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How about this, Mr. Small? Why do not you, you crazy SOB, come to America and seek me out? I am easy to locate. What say you and I stand 50′ apart with pistols? We will see how your mind works and if you have any courage of your own? Do not wear a mask like the rest of the cowards. I do not fear death, and am a Master Gunner. So, bring it, creature of hatred; representative of evil, friend of fools and follower of the most violent and hateful religion on earth. You shall lose and die. That is all.

2014-08-31 07:53:00 Robert Doggart

Clarification: His name is Barry Sowetero, and he was born in Kenya, one of the worst Nations in the world. Would not it be grand if he would just go back and stay there? See how he likes it. America has grown weary of all the trashbag Nations who wish for the Ameirican Dream, only to show up sticking to their distorted value-systems. Go home where you belong, and see if you can straighten out your OWN countries. You cannot, for evil resides there everyday.

2014-06-07 12:24:00 Robert Doggart