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Jews do not support abortion in Israel. That’s all you need to know.

2019-02-02T02:01:21 Mike

Some kind of dog whistle that we are NWO controlled Masonic Jews. Or something.

In reality, just a design element that the guy that created the banner came up with. No special significance at all.

2019-01-31T00:14:01 Mike

LMAO. How many times have you said you’re out in the past 3 years? Come on friend.

2019-01-04T05:53:57 Mike

I fixed it.

2019-01-04T05:50:39 Mike

Do everyone a favor and never leave the house.

2018-12-12T06:24:09 Mike

That’s retarded. Arts is literally exactly the opposite of what STEM supposed to be.

2018-12-01T03:26:04 Mike

I’m collecting all the info I can and will,publish it on the site with each TDS and S&M.

2018-11-21T01:44:42 Mike

You need to wait for the file to download.

2018-11-20T22:47:14 Mike

Understood, but I have said this so many times on so many shows that it would be redundant. Obviously this is true and not only do we condemn such acts but they set us back politically.

2018-10-30T03:51:36 Mike

I knew I got the feeling of a Bircher from him. Quigley also used to lament that although he was basically a liberal, his book was never well received in liberal circles and instead was picked up by what he called “the paranoid right” that used it for ends other than what he intended. The Birchers were one such group. One of the main places you used to be able to purchase the book was from the Birchers. Today you can get it on amazon, but you’ll find it cross listed at Infowars and the New American etc. This is I think the most hilarious thing to have happened to Quigley.

2018-10-27T06:18:16 Mike

Thanks Mitch.

2018-10-10T23:12:46 Mike

The books are The First Law by Joe Abercrombie. The torturer character is named Sand Dan Glokta.

2018-10-04T03:01:20 Mike

I knew there would be at least one listener that had read these books.

2018-10-04T03:00:18 Mike

Thanks for letting us know.

2018-09-09T21:16:49 Mike

2 more additions to the bureaucrat gang story that I should have included. When going in to the Court building, you need to go through a metal detector. So when I had to leave to call my friend the first time I was thwarted by the guy at the window, I had to go through the metal detector again to get back inside. This entails taking everything out of your pockets, taking off your belt etc.

Also, After having bought some snacks at the snack bar to get the proper change and pay the guy for the papers, I sat down to wait while he processed the request. I was starvin’ by that point so opened a bag of chips.

“Sir, there is no eating in here.”

“Ok, I’ll eat in the hall.”

“You can’t eat there either.”

“Ok, where can I eat?”

“The lunchroom, but it’s closed now. You’ll have to go back outside if you’d like to eat.”

Meanwhile, one of the 3 bureaucrats behind the windows was eating.

So I just put the snacks in my bag and saved them for the ride home.

2018-09-01T07:45:55 Mike

Sorry. I was reading about this for hours yesterday, I really should have gotten it right. I guess I’m just more used to saying A10.

2018-08-27T21:50:49 Mike

I wrote 1/3 of these lyrics.

2018-08-27T19:30:14 Mike

Send an email to the support email address.

2018-07-14 09:51:43 Mike Enoch

Because they say it’s not. That is literally the only reason.

2018-07-11 22:44:35 Mike Enoch

Yes, the problem is there was so much crap he was throwing out that it was tough to respond to all of it. When he goes off on that little Hegel/Marx/Heidegger rap you can hear me behind the scenes say “bro…” as I facepalm. Everyone knew he was full of shit at that point.

2018-07-06 08:11:33 Mike Enoch

Anger is a gift.

2018-07-06 07:51:42 Mike Enoch

I’m sorry dude. Our paywall RSS is standards compliant. That’s the best I can tell you. The problem is so many basic bitch podcast apps don’t honor remote header authentication. Which is gay because it’s one of the oldest web techs.

2018-03-19 12:03:57 Mike Enoch

I have to say that I have no idea what you are talking about here dude. We go after conservatives all the time, and counter right wing neocon arguments constantly.

2018-03-19 12:01:22 Mike Enoch


2018-03-19 11:59:40 Mike Enoch

Someone please show up at the media circus in Florida with this sign: Register Jews, not Guns

2018-03-01 07:07:11 Chuck Schumer

I understand why some object to me doing this, but I think given the chance to show that his ideology is bankrupt and can’t stand up to ours I should take it. I will now get 10 requests from other “right wing” jews of various stripes to talk, I know. Trust me I am not making this a regular thing. You will notice that when this guy pulled what I think was his intended purpose with this, which was to present his identity crisis and make me sympathetic, I simply told him that this was not our problem and we are done with it being our problem.

2018-02-09 05:58:14 Mike Enoch

Sound levels on the mp3 are better than on the video.

2018-01-31 23:07:36 Mike Enoch

Well, do you want to see the new equipment and stuff we’ve got?  

We have three portable swings out here in the yard, all the guys love coming out and having sex outdoors.  It’s really kind of romantic.

Well, we actually call that the “fuck pew”, the Southern Baptists wouldn’t take too kindly to that, but you know it’s made at exactly the right height, so the bottom boys can get on it and the tops do their thing.  So we designed it, and it’s been pretty popular.

Generally, the parties are split between fucking and fisting.  The fisting guys will tend to stay over in this area, here.  And then the guys who are here for the fucking, then will take care of the rest of them.
The parties are very popular, and there’s no judgments made one way or the other, about the type of sex the guys are going to have.  

The action is pretty hot and heavy here, and it starts just almost immediately.  

2018-01-23 06:43:12 Chuck Schumer

You’re right. He did not invent it. I misspoke. He did popularize it in the way that it is used by libertarians and conservatives today though.

2018-01-17 04:48:02 Mike Enoch

> England never had a civil war

Wait, is he serious? Just when you think he couldn’t be more laughably retarded.

2018-01-08 04:30:50 Mike Enoch

In terms of email communications, they will subpoena anything that is relevant to the cville demo. I actually do not have any emails that I know of that are. But for them to want to see my entire inbox is obviously too much and they won’t get that. If in any relevant emails to the case anyone is on an email or is in the CC list that is not a named party will be redacted. This is a tactic they are clearly using to try to get into our communications, but it won’t work.

2017-12-05 22:40:53 Mike Enoch

Nah dude. They all do this shit to try to disarm you.

2017-11-26 01:28:55 Mike Enoch

Dude, lol, no. He’s a Jew. There is no way he will be convinced. He is reporting on the alt-right and alt-lite from the perspective of it being an interesting social phenomenon and also from the perspective of learning about it with the intention of helping the educational establishment detect and reprogram kids that are on the path to becoming alt-right.

2017-11-25 22:43:42 Mike Enoch

Because I don’t need Jews coming after us for copyright issues.

2017-11-25 21:21:44 Mike Enoch

I Seinfelded over it for a reason. Though if you read the Bernstein article on Buzzfeed you can probably figure it out. I just see no reason to further cause that guy problems.

2017-11-25 21:09:28 Mike Enoch

My self criticism here is that i let him off too easy in that discussion.

2017-11-25 21:07:46 Mike Enoch

Give me an example. I don’t know much about vape. I’m relatively new.

2017-11-25 21:06:32 Mike Enoch

I’m doing it to lull him into a sense of security.

2017-11-25 21:03:29 Mike Enoch

We did not stay at the house of any alt-right person in Gainesville. We were in a rented house far outside of town, so don’t worry about it. And I don’t think we’re going back to UF anytime soon.

2017-11-24 22:39:01 Mike Enoch

Oosh, looks like it was a troll.

2017-11-14 01:33:58 Mike Enoch

There is no extra charge for the svencam video. Sven just entered the wrong settings. It’s fixed now.

2017-11-13 22:36:52 Mike Enoch

Greg Johnson on the warpath bigly for Spencer in the latest C-C podcast. Will TRS comment on this spat in their next Shoah? Dissident right schism.

2017-11-07 07:55:10 Chuck Schumer

She was black actually. I thought that was assumed.

2017-11-07 03:35:09 Mike Enoch

There are no studies that show equality between blacks and whites in terms of IQ and social achievement. None. There are a bunch of unverifiable theories about theoretical social causes of the observed inequality, but no study that has ever shown equality. If you think such studies exist then I urge you to familiarize yourself with the literature on this.

2017-10-26 02:10:12 Mike Enoch

Thanks for your deep and genuine concern.

2017-10-24 18:22:05 Mike Enoch

I specifically said the exact opposite of this.

2017-10-24 16:23:26 Mike Enoch

As I explained on the show and many times before, my abandonment of Christianity is based on disgust of the current doctrines of all the major churches. If there are Christians that follow older less pozzed doctrines I support them and you are right that me picking a fight with those beliefs would be counterproductive to the movement. But we all agree that the mainline churches are all pozzed.

2017-10-23 22:20:11 Mike Enoch

Perhaps my perception of what it is was colored by working for a company that had really shady practices around recognizing revenue in order to try to scam investors.

2017-10-23 22:10:24 Mike Enoch


2017-10-23 22:09:45 Mike Enoch

I will definitely be mentioning it in Shelbyville.

2017-10-23 22:09:12 Mike Enoch

Unions are a source of power. If we can get into them and influence them or co-opt them we should, whatever you think about them generally.

2017-10-18 04:15:26 Mike Enoch

Send an email to support.

2017-10-18 00:40:36 Mike Enoch

Email the support email to inquire about bitcoin.

2017-10-18 00:40:01 Mike Enoch

It’s fine. I wasn’t going out of my way to keep it secret.

2017-10-18 00:39:29 Mike Enoch

Sorry guys, this is a paywall show. I said I would limit it to the paywall since it’s our speeches from a private conference.

2017-10-17 23:00:26 Mike Enoch

Just an app literally called “Call Recorder” it’s in the google play store on android. The Logo is a green phone inside a white circle on top of a red square.

2017-10-12 21:15:17 Mike Enoch

Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson.

2017-10-12 21:14:12 Mike Enoch

It’s been a week. And no we have not stopped, just paused because I was really busy last week. I will hopefully be doing one with him this week. I probably won’t be doing every day, but maybe a couple times a week from now on.

2017-10-12 17:21:31 Mike Enoch

While this is true, he did in fact consent to being recorded and knew that I would be uploading this audio.

2017-10-12 17:18:50 Mike Enoch

The New Yorker article was coming out no matter what. I tried to spike it, but once my family agreed to talk to this guy there was no stopping it.

2017-10-11 06:26:31 Mike Enoch

I’m sorry about the talking over of people. We have a new setup and it seems there is considerable delay between McNabb and myself and the guest that is timed just right so that everyone starts talking at the same time, realizes they are talking over someone else, stops, pauses and then starts again all at the same time. Sven and I will be working out of the same studio that is under construction right now within a few weeks and this should dramatically reduce this problem.

2017-10-03 04:10:58 Mike Enoch

Yes, this is one of the problems with doing a podcast over the internet. Soon Sven and I will be working out of the same studio and the overtalk will be dramatically reduced.

2017-09-30 18:34:10 Mike Enoch

I really don’t think the discussion was an attack on Christianity. I was trying to be more understanding to it than I usually am. Sure we attacked the current church institutions, both Protestant and Catholic, but pretty much all White Nationalists agree that these institutions as they exist today are completely cucked. The question is whether these institutions can be revived and provide spiritual direction for our people in the future.

2017-09-30 18:32:25 Mike Enoch

Good idea, thanks for reminding. i saw a post about this yesterday. I’ll bring it up on Monday’s show.

2017-09-30 18:24:50 Mike Enoch

Listen again if you think I was congratulating him. I said he is good at what he does. That doesn’t mean I approve of it or agree with it.

I just listened to the segment on it again and I really don’t see how you could get this out of it. I specifically said that his narrative was wrong and then said why. I did say that he did well in the debate, but that was not presented as a good thing because his narrative is shitty.

2017-09-29 01:35:25 Mike Enoch


2017-09-27 21:06:14 Mike Enoch

Is that you Vox?

2017-09-18 23:52:47 Mike Enoch


2017-08-31 06:07:58 Mike Enoch

Oh shit I read these. I can shitpost on them for a while. They were total crap.

2017-08-22 08:28:48 Mike Enoch

Wait for hour 2.

2017-08-22 01:37:39 Mike Enoch

Because no one goes there.

2017-08-19 08:14:16 Mike Enoch

True, this is exactly what I was trying to do at first, then I was like fuck it we need to get our case out there now. And then I got her to deny that she agreed with the principle of innocent until proven guilty, which was the icing on the cake.

2017-08-17 15:22:32 Mike Enoch

It’s a running gag though.

2017-08-01 18:40:12 Mike Enoch

I don’t think wordpress comments have upboats. Just more of the oppression we face from getting kicked off disqus.

2017-08-01 18:22:28 Mike Enoch

I actually did this the other day tbh.

2017-07-30 20:46:14 Mike Enoch

We’re trying to make the service the best it can be while also handling a number of customer service requests regarding misspelled email addresses, people not getting their confirmation email and the like. We are on it. You *SHOULD* be able get the files by logging in with your browser and manually downloading if it comes down to it. Trust us that we are on this and working to make the service the best it can be. We have a number of security and distribution concerns that are not normal to say the least, and thus we have to use workarounds and methods that normie media simply doesn’t have to deal with. Bear with us and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied.

2017-07-30 18:18:16 Mike Enoch

We’ve had a lot of requests to deal with. I will look into fixing the RSS today. Prior to switching to the CDN I had mixed results before with some people saying it was working and others not.

2017-07-30 13:45:13 Mike Enoch

I’m deploying the files to a CDN cache to improve speed and performance. Give it a little while to propagate. It should work over a wired or Wi-Fi connection, but still propagating for 3G and 4G.

2017-07-30 06:23:55 Mike Enoch

No, it won’t matter.

2017-07-28 17:24:10 Mike Enoch

Send an email with all account details to [email protected]

2017-07-28 16:35:02 Mike Enoch

Next show.

2017-07-28 16:33:35 Mike Enoch

I just set up the RSS feed for the paywalled show. Your podcast app should support remote authentication. So you put the feed url in and you should be prompted to authenticate in any decent podcast app.

2017-07-28 15:02:28 Mike Enoch

Yeah, we had a restriction set for the number of IPs from whenst you could access the site. I raised the limit on that. There are many reasons why you would access the site from a number of IPs over the course of a month.

2017-07-28 15:00:32 Mike Enoch

Can you email a screencap of what you are seeing to [email protected]?

2017-07-28 13:32:33 Mike Enoch

Working on it. Should be up soon.

2017-07-28 12:31:05 Mike Enoch

Working on it.

2017-07-25 19:12:32 Mike Enoch

You don’t need to provide your real name in the name fields.

2017-07-25 19:11:55 Mike Enoch

You will be able to listen via RSS with your username and password. There are RSS readers that will ask for that for password protected content. Your cc info is stored with the CC processor. We never see it. We only ever see the info you choose to provide. Name and address are not necessary and are only there for people that want oven mitts. We can’t do paypal for subscriptions because we were banned by paypal from putting any links to their site on our site.

2017-07-25 18:36:04 Mike Enoch

Only give your real info if you want the oven mitt. Otherwise it’s optional. As for the cc number, we never see it. Only the payment processor sees it. All we see it the email and username and the address info, but ONLY if you choose to enter it in order to get the oven mitt.

2017-07-25 15:54:33 Mike Enoch
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Bearing Drift / bearingdrift.com

Virginia politics covered from a conservative perspective. News and commentary about Republicans, Democrats, the Virginia General Assembly, Virginia\'s

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All you have to do is look at the name.

2015-07-24 18:50:00 Michael Enoch

He thinks his heritage is worth preserving. It’s ours he has an issue with.

2015-07-24 18:49:00 Michael Enoch

Jews are notoriously non-introspective.

2015-07-24 18:46:00 Michael Enoch

What is your position on Israel anyway? i bet I can guess.

2015-07-24 18:45:00 Michael Enoch

Good question. I think we know.

2015-07-24 18:40:00 Michael Enoch
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c4ss / c4ss.org

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Mob justice is always known for its fair and level headed verdicts.

2014-11-28 10:23:02 Mike P

I don't see how anyone could possibly tell the difference. And I don't see how you could possibly explain it without throwing up a bunch of esoteric, elitist, intellectual jargon. In practice it would be the same thing. Unless people were allowed to not pay it, but then the Georgist land value tax is out of the question.

Of course you can always turn libertarianism on its head (the way you always do), get in bed with the anarcho-syndicalist or anarcho-communist camp and start claiming that people that enforce their property rights are REALLY the aggressors. Either way it amounts to the same thing. Pay up or there will be consequences.

2014-01-24 19:38:07 Mike P

Does C4SS support the idea that Robertson can have a thickness that means peacefully excluding homosexuals from his life and property and believing, as his religion teaches, that they are not going to inherit the Kingdom of God?

2014-01-20 18:29:29 Mike P

So yeah, C4SS has basically for all intents and purposes completely adopted the progressive/Democrat narrative here and is just masking this by hiding behind their particular jargon, combined no doubt with appeals to definition and finally resorting to no true Scotsman arguments when challenged.

2014-01-20 18:01:14 Mike P

Why should I care about sex worker liberation or a sex worker friendly culture?

2013-12-27 05:11:20 Mike P

I wholeheartedly agree with this Tom. A free market in education should always be the line taken by libertarians.

But I am not unsympathetic to those people that balk at unionization under the state and point out the fact that this gives state unions the effective power to tax. And in some places, many towns in NJ where I grew up, the teachers union IS the effective government. All municipal business is carried out to see to their wants and they can sway city councils to raise property taxes. So the line is not clear in many instances exactly where the government ends and the teacher's union begins.

I am in disagreement with sentiments expressed by David D'Amato that the teachers union are blameless or deserve sympathy. They are parasites and left libertarians should not let their sympathies for unions or the working class cloud their judgment here. These people are firmly entrenched in the exploiting class and the teacher's union as an organization is lavishly funded and receives just as much, if not more, privilege as the average big corporation.

If the argument is: its not their fault, the state exist and therefore they use it to gain advantage, well that can be applied to excuse anyone lapping at the trough of the state. I would also point out that the teachers themselves would look with contempt and hatred on our position on a free market in education. They like their position of monopoly with the effective power to tax and they will fight to keep that. I would submit that it s not just about the wages and benefits but also about power.

An analysis of what actually goes on at government schools and what these people actually do to children is also relevant.

2011-02-25 10:29:52 Mike P

I am curious what Kevin's position would be on hostile takeovers. I remember Michael Milken was vilified in the media and even jailed for things that were made illegal after he did them. the feds even coerced a confession out of him by threatening to jail his brother over some tax issue. But his strategy, as I understand it, was to move in on companies with bloated and unaccountable management structures and downsize the company to a manageable size. I have always though that the state jailing him and outlawing what he did was a case of protecting exactly the kind of old boys club that Kevin is talking about here. The outlawing of Milken's strategies could also be another reason that we see the kinds of things discussed here.

2011-02-25 07:15:14 Mike P

Interesting that the article is so quick to condemn white collar suburbanite slugs, claiming with no evidence that they are all as a class necessarily beneficiaries of state coercion, yet be understanding of unionized state workers, who can be objectively and factually shown to be exploiters and beneficiaries of state coercion.

If it is wrong for corporations to lobby the state for privileges, then why is it not wrong for workers as well? Oh right, because the public/private dichotomy is "valueless." It seems that on this site at least whether one is in an exploiting class has more to do with one's identity and income than one's actions.

This article also ignores the fact that public sector workers do not necessarily provide any value at all. There is no way of knowing whether the labor they perform is actually worth anything since no one voluntarily chooses the services they claim to provide.

2011-01-19 07:27:27 Mike P

Medicare is certainly a nightmare, but I would not necessarily say that it's only purpose is wealth distribution to big corporations. Medicare keeps the senior set involved in the game. I can tell you that when iI hear about how often my grandparents go to the doctor and the treatments they are getting when I have not been in like 4 years it makes my eyes pop. This keeps seniors of both parties totally involved. They receive a HUGE subsidy from younger working people that they will fight tooth and nail to keep.

> if we’re choosing between equal levels of statism, of course I’ll take the one that weighs less heavily on my own neck.

I think this is the calculation most people make. I see the point, but I think that if we take this position too far potentially anything could be justified. After all, bailing out big corps keeps people in their jobs. Right? Even if it does not, people could perceive that it does, the same way they could mistakenly think that they will be "guaranteed" health care, when all they will really be guaranteed is access to a waiting list.

2011-01-06 05:58:48 Mike P
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I’m offended that you immediately associate the programming profession with “geek culture” here. The two are not the same. Most programmers are far more put together and professional than the typical neckbearded geek stereotype. And there are no barriers to entry, save perhaps those that women place on themselves do to insecurity, bad faith etc. It’s funny that you want an outcome, but you still place the burden of action on men. Men need to make it more welcoming for you. You seem to be denying female agency.

2014-03-03 21:30:00 Michael Enoch
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I don't argue with left-libertarians. There is no need. I mock them because they are ridiculous and absurd. 2014-03-02T16:15:44+00:00 Michael Enoch
I also never said C4SS was a Marxist front. I said Carson was a Marxist, because I think he is, and I linked to an article that does an in depth critique of his theory and method to argue that. 2014-03-02T16:12:43+00:00 Michael Enoch
Just a heads up that Alexa is a bad measure of actual traffic, though I am sure that C4SS gets more traffic than we do. Alexa depends on users having installed the Alexa toolbar and this is in no way an indicator of actual traffic.And as far as the fact that you even have a debate on whether to publish critical theory stuff, that is problematic. Every time I go to your site all I see is trannie and queer shit which has absolutely zero to do with libertarianism. 2014-03-02T16:08:58+00:00 Michael Enoch
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The most interesting conclusion here is that the conventional wisdom surrounding these supposedly “school affirming behaviors” is just hot air. Help your kids with homework, attend meetings and be engaged with the PTA or whatever all you want, It doesn’t mean anything. What matters is how smart the kid is. This goes for whites too. I would not expect low IQ whites whose parents did these things to be able to increase their child’s scores. And high IQ white kids do well regardless of whether their parents do these things or totally neglect them.

2013-10-11 07:48:00 Michael Enoch
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debbieschlussel / debbieschlussel.com

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Its called capitalism. Get used to it socialist morons.

2011-08-11T00:01:36 Mike Peinovich
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Joe Klein is just a violent, extremist thug that positively blisters with outrage at even the tiniest threat to status quo. This latest blog is just more proof of that.

Who are these hoi-poloi that think they have rights and freedoms? Only enlightened social managers like me Mr Joe Klein have any right to make any decisions.
2010-05-20T16:01:22-04:00 selfattack
Its pretty funny to read the responses to my simple post. All I said was the initiation of violence is morally wrong. Thats all. If you think there are worse things than that, such as owning a restaurant and refusing to serve redheads, then you be the one to take the gun to the restaurant and tell him he'd better serve those redheads or you'll shoot him.

Just excluding people you don't want from your property is not aggression. Its your right. If you disagree, I'm going to come over to your house tonight, and exercise my "right" to free speech in your living room and lecture you on Objectivist theory. Would you be committing aggression by kicking me out? If you say no, then you already agree with me.

Also, people that think that if not for the law against it every restaurant would refuse to serve blacks don't understand how profit seeking businesses operate and don't have any faith in their fellow human beings. If you think force is required to fight racism, and everyone would be racist without it you also can't be in favor of democracy. You would have to advocate for dictatorship where the dictators all have the enlightened superior values you hold.

After all, if the public is naturally racist then in a democracy you would get a government that enforces racism. So if you really think the government is necessary to prevent racism logically you cannot support democracy.
2010-05-20T15:34:32-04:00 selfattack
Libertarian philosophy is pretty simple. The principle it is based on is that aggression, the initiation of violence, is always wrong no matter what the reason. On the scale of values aggressive violence is the worst thing you can do. So even if you think its terrible and racist for a restaurant to refuse to serve white people, it would be worse to initiate violence against them to force them serve white people.

Thats all it is. Those that oppose this principle are the ones that have to make their case, not those of us that hold to the principle of non-aggression.

If you think aggressive violence is the right solution when the person you are attacking has done nothing violent, then it is you, not Rand Paul or anyone else that has some explaining to do.
2010-05-20T11:27:14-04:00 selfattack
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wmconnolley: scienceblogs.com/stoat archive / wmconnolley.wordpress.com

Taking science by the throat

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Do you ever respond to actual arguments? Or do you just use sarcasm and claims of authority and knowing ultimate truth? I've been following this debate for a while and to be honest I have never seen anyone on your side respond with anything other than sarcasm and claims of authority. I don't think I've ever heard a single argument for AGW other than the one that "all scientists agree".

[Yes, I respond to arguments, if people make them. You haven't made one. If you're interested in Global Warming, then http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming is a reasonable place to start. If you want to know about attribution, thentry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attribution_of_recent_climate_change -W]
2009-12-22T15:34:03+00:00 Mike