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  So says, until recently, Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson : Dallas stated that the party had spent $350K on Justice Edmunds race and his only regret was spending anything at all.  Hmmmm.  *Nice.* What's the point of even having a party if you're not going to fight the opposition or...

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Brant you hit the nail on the head in the last paragraph, I know there some good honest pubic servants in the house. SMH

2018-03-06T22:02:20 Lost faith

So here we are again working our hinny off to save Rep Jones form losing to a Obama-lite candidate. What about all those liberial votes in DC Rep Jones cast? If he wins I guess we will being lowering the bar on how liberial a Republican can vote. Have you seen the Heritage ranking for Rep Jones?
We have seen the enemy and it looks a lot like us!

2017-07-09T21:52:29 1812 Walt Kelly

If Jones and all Republicans would vote conservative 100% of the time this would never be a problem. Now this presents even a bigger problem for the GOP Conservatives. If we outist Jones then we prove a point that we want strong conservatives voting in DC, however if we keep him we are saying if you leave the reservation every now and then it’s OK …

Damned if we do…damned if we don’t !!!

2017-07-07T20:53:15 Easy rider

I can remember when Republicans where in the minority back before 2010, it was only one party back then. Everyone remember how Conservative we all where at heart? Now its hard to understand who is the conservative and who is not. Why do we have to be in the minority to agree?

2017-05-26T01:13:28 Sold Out!

NSJ is proudly endorsed daily by the Chad Adams Show…

Donna King and Dallas has had a long relationship..

Neil Robbins is in on the gig …

2017-05-09T01:50:35 Rino Hunter

Dear Too Much, you are wrong about Senator Phil Berger, he alone with the help of the Senate has been the driving force for conservative ideas in Raleigh. Remember it was the Senate that pushed tax reform, regulatory reform, education reform, limited budget spending, and it goes on etc.
The House only watered down the intent of what the senate was trying to accomplish. You don’t have to like him but you have to acknowledge he is been the driving force of conservatism in Raleigh, otherwise it’s just personal.

2017-05-04T20:31:45 Rino Hunter

After reading this early today I called to wake up one of our 2 Republican County Commissioners. Mentioning no details about this article, I asked did you receive an invitation for the Walker event
at the Buggy factory with The local Democrat elected officials ? He said No and didn’t have any idea of what I was even talking about. Sadly Lee County Republicans are only be important at election time! Can you say Renee Or NaNa?

2017-04-23T14:26:11 Conservative Unicorn ?

Just when I was about to give up on the NCGOP Jim Womack throws his name in the hat. Load up ma we are going to Raleigh to spend our Christmas money at the convention.

2017-03-09T03:51:17 Lean Right

Our personal property taxes are so high in my county we registered our vehicles down at the coast. Much cheaper .16 on the hundred.

My wife is a teacher and we have a beach house alone with many state employees but we still need a raise.

2017-02-02T22:27:52 Taxes them Hard

Maybe he needs to be in Washington DC since he has a backbone.

2017-02-01T23:54:06 True Conservative

The question for Dale is where else can we cut as a Government? I have known and trusted him for a long time , hopefully this is the first of many discussions with him.

2017-01-27T04:15:45 Trusted Conservative

Looks like NC will be sponsoring laws in support of windmills this year. Follow the money.

Saine gets a new suits
Timmy buys a motorcycle or pays mortgage
Hasting pays himself for future uncontested race
Jimmy D borrows more money to be a yes man
Nelson gets more caucus money to pay himself

2017-01-26T02:56:15 Wind ATMs

Ray Cooper to the rescue! What position will he take ,male or female. Lol

2016-12-07T23:24:34 HB2 slasher

All of the above so true. Pat read this everyday in 2017 as you look in the mirror.

2016-12-07T01:32:36 Donor Controlled

Mark Walker is a fine Christian man no doubt, to bad he don’t understand Taxes….

Follow the campaign donations… now you get it.

2016-11-17T02:11:43 Drain The Swamp

I have known Jimmy Dixon for a long time and given that two things I can prove.

1. Jimmy is no conservative, he is a yes-man.
Source: voting record

2. Jimmy failed to write this letter on his own.
Source: too many four syllable words and
Jimmy can’t count past 10

2016-11-15T01:59:23 Just a good ole boy

Jerry do us all a favor and Resign! Save the Republicans dignity for the future please.

Geez what a joke! We can elect better.

2016-11-06T01:20:08 Campaign Fraud Alert

Lee County the land of Deplorable’s
Party loyalists need not apply


2016-11-04T03:18:27 Party Sellout

Red Wolf, just new start up with ties to the Republican Governor and Republican General Assembly.

2016-11-03T02:37:54 Red Moon

This is what happpens when you vote to allow Dark money in NC Campaigns. The Republicans in Raleigh and Newton voted to allow this this measure to occur. The real question is will they rewrite the election policy for NC or take the money and run. My guess: take the money and run!

2016-11-02T14:58:35 NC Dark Money

Local Republicans sent this info to the NCGOP and not a word from our party leaders. Crickets..

2016-10-28T14:10:40 NCGOP ?

Former Democrat donors are the new Republican Loyalist

2016-08-18T22:51:28 Trans-Party

Checkmate goes to Speaker Moore

When you can’t beat them, get them a job!

2016-08-13T19:28:41 Strong Take Over

Democrats need not worry surly Pat will have another Big Liberal Donor step up and replace her.

Republicans don’t pay enough to get this job!

2016-08-11T17:05:21 Appointment Kickbacks

I wonder if Roy Cooper gets elected if he will appoint as many Republicans as Pat did Democrats?

2016-07-28T00:48:11 Bag of Crap

John, I’m looking for a like button on your post. Here’s the best I can do. ?

2016-06-19T17:41:09 Common Man

Anyone hear John Hood’s comments on HB 2 last week? The deal is already done.

2016-06-17T03:27:43 Dancing Darlings

My neighbor is a lifetime liberal Democrat and she keeps telling me she wants to vote for Renee in November. That being said I now have all the information I need to cast my vote for Holden.

2016-06-02T02:04:24 Patrick

Doug Really?

Are you asking is this the spin cycle


Sit on this and spin!

Kinda of self explanatory ..

2016-05-31T22:58:26 El Roy

Go ahead Pat appoint a bunch of Rino / Democrats. Oh, you already have!

Maybe they will put signs out and knock on doors this election. Somehow they are always end up on the winners side.

Surly they will Donate money to you Pat.
My mistake the Donor class gives to both sides.

2016-05-30T20:46:42 Our Good Ole Boys

On Friday they pour the liquor for everyone and on Sat they conveniently run out of time. Happens every year.

No resolutions again, establishment wins again!

Why do we pay $90.00 ?

2016-05-08T03:45:23 Groundhog day 2

Former Speaker Hackney would’ve never let this kind of corruption exist. Speaker Moore it’s not to late to find some religion.

Buying condos and automobiles with campaign money is just wrong Speaker

2016-05-06T00:13:54 We are better

I’m just wondering if he is related to Rep Kelly Hastings?

2016-04-26T10:58:27 Family Tradition

Brant this is one of the many reasons certain individuals would love to quiet the Haymaker, its way to informative. Great job on connecting the dots. My daily one stop shop for what’s going on in politics.

2016-04-24T15:08:58 Real News Hound

Lol Pat did they same with all the Comminity College appointments.

How stupid is this? Pat actually beleives all his Democrats Friends will help him and surly they will, right back to Charlotte.

2016-04-16T23:02:37 Republican Trader

This Is very fimilar to all grassroots Republicans. Appointment are based on campaign donations not how qualified or committed they are to the GOP. Do we need four more years of this?

When Pat says he is behind Republicans, I guess that means drop your pants!

2016-04-16T22:50:05 It all about Pat, Again!

Pope Francis …….
This name has a new meaning!

2016-04-15T00:04:33 General Art Pope

Paul Chesser was always a great conservative, this explains a lot about the recent direction of the Carolina Plott Hound. Control media for the Governors office ? Ok Delete Delete Delete….

2016-04-14T16:47:58 Passing of Old Yellar

For the first time in my life I felt ashamed to be a Republican as I sat and watched the treatment of our NC GOP Chairman and his wife and 2 kids, I ask myself, what would I think if I was his kids?

Throughout all my years as a Republican, I have never witnessed anything so LOW as today. Speechless….

So today really was the end of an Error. JOYCE please go home.

2016-04-10T02:19:54 Not the GOP in Me

Yes notice Art Pope started the Lock foundation to push conservative ideas. Just like lots of conservatives they say one thing and do another.

Just FYI, Art Pope servers the donor class!

2016-03-30T00:01:54 Donor puppets and Pope

James be careful the chamber as I recall was working against our conservative House members last elections surly they will team up with Pope and Company to help control labor cost by keeping illegal immigrants here in North Carolina.

The cost of being liked by Rinos …. Freedom

2016-03-29T22:25:05 Chamber and Pope Foundation TRUST ?

Chad has always been a strong conservative except the time he had Governor Pat on his show and he landed those soft ball questions. After question him about it, he assured me it was the only way he could get the Rinos on his show to return. At least that was the way I recall it. Lol

2016-03-29T19:24:38 Conservative At Heart

I always thought Adams would eventually go to the establishment, but for the life of me Chesser is a total surprise. With his act of squashing conservative speech at the Haymaker leaves me shaking my head.

2016-03-28T22:10:34 Paul the Establishment

Sit back and say and do nothing Governor, we will do the same in November.

2016-03-28T02:00:05 Racist Governor Pat?

The Governor and this General Assembly should be proud of themselves supporting a bond referendum for North Carolina that will largely be supported by all Democrats and a small percentage of Republicans.

There is a secret in Raleigh everyone should know :

Democrats like to spend money and Republicans like to spend money too, they just feel a little guilty about it .

2016-03-12T19:00:24 Conservative "illusions"

I am very disappointed in the Central committee’s response or lack of should I say. We can disagree on fees or prices to certain events, however at no time should anyone consider taking away someone’s rights of communication. Shall I remind you that he is the chair of the state Republican Party and these battles you have out in public will not encourage our volunteers.. Please put an end to this today!

2016-03-09T18:40:14 Concerned Republican

Fat, Drunk and stupid now that’s 3 for 3, yes that bout covers him.

Mayberry had Otis

Ralegh has Jason

2016-03-06T02:43:28 From Mayberry to Raleigh

George Little has encourage everyone to vote yes for the Connect NC bonds Surely all the Rino’s will take his lead and vote yes.

2016-03-01T01:08:56 GOP Sheep Followers

I think she’s running for the wrong office, she fits much better in a leadership role with Tim Moore, Lewis, Saine, Dollar, and Hastings. Surly we are all wrong about campaign spending it’s not pay to play its Money Laundering.

2016-02-23T19:46:26 New GOP lowers Standards AGAIN

Surely there is more to this story than meets the eye, everyone knows that George and Pat are close friends and with Democrat Beth Woods knowing the truth surly Cooper will expose on the campaign trail.

2016-02-12T17:34:22 George has Little influence

Kelly Hastings : How can I pay myself more?

Jason Saine : I will need a new suit for this!

Charles Jeter : When will the Toll Roads open?

Tim Moore : Good news my rent (house payment)is due.

Nelson Dollar- If we spend billions extra its conservative

David Lewis : I need to call my friends for special bills

2016-02-09T01:10:57 DP screwing in Raleigh Live

Beware no one works harder than Julia Howard and no one has been in Raleigh longer. If she is working against the Leadership Moore, Dollar, and Lewis they will have real problems in the near future simply put she knows where all the bodies are buried. Any questions just ask Tillis.

2016-02-09T00:54:01 The Energizer Bunny

Joyce, I know you’re reading these accusations. Please feel free to set the record straight. While you’re at it, clue us all in on Zann Bunn, Harvey and Kim’s involvement. Are they helping in your recruitment efforts?

2015-12-23T21:09:32 RNC Angel

Ruth Sameualson’s Resume

Former Democrat
Supports renewable energy ( wind, solar etc )
Supports tollroads
Supports light rail
Support crony capitalism
Best friend in the GA is liberal Pricey Harrison

Complete opposite from Robert Brawley who is a Conservative Republican

No doubt Robert Brawley is the best Republican candidate for NC Governor in 2016

2015-12-11T01:42:37 Rino PATch

Good grief he is the party chair surely he knows the rules in the party platform, maybe Dallas Woodhouse can show him how to send out an apology letter and that will make everything OK right ?

Monkey See Monkey Do

2015-12-09T23:02:19 LEADERSHIP.........not...

Representative Burr has always had high standards for Republican leadership. He worked tirelessly to help elect Republican majorities in 2010 and 2012. Once he was even considered a point man for Speaker Tillis while at the same time holding Tillis and others to a higher standard.. For whatever reason Speaker Moore and the gang of SIX has turn the House GOP into the laughing stock of the party while lowering the standards and morals to an all time low. Represent Burr has showed true Leadership qualities.

2015-12-01T21:43:04 True Grit !!!

Jesse Helms always said ; if you put a fence around Chapel Hill you would have a Zoo!

Reality is we are paying for two zoo’s in NC. One that lets animals lay around all day, and another that requires no attendance to receive public assistance.

Go figure!

2015-11-21T00:10:59 Wild Free Range Animals

Establishment :
Agree with the ruling class or we will swat you like a bug.

Funny how technically you’re unable to run for public office, so please remember the next time we tell you specific rules please follow them through.

NOTE: remember you were supposed to endorse Collins and you failed us, so now we turn our back on you .


2015-11-14T20:13:12 bitten by the bug

Pat, Tim, Fletcher, Kelly, David all have one thing in common “Fools Gold”.

Simply put when you are running things you have all the GOLD, and that gives you the power to FOOL everyone e else.

Grassroots will be repairing the GOP image long after all the Political Cronies of Corruption are gone.

2015-11-14T13:09:21 Fools Gold

Anyone wondering if this is the deal that the establishment offered him to back out of the race for chairman of the NC GOP?

Daoud is the real deal, solar panels on his bus and windmills at his back. Surely a candidate you can count on… … This time? ….Winner winner chicken dinner !

2015-11-14T00:46:33 Mr Fickle

Hey big Man let me hold YOUR dollar !

I’m the most conservative in Raleigh.

Except for solar, wind, tolls, and whatever I receive Campagin funds to support.

Christmas is coming, I need your money!

2015-11-10T23:18:21 Mr Big

This is a great conservative, maybe the greatest of all time!!! He is the only member that has never cash a check from the General Assembly.

Rep Hastings has been living out of his campaign funds. The solar Lobbist, wind lobbist, the toll road Lobbist, hell all the Lobbist.

Rep Hastings NEW Campagine slogan:

If you want me to stay everyone must PAY!

And DONT forget I’m the most Conservative person In Raleigh

Wow you don’t leave much to say about the rest of the politicians principles or do you ?

PS next year I need a new car

2015-11-10T21:32:12 Mr Real Conservative

Nelson Dollar had absolutely nothing to do with this whole ordeal.

It was his evil twin brother Joseph Dollar, who by the way just happens to be his campaign treasurer.

2015-10-20T01:44:37 Jekyll and Hyde

Give Frank credit he quickly figured out about the leftovers from the Martin Administration, they are the real problems. (aka rhino one term Government establishment flunkies) Hey this may be the most conservative move this session, fire two and an replace with one, if only this would start a fad. Frank for Governor!

As for thinking that some sub committee chair made a late night or last minute change, think again. Speaker Moore like Speaker Morgan ALWAYS knows the game plan or it don’t pass. Plan and simple no surprises, no bump ups, NEVER!

2015-10-20T01:32:52 Rino Recker

From all the campaign reports it looks like Renee will receive the Endorsement from the Hotel – Motel Lodging industry. Surly they will give her a bag of quarters to start the Rock-n-Roll machine, but cigarettes are extra. “Not only am I asking, given time I will earn your support.”

Everyone wants to be on Top!

2015-10-17T13:48:26 Bat Shit Crazy! Lol

This is for you Mr. Frank Perry Sir.



2015-10-14T20:44:08 Bitch Slap!

No doubt this will be a hard decision for AG.

Establishment’s Newton vs. Shumaker’s ONeill

Please someone give me some insight! Help?

2015-10-13T23:02:51 Rino Establishment Playoffs

Notice this is all Rino’s, Not one conservative in the group.

2015-09-26T18:30:09 Rino Payoff

Jeter reads this blog almost daily, if this is wrong he can set the record straight. Maybe he will tell us about the missing money.

2015-09-26T13:51:53 Blackbeard's Gold

One thing for sure everyone thinks Renee is vulnerable to lose this coming election. With Kay comes lots of rumors and rumblings from the grassroots like George Little is supporting her. If true this maybe her down fall with the conservatives.

2015-09-15T20:37:16 District 2 versus DC establishment

Sure everyone is wondering why certain Senators are supporting Rino Jeb Bush. The answer is simple as to look at the Lobbist with connection to DC. As the fat old bald white man said “follow the money”. Look to see which Lobbist are connected to Washington DC and NC and that helps explain the trickle-down theory that the establishment put in place a long time ago.

2015-08-30T00:03:18 In bed with the establishment

This is not the March of Dimes but the marks of dollars! Forget about the AFP contract Jerry didn’t understand it when he was signing it, nor does he remember it. Renewable energy groups are already telling everyone to think Jerry for his support for solar so obviously he’s sold out. Jerry is seeimg sugarplums, I mean $’s dancing in his head. Ah maybe it was solar groups that convinced him to run again.

2015-08-20T22:08:29 Raising money for Jerry and Kids...

Pat has done the same thing to the State party that he did in Mecklenburg which is split the party. Ask anyone about Pat and his days as the Charlotte mayor and they’ll tell you one thing for sure he’s not a conservative. I defied everyone they told me Pat was a liberal because I wanted Republican governor so much in my heart. Now that the party is being ripped to shreds by bad decisions from our governor, I can only say that I see we might be better off with a democrat. ( God forgive me I never thought I would confess that )

2015-08-18T18:47:39 Split P

Pat has made several comments stating the fact that former Democrat Governor Jim Hunt was his mentor.

2015-08-13T16:13:50 D Real Pat.......

After the huge backlash for the $19,000 wasteful spending of campaign funds, Jason returned 3 suits he has already outgrown and made a donation to the caucus for $15,000

PS where is the other $50,000 at the casino?

2015-08-07T20:16:00 Kmart blue light special

From a friend, lots of truth and worth sharing.

If the police raided the House and charged us all with being Republicans, would there be any evidence?

2015-08-06T03:01:38 Joseph D

This just goes to show he doesn’t spend his money or campaign money very well so why would you put him in charge of spending taxpayers money. Everyone knows that Jos A Banks runs buy one suit get three free sale every other month.

Look in your closet, do you see $19,000?

2015-08-04T02:17:04 Jason....... INSANE

How did the Lasters end up in NC? Who encourage or invited them? Hmm. Wow

2015-08-03T01:43:05 Raleigh Trolls

The problem with him is simple; he is A Democrat in all his actions with an R in front of his name. I will not vote for him as I believe he is the biggest disappointment as a State leader. As a registered Republican since I was 18 I shall not vote for a Governor in 2016 and I just fine with a Democrat Governor, due to I feel we already have one now. Pat McCrory is only concerned with your donations he has no core principles.

Grassroots are important he just don’t know it.
But he will !!!

2015-06-24T02:41:06 Democrat Pat McCrory ?

While Lewis has shown over time to be a great supporter of liberal policies now we have reports of a female Conservative Republican challenger in the up coming election 2016.

2015-06-20T19:19:21 Affa-David replacement?

The truth will come out soon on the real story. Sec. Tata failed to do his Job and charged people for the free Photo ID’s so now we will lose the lawsuit and NC essential has no Voter ID.

2015-06-19T17:09:44 The 3rd side of the truth

Jim Duncan is having a fund raiser with Ted Cruz and after this happens Renee should really start packing up. Grassroots and Real Conservatives will put an end to this Blonds bandit stealing Republican votes. Patrick and Al update your Resume with any luck the democrats will hire you.

2015-06-14T00:58:46 Renee" Looking for Love"

So Tillis, Jeter and the House Leadership are hiring Democrats to run the behind the scene activities for the Republicans. I wonder if this is the reason we support Toll roads, solar energy, tax incentives giveaways, Hollywood handout film incentives, 3 billion dollar highway bonds (taxes) etc. Wow is this really happening? All the Intel and fundraising by democrats. This helps explain 1.3 billion in new spending in the house. Something for everyone!

2015-06-13T23:47:40 Elephants-ass

I would have loved to see you vote for the SB 2 override but given the fact it passed and you walked I’m ok. However ONLY because it passed do I forgive you. If this was conservative legislation that failed and you walked you would move up on the hit list. Mission accomplished your check is on the mail. PS tell Rep Warren To sign a short term apartment lease his train is leaving.

2015-06-11T23:40:00 Jeter Bug

Years and years of hard work trying to elect Republicans and now we fight against our own.

Rep Jeter please let Rep Harry Warren we have 3 potential candidates to primary him.

We have a new rule of compromise, just replace them.

2015-06-11T02:41:52 Who Da Thunk It

Rep Charles Jeter please share with all the readers on this blog the name of your 2 colleagues that confirm you voted no to give illegals driver license. We would like to know.

2015-06-10T22:04:02 House Caucus

We have three people lined up to primary Challenge Harry Warren

Two possible candidates for Charles Jeter

One possible county commissioner candidate to run against Jimmy Dixon

Currently in conversations with Candidates for Nelson Dollar, Jay Adams, Bob Steinberg, and Larry Yarborough

Working on several more please help out!

2015-06-10T02:07:13 RINO Eliminator

If you have been in the trenches for many years you would consider the fact that the Democratic understand party politics. Republicans have only been in total control a little over 3 years and given that, we still have a long ways to go to be the governing party leaders.

Rule 1: just because they give you money doesn’t
mean they will vote for you.

Rule 2: Reguardless if they give you money or not the Democrats know party politics well

Rule 3: Democrats know if they buy enough
appointments it will pay dividends.

Rule 4 : If you don’t learn the first and many
Other quick you will be out of the

2015-06-08T23:13:07 Who's on first

Friday night After the establishment completed their inside polling, they where shocked to find out that Collins was only at 40% that is when the idea of getting AJ to sellout came up. Today’s vote was antiestablishment. We would vote for anyone but the establishment. No one will forget AJ the SellOut

2015-06-07T00:42:52 Late nite Joe

AJ was a SELLOUT ask him about he meeting with the Governor’s moron last night. And just so you know he is the big loser today, No Respect from Grassroots Never. We will use him as the example of selling out. He makes Richard Morgan look pretty good.

2015-06-07T00:37:05 Get your facts Right!

Hope this is the beginning of Rep Boles talking a tougher stance in Raleigh. This is the kind of leadership we need in the State especially with this budget nonsense.

2015-06-06T23:31:58 Common sense to Raleigh

Watching Dee and David and Stam walk out with their head down was priceless. Adios amigos …

2015-06-06T23:24:48 Money Can't Buy you Love

My favorite quote from the movie The Shooter

“There are no such thing as Republicans or Democrats, its the have and have-nots.”

So True

2015-05-30T22:43:19 Whatever the money says!

What Rep Hasting don’t seem to understand is that by giving alternative energy companies like solar and wind and 80% reduction in local property taxes he is actually increasing everyone else’s property taxes. This should be an easy win in the primary next year looking forward to writing the checks to carpet bomb this district.

2015-04-27T14:51:06 JR Pope

Rep Hastings needs to vote for the conservatives in his Dist Please remind him he was sent to Raleigh to support the changing of the ole guard, not create a new one. He signed a TAX pledge and we will remind him of that when he runs again! He can count on many mailers about breaking his promise to the voters.

2015-04-27T00:20:57 Duck Duck Vote?

According to my friends in Raleigh Rep Hasting has traditionally missed more votes in committee and on the House floor than any other Rep. You are Elected to make tough decisions . Someone needs to tell him that a no show vote is a yes vote for the other side. Why you at it remind him just because they give you a check doesnt necessarily mean you have to vote their way.

2015-04-26T23:23:12 Rino Sheep !

With your statement if everyone else does it we should as well. Go ahead add more taxes to everything I’m sure that would make you and the other libs happy.

As my papa use to say 1/2 are ignorant everyone else is just plain STUPID! I guess you can decide where you stand.

2015-04-21T17:59:44 JC and the Boys

Notice it passed in 2007 with Republican and Democratic support and in 2015 with Republican and Democratic support. Just follow the Money and look at what industries are tied to this atrocious legislation. Brewsters Millions take a few pennies and dollars from everyone and you can get Rich.

2015-04-20T18:51:35 Rino Lib Electric Co

Here we go again helping the Rinos hold onto office. I have already been told that other candidates are expected to enter this race in the 2nd District. So what I’m am hoping is all candidates will work hard and let’s let Club for Growrh or Right to Life to do a poll to show who the conservative leader is and at that point everyone else back out and support the conservative leader. The leadership in DC already are rebranding Rino Renee to look like a tea party patriot. Let’s not be fooled again. Let’s come together as conservatives and rightfully win this conservative seat.

There is a shortage of nurses in Dunn is this a coincidence? I think not ……………No Rino Renee!

2015-04-15T22:19:17 Conservatives Lets Win

This is just another bill that shows how liberal Rep. Saine has become. I remember when he was running for office and how conservative he was while talking and trying to convince everyone. All he does now is raise money and vote with the Democrats until he gets home. Then it’s Jeckle and Hyde. He explains we don’t understand because he knows everything and somewhere in his mind he believes he is a super awesome great Republican. All we see is him voting with the Dems. Simply put its the” Insanity of Saine”

2015-04-15T20:54:24 Liberal Saine

He is our little Jetter Bug and lord knows that Tine has shown him the ropes. Now more than ever I believe he has been tide down, and If he liked it is still up for debate.

Log Cabin Republican

Big Daddy

2015-03-24T22:59:24 My Jetter Bug

Why are all these people so hard on Nelson for? He is a good guy helping all us dems out. We need more Representatives like Mr. Dollar to greatly improve our message in the NC House.
Please send yours check to

Dems for Dollar
Raleigh NC

PS: A Dollar a Day keeps the Dems Gay

2015-03-20T17:53:17 Wake Dems for Dollar

Thai is what happens when we elect Rino’s at the highest level in the state who in turn hires liberals as secretary’s.
Who needsHunt, Easily or Perdue to screw up NC with liberal views we have Pat.

Grassroots Game Changer
D Chris

2015-03-20T17:10:04 Conservative Voters of NC

Needed Elected officials with conservative views, liberal friends, tax cutting ideas while offiering bigger Government and willing to say anything to get elected but will vote with liberals. Married to an African American, Jew or Hispanic is helpful but not a necessity.

Party of Everything,
The Purple People

2015-03-13T19:56:06 Tour de Voter

We find it hard to believe those in the 2 nd district are not loving Renee. She has been the best liberal they have ever elected. The difference between her and Etheridge is a skirt. Who knew she was going to Washington to have a romantic rendezvous on the taxpayers dime. She raises the debt limit, don’t protect the boarders, believes in gay marriage and didn’t support efforts to stop killing babies. Please vote for her again!

Pasty K
NC Dem Support Staff.

2015-03-12T01:46:48 Pasty K Dem Support Staff

I am completely confused about Renee Ellmers with 51%. There are TV commercials on daily telling us how conservative she is in Washington. Surely someone is not honest so why would the Club for Growth lie about Renee? Please help me understand

2015-03-11T01:01:32 Remee conservative really?

Just like a Democrat get in a leadership role and take the lobbyist money to sit down. Nothing never changes but letters in front of your title. The song remains the same, Led Zeppelin.

Cell block D
Jim Black

2015-03-10T21:14:51 Mr. Black

Interesting the article in the Locker Room shows Becky already given pitty on the lawmakers. The message on cutting funds has the John Locke Foundation running scared.

2015-03-10T17:25:12 Billy Joe Clinton

When we say out Senators or Repersentatives voted for it, CALL them out by their name for the world to hear.

2015-03-06T01:44:50 D Chris

When the democrats lost comtrol of the State after 140 years they had no one to blame but themselves, losing touch with voters ultimately caused their downfall. The question : how long will it take the GOP?

2015-02-25T02:10:08 Jay Jay

Who was it that said if you can’t beat them join them?

R Morgan

2015-01-31T03:37:40 Thomas Morgan

She’s for it ….wait….she’s against it ……..
It’s not the same …….it’s the same ………
I don’t remeber …….. I remeber ………

Ladies and Gentlemen of the second district how the hell did you elect a COMPLETE idiot. She is a shinning example of what’s wrong in Washington DC.

2015-01-22T23:44:25 James Jones

Show your support for Congressman Ellmers, send your contribution today.

Renee for Congress
220 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

Standing strong against Ammesty and Abortion.

2015-01-19T02:19:31 Randy V

The Democreata would like to personally thank Remee for her support of illegal immigration. For this we are able to keep our yards manicured, our house spotless, and our family income at an all time peak. We support so many causes of our interest in the 2nd district so we feel entitled to our eloquent quality of life. And we get all of this for the low low price of YOU PAY MORE TAXES lmao

Democrats of the 2nd District

2015-01-19T01:30:40 Tammy Oldham

Not only has Mike Hager won the popular votes of the caucus but also the conservative votes as well, just so you know he only lost the Rino votes. FYI just ask Jason!

2015-01-12T00:23:36 Paul T McGrady

Sorry Mattie you are to conservative therefore you don’t qualify. Try again, from your Rino friends

2015-01-09T21:33:24 D Chris

These shenanigans are happening all over the state. Someone please explain to the Governor and the GOP lead General Assembly why the grass roots are so upset when they appoint Democrats. Will they ever listen?

2014-12-28T21:46:45 James Jones

During and election cycle every candidate tells us how they plan to change the way Business is conducted in Washington DC, isn’t funny how the system always seems to change the candidate.

Real change will come from candidates with core principles not someone depending on a paycheck.

2016 Vote Renee Out!!!

Let someone new lie to us!

2014-12-13T22:41:40 D Chris

Surely no one is surprised by her latest actions Renee has continued to be a voice for the rhino leadership. She is so out of touch with the mainstream Republicans an actually believes what she’s saying. Good news it’s not too late to save her dignity someone please send her an election form switching to the Democrat party. Then she will feel right at home.

2014-12-13T22:03:32 James Jones

With Renee it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, she is just an Idiot period!

2014-12-13T03:31:47 James Jones

Sometimes we can’t help ourself regardless how hard we try. Renee has worked so hard at Repersenting the DC crowd and telling everyone back home how conservative she is, so now she would like a museum to share her accomplishments with us;

I’m thinking: wait a minute I’m thinking;

Okay admit this is tough feel free to fill in the blank’s to help remind us all.

2014-12-05T21:35:18 James Jones

Wow I think we just figured it all out with Renée and immigration reform. We don’t need to dumb it down for all women, we just need to dumb it down for Renée. A good idea for her would be go back to the second district and listen to the female voters that say they don’t support illegal immigration. Then again if she would just go back and listen it would be a great start. In the end it’s all even Steven. Clay goes to a tea party rally for support and the Democrats give Renèe a campaign rally. And we wonder why the voters are so dissatisfied with Washington DC, we don’t know who is who anymore.

2014-09-28T23:57:26 James Jones

You have half the truth my friend. According to my Representative friends from Wake County the bureaucrats in Raleigh have been trying to find new taxes for fuel for almost a decade. The Democrats discussed the idea of the mileage tax however they were smart enough to never let it come to a vote evening committee. Interestingly enough the same liberal Democrats from former Governor Perdue administration and beyond are still running the DOT. Current Governor Pat McCrory trying to save face with many of his Democrat friends by reappointing many Democrats to the DOT boards as well as hiring many Democrats for the Department of Transportation. Now as for the new taxes for fuel this is Gov. Pat McCrory example of pay to play politics, we all know the current Governor Pat McCrory is lagging behind in fundraising as compared to Attorney General Roy Cooper. So as anyone might have guessed this is the new scheme in which to allow the construction companies to receive government handouts in order for Pat McCrory to receive campaign contributions.

2014-09-22T01:54:50 James Jones

No candidate I’ve ever talk with likes to ask for money although they tell me it’s an essential part of the job. I’m sorry to say but elections have become more about how much money you can raise to beat the other side. More often than not the team that raises the most money wins the election. Although I do have a question for Mr. Boles why would you only asked for $10 each from all them Romney Republicans in Moore County.

2014-09-19T16:10:25 Jim Swaggart Jr


A great start would be to ask the State GOP why they don’t support partisan elections for judicial candidates. After you receive your answer a great follow-up would be to ask why it’s never been voted on it as part of the party platform. Their answers might be surprising the truth is eye-opening.

2014-09-19T15:34:58 James Jones

Thom : call your office Kay has some more ideas on how to win the US Senate election.

Kay : I never thought I would say this but he is doing just Fine Lmao

2014-08-18T17:50:09 Dee Chris

What a waste of time since the same group overwhelmingly supported Rene Elmers who believes in illegal immigration. Good intentions on the local Government but the Feds will have their say reguardless. Anyone want to know the difference between Renée and Clay? He is pretty and she has a John supporting her.

2014-08-15T23:46:47 James Jones

After reading this I called some of my friends in the GA to ask that exact question.

Who slipped this in the farm bill?

Moore County look no further than in the mirror!

Yours Truly,
Senator Tillman and Representative Boles

2014-08-05T01:10:51 James Jones

A new message for the conservatives in NC, however it’s been around a long time ” If you can’t beat’em join them.

Toll roads, gay marriage, state exchange, Eugenics, Hollywood movie incentives, ah anyone know the difference between the R’s and D”s in this race?

Answer: A Stiff One!

2014-08-01T00:41:11 James Jones

Interesting polling all the way down to the question about being a conservative. 43% really? This is where I question the poll, all the Democrats I know including the extreme liberals think and believe they are conservative.

2014-07-23T00:45:26 James Jones

Pat call your office, Roy has another idea on how to win over the Senate since the gathering at the Capital and comparing them to Democrats didn’t turn out the way he planned.

2014-07-21T16:09:30 Dee Chris

NC Spin: Quote

Former NC Representative Gene Arnold, Republican from Nash Co. : not only from the Senate but from friends and associates from all over the State the term one term governor is being used more and more in reference to Governor Pat McCrory.

2014-07-21T15:59:31 James Jones

Pat please call your office, Vegas has the odds on your reelection and it’s not looking good.

Atlantic City just posted the odds to the next appointment going to a democrat and it looks like its a slam dunk. You must have double down on this one.

Sounds like insider trading!

2014-07-20T01:14:24 Dee Chris

Democrat Speros ; the same guy that lost aka wasted 11 million dollars with Beverly is now in charge of DOA policy.
( 11,000,000 ) really???

hurry hurry the democrats fox is in charge of the republican hen house!

Pat’s response; just because he worked for Beverly doesn’t mean he’s a liberal.

Grassroots ; but Pat he voted democrat in the last primary and other elections.

Pat’s response; so lots of my friends and associates voted Democrat last primary and other election but that doesn’t mean they are Liberals,

Grassroots; By looking at the list of appointments you have made all your friends are Democrats and yes they are liberals.

2016 will be here before you know it! I wonder if those liberals will vote for you?

Grassroots ; how many Republicans did Hunt, Easily and Beverly make appointments to while their administration’s was in charge?

Fact check answer: Pat has appointed more Democrats by his administration compared to Republican appointments by all three prior democrat administration combined.

Conservative from Charlotte; he’s not conservative trust me we’ve known him for a long time.

Hunt’s statement; Pat you’re doing a good job on appointments and I know that I’m your mentor when you need a list for more appointments let me know and I will have Roy bring them to your office.

2014-07-19T21:41:08 James Jones

Correction: Gov. Pat said he would veto any increase of teacher pay over 6%

2014-07-16T01:35:05 James Jones

If Pat supports the puppy mill bill so much why don’t he enforce the current laws already in general statue on puppy mills? He may single handedly destroy the GOP by his actions not only with the State Senate, but the grass roots all over the State. His party loyalty should be called into question what if another republican elected official had appointed so many Democrats would we call their party loyalty into question? Pat said he would veto any budget they had more than 6% pay raise for the teachers, anyone want to guess what the Senate minimum will be ? Oh well that’s enough, more Republicans beating up Republicans coming soon. A classic example a why Republicans have not been in total control for over 140 yrs.

2014-07-15T01:57:19 James Jones

I’m reading this and just now a political add against Tillis saying teachers pay is 46 in the nation. Republicans finally get in charge of all State Government and we become the laughing stock. Where is the NCGOP State party? We would think that the leadership could work this out and unite the party. Real leadership doesn’t always carry popular public support, but it does show ones core principles. What are we voting for again?

2014-07-12T12:57:15 James Jones

Ellmers and the DC crowd is counting on a sure thing. The conservatives talk Loud and take no one to the polls. She has enough money to convince everyone on TV that she is not for amnesty, leaving the Tea Party scratching their head and doing nothing.

Elmer’s 55%
Roche 45%

Big Money DC will sell Renee is not for amnesty and buy the election.

2014-04-28T01:08:45 James Jones

Renee lost Randolph and Lee in the 2012 primary to someone who didn’t live in the 2nd district. Rumor is she lost every staw poll at the counties conventions . This may show that you can have all the money and no brains when it comes to running a campaign in a strong Repiblican District. Fact: She should fire the person that told her to support amnesty before a primary election. Now with endorsements lining up with Roche will the Tea Party actually get out and work to push its principles or just let BIG MONEY rino’s lead the way. Prediction for the primary election;

Renee 55%
Roche 45%

DC BIG Money always wins!

2014-04-15T00:26:09 James Jones

Classic example of smoke and mirrors. Watch as the Rino’s come home to testify about how conservative voters they where in DC. I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut they new what the game plan was all along and this my friend is what we are all tired of. What happened to the voting on imagration; simple they could find enough smoke and mirrors to cover up so they put off until 2015. We elect people to be honorable servants and once they go to Washington DC they are for sell to the highest bidder. I will vote for a right wing Tea Party nut atleast I know what I’m getting. Republicans it’s about time we have some change in the Conservative Party. No RINO ‘s in 2014

2014-02-16T01:13:04 James Jones

My friends in Raleigh tell that Ted Cruz is coming to NC campaigning for Brannon. This could definitely be a game changer.

2014-02-13T21:04:34 James Jones

Good ole Renee, let’s go back to 2010 election when she told everyone she was a Tea Party republican and and two years later she barely beat a guy who didn’t even live the district. in Lol she narrowly qualifies as a liberal RINO and we are being nice. Her voting record says it all. One issue, OBAMACARE and when it was time to stand up and fight it she tried to reinvent the wheel. The folks down in the second district will have fun with this race. If Renee survives the primary she could have a hard time explaining the difference between her and Aiken. They both rejected the marriage amendment in NC and rumor is he’s a better singer.

2014-01-31T02:08:58 James Jones

Larry Pittman is a great Tea Party Representative and know for a fact that he is not a sale out. My friends in Raleigh have called more than once to tell me about this guy and how he stands up for our principles even against Leadership. Ms. Brown save your money or give it to another RINO. We don’t need anymore liberal Republicans in Raleigh, as a grass root operative I am putting the word out to help Larry Pittman. In any conversation with him he will tell you where he stands God, Family, Country and he says it with pride. He believes the NC constitution as he takes it with him everywhere he goes. He lead the fight for our second amendment rights in Raleigh. Take a close look into his finances and you will understand why he is the perfect candidate for NC House no pay for play just good old fashion stand up and speak the truth. Pittmans needs your help he will be fighting Rino’s and Raleigh at the same time.

2014-01-29T23:51:16 James Jones

Good try Chris; Glen only ran for the Senate after he found out about his gerrymandered district. I guess you can say his hand was forced. Glenn reads this blog maybe he will set the record straight.

2014-01-29T03:15:13 James Jones

I for one will not hold my nose and vote ever again. If we ever have a chance to change this country it now. I have been a faithful Republican voter for many years and for what I RINO Government . Pat and the General Assembly has appointed every Democrat they could find. Was it political payback? Pay to play? Who knows but one thing is for sure the democrats was always smarter than this. So now for years I have just been giving my votes and hard working so called Republicans and that day has come to end. You must be a Rightwing Nut as they call us or a true conservative because I doubt anyone else has the guts to stand up the this mountain of spending and special interest to say enough is enough No!

2014-01-28T02:55:39 James Jones

It simply boils down to turnout of the Tea Party. Are they mad enough at the GOP establishment, are we happy with Senator Burr and all his great wisdom in Washington DC? North Carolina is about to make a very important decision, how conservative the State will be at our highest elected office. Everyone knows that Pat ranks as a RINO and that’s being very kind. Lol even the Rino’s are mad as hell. As one life long elected Republican official told me the Tea Party is crazy as hell and a bunch or nuts, they hurt the GOP, could have been a surprise had it not come from the GOP RINO establishment. Tea Party people are different they go door to door and use social media to get the word out. Can you imagine how it would be in NC if the Tea Party went to DC? Would it trickle down like tax cuts and help our struggling RINO’s. How Red is your Blood NC? We are about to find out.

2014-01-19T15:23:16 James Jones

This is why we need Partisan races for all Judges and DA’s across NC. Not only will this help all the small communities gain control of the political process because everyone relates safer communities with Republican Judges and DA’s. We also know that grassroots conservatives will holds all our elected Republican Judges accountable. Oh now we see why this will never happen; republican Legislators in Raleigh especially RINO’s lawyers will not be able to cut deals for all the drug dealers, rapists, child abuser’s among others. Accountability is tough especially with grass root conservatives. Gaining control is historic but staying in control is précis planning. We have to breakdown all the safe havens that the Democrats have built in and wow do they have a lot. A good start would be for Republicans in office to appoint conservatives with all appointments but then the campaign “promise” fundraiser would suffer. Change will we ever get it in GOP?

2014-01-18T21:00:18 James Jones

This explains a lot about why our Gov is failing. He says and I quote “he’s been an advisor to me since I took office” if the people of NC want to go down that path Pat would have never been elected. And by the way just how we’ll did our education system rank after all those years under the Hunt Adm and billions of dollars was it 38 or39? Now that’s what we call success. Lol And the reward the Republicans get after taking control after 140 yrs with lots of grassroots help? We use a highly successful Democrat with a great track record of wonderful education accomplishment as Gov as a mentor what a joke! This is education success do all the things again that got us 38 or 39 rank. Lol just to funny!!!!

2014-01-18T16:39:13 James Jones