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Mr. Benson, You are, of course, absolutely correct. We at Americans for a Free Republic in Dallas, TX agree with you completely. And we have a plan that will allow us to break up the Democrat-Republican monopoly and establish a genuine two-party system.

Check us out at: http://www.afr.org Read our short 4-page article, “Salvation of America” http://afr.org/salvation-of-america/ It will give you an overview of our plan. Then if you wish to get into the plan in more detail, read our 21-page National Independent Report: http://afr.org/wp-content/uploads/reports/NI-Report.pdf

AFR has a list of 10-12 mega-billionaires who would support this plan. All we need is enough conservative pundits to get behind it to show them solidarity. The American people are ready for such a political fight. As Victor Hugo said, “there is nothing more powerful in history than an idea whose time has come.” I can be reached at: [email protected]
2015-04-28T12:02:36+00:00 Nelson Hultberg
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Misfit, thank you for a very astute commentary. We will certainly be hard pressed to restore the Militias as well as the Republic as well as sanity in this country in the upcoming years. Our nation is in freefall, morally, culturally, and politically. But that should not mean we don’t try to save her. Is it not better to fight honorably and lose than to never fight at all. The worst thing we can do is to let the oligarchs and tyrants win by default and send the world into a thousand year “dark ages.” If we fight to restore the Republic and we lose, then so be it; but let us, at least, fight. And in order to galvanize the people to fight, we must preach optimism rather than cynicism.

We at AFR have launched a revolutionary plan to peacefully take back the country through the political process starting in 2016. A brief introduction to our plan (4-pgs) can be found at Salvation of America: http://afr.org/salvation-of-america/

It is a preview of our National Independent Report, which explains in detail how we intend to proceed to break the Democrat-Republican monolith. See the plan at: http://afr.org/wp-content/uploads/reports/NI-Report.pdf

Here is some commentary on our plan:

“This is brilliant and galvanizing; it can change history.” – James T. Bennett, Professor of Economics, George Mason University.

“Hultberg’s arguments are well reasoned and merit our most serious consideration.” – George W. Carey, Professor of Government, Georgetown University.

“The impossible happens quite often in politics. Nobody expected the fall of the Soviet Union or the Crash of 2008. And no-one expects the current partisan oligopoly, the Demopublicans, to break up. But Nelson Hultberg explains how we can make it happen and why it should happen. He also integrates immigration and national identity into a powerful critique of today’s open border policies.” – Peter Brimelow, Founder of VDARE, author of Alien Nation.

“The vision of Mr. Hultberg is breathtaking. He shows us a way to reverse the historical tide of collectivism.” – Antal E. Fekete, Professor Emeritus, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada.

2015-01-22 23:54:59 NelsonH