3 surgeries for cancer and we talked a lot. Anne would be at the Capitol and a ton of events even though she was sick. Cheerful and sharp in the face of adversity, always the true professional.

Tom Taylor

2019-04-24T23:15:32 Tetsujin

Buzz was in my freshman class in the General Assembly and is perfect for this job.

2017-04-01T15:41:15 Tetsujin
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I was down at the Ga state Capitol yesterday supporting US Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)while he was registering to run in the next primary. We all observed this moronic gorgon as she arrived with her entourage. Lots of press, but she would not answer a single question. Just kept up the party line, “I get elected because I told the truth about 9/11 and Bush lied.”, etc, etc. Unfortunately, she truly is representative of the moonbat voters in her district. There is a slice at the north end that tends Republican, but the rest of the district has consistantly elected her with 70%+ margins. Now an influx of about 20,000 Katrina evacuees from NOLA have served to give her a real lock on her seat. But wait….there is no way that they could vote in both places is there?

2006-04-25 13:12:59 tetsujin

Outstanding!!!! Watch your back…the libs are not going to like this. Goody.

2006-04-24 17:26:59 tetsujin