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Your point is well taken. Trump is a tarnished candidate who makes Nixon look magnificent. However, we live in a time of chaos and potential race wars as BLM quite literally caters to the gullibility and ignorance of blacks to foment real anarchy while emasculating the police. The amount of corruption perpetrated by Obama's fierce drive to turn silk purses into sows' ears has the quality of our meritocracy close to the level of Haiti or Puerto-Rico. Trump alone can at least keep the ship from sinking.

In a society of greater virtue Hillary would be a certain loser but our culture has been debauched by the Left to the point that she still might win and the very imperfect Trump has an uphill battle. Trump essentially crept in because he alone captured the hearts of downtrodden Americans with white skin and sadly demoralized souls. These are still the majority population in this besieged land of prior greatness. They must forgive his petulance and vote him in as a kind of savior-of-the-gap so to speak. The Right needs a man of Nixon's intellect and Kissenger's statesmanship.but perhaps after four years of Trump they will find such an eminent leader. For now Trump trumps all.
2016-08-03T10:49:17-04:00 njtjrt
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2009-06-23T18:38:51-07:00 Cornelius J. Troost