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In response to the PoliGraph analysis that my claims about RU486 are false, my point that the drug was banned in China and Canada is true according to the sources I list below.

China – an admittedly non-transparent country when it comes to its government – has on at least two instances been reported to have banned the drug. It has, as evidenced below, reportedly banned the drug in 2001 and re-iterated that ban 2008. This is what I used as the basis for my speech on the House Floor.



Given this evidence, the verdict that “Meanwhile, it’s false that China has banned the drug.” Is wrong. It is possible that it may be legal in some limited circumstances now or on the black market, but that certainly does not change the fact that the drug was reportedly banned, as I stated.

In Canada, the importation of RU 486 into the country is illegal. Furthermore, ”To date, RU-486 has not been approved for use in Canada.”


If it is illegal to import the drug into the country and it has not been approved for use, it is for all effects and purposes banned.

Canada does not allow it to be imported and has not approved its use. I find it very difficult to see how my statement can be labeled “false” given this evidence.

I would appreciate a correction to this unfair verdict and an apology from MPR for questioning my honesty with my colleagues in the Legislature.

2012-04-20 23:20:32 Joyce Peppin