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  So says, until recently, Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson : Dallas stated that the party had spent $350K on Justice Edmunds race and his only regret was spending anything at all.  Hmmmm.  *Nice.* What's the point of even having a party if you're not going to fight the opposition or...

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“Diversity” is not in the US Constitution or the NC Constitution. Period.

2017-09-22T21:18:33 Mattie Lawson

Lively posts. Don’t you have better things to do than attack each other? This illustrates why it is tough to get decent candidates. You all made your points. Move on. Personally, i believe the dealmaker should be alliance to our party platform. Comparing the Democrat platform to the Republican platform should be enough to convince any voter where to place their loyalty. Which one takes best care of our childrens’ futures? Which candidate honors the platform that protects us? No brainer. Take care dear patriots. Storm’s acoming.

2017-09-07T19:34:27 Mattie Lawson

It is heart warming to read the positive comments posted here about a true American patriot and great friend to me and to all his constituents. NC Senator Bill Cook has much to be proud of. If he retires replacing him in the Senate will be a tall order but we must look for someone with his mind and heart.
He is and has been an asset to the NCGA. I am sure he will continue to be an influence for what is good and decent in this great state. And his wife Holly is a delight. Thanks to both of you for your service.

2017-08-26T20:08:05 Mattie Lawson

Our way forward is to respect law and order. How hard is that, Senator?

Boggles the mind . . . . .

2017-08-17T16:11:13 Mattie Lawson

We all know these events aren’t about the evils of slavery but simply more attempts at yelling “froggy” to see how many of us will jump and how quickly. It is about power. It is about keeping their ignorant, ugly faces in the news and it is about giving the appearance of righteousness based on the warped media’s pandering blessings on the most egregious acts of violence.

It is about being paid, professional thugs. The job is glamorous, pays well and is, for the immature mind, fun. Ummmm, how do we law-abiding conservatives compete with all that fun?!

These are the same folk who are ok with mothers letting their babies be ripped from the GOD-given safety of the womb in tiny pieces. There is no violence more sickening than that, or is more sorely regretted by the women, eventually.

These people are playing for keeps. They honor no rules. Jailing them is a band-aid because more will take their place. Maybe it is the media that needs to be exposed rather than the rioters. Trump is doing the best he could hope to do considering our waning values. Pray for him. Thank you.

2017-08-17T16:09:00 Mattie Lawson

Why can’t we (the NC General Assembly with our moral support as conservative citizens) construct strategic and economic constraints on NC’s influential lobbyists to reduce their power and thereby reduce much of the cancer that is keeping our legislators from doing their job for freedom we need them to do? If we can make lobbying less attractive maybe our career politicians will turn to some other line of work when they are done playing at being statesmen thereby causing less damage.

2017-08-17T15:52:53 Mattie Lawson

I agree with your comments.

2017-07-23T19:02:02 Mattie Lawson

The problem with our weakened ship of state is not the US Constitution. The problem is that it is not being enforced. What makes anyone think that since we cannot get our current document enforced anyone will be successful at enforcing a new one?? That is not logical. And it is extremely dangerous. I am sorry to say this but we do not have enough strong conservatives in North Carolina to represent us fairly at a Convention of States. We NEED MORE MIKE SPECIALEs first.

2017-07-04T03:13:29 Mattie Lawson

I wish some of you who appreciate Rep Boswell would occasionally comment in a positive way on articles written about her on the Outer Banks Voice blog. The mention of her name brings out ugly comments by our local so-called environmentalists. They care little about our fishermen and you’d think bringing back plastic bags was the equivalent to spreading smallpox.

Thank you.

2017-06-23T06:15:57 Mattie Lawson

Fellow NC Republicans, this is not the time to give up.

We are in a battle, are we not? Did you expect the old guard to go quietly? Ceding the battlefield to the enemy is not going to help us achieve long term goals toward a freer state. Our battle cry should be “Show us the audit”! Are you as curious as I am about who paid for those sleazy ads against our hero, Jim Womack? Big bucks was spent to keep the current leader at the helm. Hayes bought those votes. He lusts after the power, the title, the visibility. Don’t give him the satisfaction of watching us fade into the sunset.

Saturday’s election was disappointing but hardly a decisive victory for the establishment. We showed them we are watching and will take advantage of the next chance to put a dent in their cronyism. Give no money to the NCGOP but instead support your local Tea Party or liberty candidate.

About those Delegates who stuck with Hayes, what comes to my mind is the old “V-8” commercial where the actor slaps himself on the forehead when he realizes he made a huge error in his drink choice because “he could have had a V-8” instead.

At some point between the voting that took place on Saturday afternoon and the next election for NCGOP Chair in 2019 many of those Delegates who cast their vote for “more of the same” by voting for Hayes are going to slap themselves silly because they could have had the real deal. They settled for a worn out, self-absorbed business-as-usual tainted politician. They could have elected a young, healthy, motivated, business trained, veteran and true patriot. They could have made President Trump proud by electing a man of character to represent the great North State.

The election results is not the best news for the commercial fishing industry which has no friend in Hayes, though I doubt Cooper will depend on Hayes to destroy those folks’ livelihoods. The NC General Assembly has a good track record of standing up for all our small businesses. Let’s encourage them to continue to protect our noble working watermen.

We are proud of Team Womack. Thank you for your efforts. It was a gallant attempt.

2017-06-04T23:44:37 Mattie Lawson

Convention Delegates should have the chance to opt out of phone calls and emails from candidates. Ah, freedom to choose. If the list of names from those willing to receive emails and/or phone calls is released to one candidate, it must go to all the other candidates – at the same time. That is the adult way to handle it.

Why do I keep getting the feeling this convention is going to show the worst in a lot of people, especially those who are supposed to be running it. Note to those in charge: we conservatives are FED UP with being run over by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of all stripes. FED UP!! This weekend might be the LAST STRAW!

Please, behave yourselves or the newspapers are going to have much to report making readers very interested in the dreaded but inevitable THIRD PARTY for the great state of NC.

2017-05-31T22:13:46 Mattie Lawson

How does society undo the damage done to young idealists who have their view of the world slanted for them by arrogant leftist professors? Is there a way to sue the colleges for taking it upon themselves to indoctrinate as well as (I grant them credit that may not be deserved) educate our next generation; our future? Hitting them in the pocketbook may work more quickly than trying to reason with the unreasonable.

Parents, don’t send your beloved child there where the left is waiting to claim your kid for their own. Send them where they can think for themselves. What is happening on our college and high school campuses today would make Rev. Moon proud.

2017-05-01T18:57:57 Mattie Lawson

Elections have consequences. The left has had their say wickedly relishing the disruption of our nation’s moral compass by electing the louder, obnoxious candidates. We let it happen because we are so smug about our Christian heritage that we think our culture can survive even if only a handful of people take the time and energy to act out our own deepest held convictions. No, it takes all of us working hard every day reminding the other side that they are NOT the majority. We must read our Bibles, not just talk about it. Live out our belief system. Show the opposition that Christianity is LOVE not HATE. Real hate comes from pretending gender confusion is a happy alternative to GOD’s plan in Genesis: male and female He created them. For the sake of future generation caught in the middle, let’s stop this sophomoric nonsense soon.

2017-03-26T23:21:09 Mattie Lawson

Some readers will blow this topic off thinking the commercial fishermen are getting what they deserve for “raping the sea” of fish. They don’t know the facts; they don’t know fishermen.

This is not entertainment for them. Commercial fishermen do what they do for the love of fishing and for the love of being part of a proud heritage going back to our Founding Fathers. Fish fed our ancestors while they waited for their crops to be established. Fish will feed us when our supply chain fails due to famine, war or natural disaster. Our fishermen are not stupid enough to risk their future by being sloppy conservationists. They are our original environmentalists.

Loss of fishing for NC would be more than the loss of the fresh, healthy food resource we are due. It would be the loss of the expensive, specialized equipment, the training, the instinctive drive that takes the fishermen to the best spots and the loss of the economic benefit of having these families and extended families living and thriving among us.

Identify politics would say these mostly white Christian men and women must give up; “evolve” into fish farming and be glad about it. Quite a slap in the face to men and women who regularly risk their lives in treacherous conditions in daylight and dark leaving families to fend alone during emergencies and special family events in order to heed their honorable calling. Fish farming and imported “fish” is a miserable substitute for the real thing swimming right off our coast in countless numbers (when asking about the science used to determine fish crop size ask if it is a guess or do they really, truly cross-their-hearts-and-hope-to-die know).

These are small business owners with no pensions, holidays, vacation pay or reasonable health insurance buying homes, paying their bills on time, going to church and raising decent kids who will most likely follow in their parents’ footsteps, if commercial watermen jobs are still there when they are old enough to join in.

Robin Hayes picked the wrong side of this fight. We folks who live in the coastlands love our working watermen. We love how they remind us what an American work ethic looks like. We don’t want to see them steamrolled into joblessness like our family farmers.

Our tourists expect local seafood in our local restaurants. They expect picturesque fishing villages. Don’t you?

We will fight to right what is wrong and preserve what is moral and deserved, so help us GOD.

We wish Gov. McCrory had seen this vision in its entirety because it would have landed him back in the NC Governor’s mansion.

2017-03-13T23:50:15 Mattie Lawson

The ease in which some people appear to be willing to give up their precious freedom is a clear statement on how ignorant these segments of our populace have become. Like the proverbial frog sitting in ever warming water until it is cooked, there will be a wake up call for those willing to allow “the government” – in whatever condition it happens to be at the moment (though history shows clearly the larger and more intrusive “the government” is the worse off the citizens are) – to control details of our everyday lives. Even if “the government” had the capacity and wisdom to be just and fair to its subjects (where that wisdom comes from is problematic because “the government” is people after all and people are flawed), the burden of paying the salaries, the vacations, the training programs, the holidays, the pensions, the health plans of the employees necessary to man the offices, agencies and general bureaucracy of “big government” along with its policemen and jailers would bankrupt any society eventually. It is economically impossible to support non-wealth generators (leeches) for long. A bankrupt society will fall into disrepair and eventually anarchy. So where are all those peachy leftist ideals when people are starving? Wake up. Look at Venezuela. The ideal government is written into our US Constitution. Defend it or suffer the consequences.

2017-03-06T00:56:12 Mattie Lawson

The way big corporations do it is ask the employees where the waste is first. They know. They would whistle blow if they knew it wouldn’t put their jobs in jeopardy. Managers traditionally don’t like their employees finding better ways to do things. They don’t want anyone poking around in their turf. Cost savings and cost avoidance must be mandated before anyone gets raises or before any new people are hired. One means is Six Sigma. It is common sense and it works.

Thank you Dale for being transparent. We support your candor.

2017-01-29T01:54:05 Mattie Lawson

Mike, you are positioned to be responsible for the most noticeable positive changes affecting the daily lives of our NC citizens. I trust you to be the common sense leader we need you to be. Thanks for running, thanks for winning and thanks for doing it for all the right reasons.

2017-01-03T22:51:12 Mattie Lawson

Timing on the MFC appointment decisions was unfortunate for McCrory because it showed the connection between what the otherwise friend to the coastal communities cares about to his preference to big contributions to his campaign from fat cats. It gave a strong sign that he was willing to forego protecting the livelihoods and valuable cultural heritage of our hard-working watermen and ensuring healthy food resources to our citizens when money for his coffers is involved. The fishermen and those who love them have long memories. That trust has been broken.

2016-11-14T18:10:41 Mattie Lawson

It has been reported that Warren Judge’s widow, Tess, has been selected as the Democrat choice to replace him in the District 6 race. She is a charming lady, tireless volunteer (with the many awards to prove it) and well loved by half of the Outer Banks. To my knowledge she has never run for elected office. I do not know her personally. The Outer Banks Voice reports she will stay the full 2 year term if elected over Beverly Boswell. As I remember when Marc Basnight ran and won his last election he was going to stay in for the full term and did not – stayed for a couple of months as I remember – due to serious health issues. I feel badly for the tragic untimely loss of a local icon for his many loved ones and I admire Mrs. Judge for stepping up. However, this tragedy has put my highly competent friend Dare County Commissioner and NC District 6 House Candidate for 2016 Beverly Boswell in the crosshairs of criticism. She deserves better. I stand behind Beverly. She will make a fine Representative for everyone in our District.

2016-11-08T00:32:53 Mattie Lawson

Wow. My birthday is Thursday; I feel I just got another big, beautiful early birthday gift. I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words. Mattie

2016-10-31T21:55:49 Mattie Lawson

Wow. My birthday is Thursday; I feel I just got a big, beautiful early birthday gift. I am humbled. Thank you for your kind words. Mattie

2016-10-31T21:55:07 Mattie Lawson

Beverly will make an exceptionally Representative. I am the only opposition Tine had (2012 and 2014 races). He spent lots of money and barely won against my conservative team. Beverly is a much better candidate than I was. She is very smart and an effective fighter. Teamed with Speciale North Carolina will be well served. Go get’em Bev.

2016-10-30T01:34:09 Mattie Lawson

Thanks John Steed for your common sense posts. You hit the nail on the head. This fervor over HB2 is just a warm-up to push pedophilia, incest and then bestiality. Nothing is sacred to them. It’s all about attacking to weaken our devotion to our loving Creator GOD. Consider this: a woman that will kill her own child will do anything. The left pushed for and got the “right” to kill your own child, then they got porn into every home via the internet, music and television and at every opportunity use those mediums to make Christians look silly. They want us to believe that we really, really do believe it is normal to put men in innocent girl’s private spaces. It’s all the same perverted agenda: sin and evil are “fair” and “just” while purity and righteousness is “nerdy” and “bigoted”. We know who we battle. And we know Who wins in the end.

2016-05-29T01:29:38 Mattie Lawson

So, who actually runs the NC Republican Party?

The paid staff (en-total or just the lawyers? or just the Executive Director?), the elected Chair and Vice-Chair (obviously not), slumming consultants, the Executive Committee, the Central Committee, the Governor’s office or is it “We the People”? Or someone else? George Soros (I’m not kidding)? I know it is spelled out in the PoO but the PoO doesn’t seem to reflect what really happens anyway.

If “we” can’t muster the gumption and the know-how to get control of our party back within NC soon how, in the name of the Almighty, do “we” hope to turn this nation’s politics around to leave a decent legacy for our children and grandchildren?

Who are the ones that need to be unseated? Let’s do it! Let’s not have a repeat of this year at next year’s State Convention. In a Constitutional Republic the power belongs to the people: next year is an NC state, District, County and Precinct leadership election year. Out with the garbage!

And, also, this business about Resolutions being ignored even after they are voted for has always shown that the organizers of the annual Conventions just view us, the hard-working Delegates, as sheep to be fleeced. They only want our money. Conventions are money-making machines. Well, folks, many more conventions like this one we just had and the tale of the goose no longer laying gold eggs will have a new meaning for the Republicans of North Carolina.

Interesting that this little display of bullying by our party leadership happened the same weekend as our federal government attacked our state (Republican) leadership for passing the common sense “Bathroom Bill”. At least that is something we Republicans can be proud of. Don’t cave, Governor McCrory. We need your inspirational leadership to grow stronger, not weaker, in these challenging times.

2016-05-09T21:53:16 Mattie Lawson

Good plan!

2016-05-09T21:10:39 Mattie Lawson

There are some great leaders among the NC Legislators. We Republicans are our own enemies when we pick at our scabs instead of rallying behind the impressive talent we have. For Heaven’s sake let’s not forget the GOP elected a grassroots leader last year – and our vice chair is grassroots. Just because the bureaucrats stomped up on us last Saturday and will try to do it again this Saturday doesn’t mean we have to take it. The alternative is not to walk away. The alternative is to fight. The country is worth fighting for. Thanks Daily Haymaker for giving us a forum for defending truth, justice and the American way. May God help us.

2016-05-03T19:09:39 Mattie Lawson

Great news! Best news I’ve heard in a while. Best wishes for your campaign.

2016-04-24T19:10:09 Mattie Lawson

We should have elected Dr. Greg Brannon to run in November instead of our liberal Burr. He would make a great US Senator. He loves this country and respects the US Constitution.

2016-04-24T19:04:49 Mattie Lawson

NENC wants to thank Gov. McCrory for his bravery in standing for decency for all citizens as he encouraged the NCGA to pass HB2. Join us at a rally Monday April 25th at noon, in parallel with the pro-HB2 rally taking place in Raleigh, at the Currituck County Courthouse at 2801 Caratoke Hwy, Currituck, NC 27929. The Currituck rally is organized by locals with strong convictions about their belief in the GOD given right to safety and privacy and to show our support to the NC Governor and the bi-partisan team of NC legislators for passing it.

We feel HB2 was never about discriminating against anyone but about safeguarding the rights of everyone in NC to privacy and safety. It has conveniently been turned into a hot topic because today’s culture is pushing the limits on every front 1) mostly because this is an election year and 2) because the limits are getting harder to find as “progress” makes it nearly impossible to protect our vulnerable from every kind of damaging influence from porn to drugs. Don’t we grownups care at all anymore about decency, honor, respect, protecting children and about facing GOD someday? Is it really all about money? “Whatever you do unto the least of these you do unto Me”.

2016-04-24T19:00:38 Mattie Lawson

So, this is exactly why we should have stood behind Dr. Greg Brannon in the primary. He was our best shot to get rid of liberal Burr. And we missed it. Again.

2016-04-17T22:20:50 Mattie Lawson

Does Hasan have the funds to fight off the offensive? Are there among those working against him party-paid staffers? He is doing this job as a volunteer, is he not? Those of us who support his right to serve the seat into which he was duly elected should help him foot the bill or shut up. It’s easier to be brave when your pockets are full.

Does anyone know Hasan’s financial situation? Doe he need financial help?

2016-04-17T22:17:37 Mattie Lawson

Is this the way to swell our ranks and appeal to principled Unaffiliated voters? No. This is how we give fodder to the Democrats by making them look like the grownups in the room. Shame on you, Central Committee, for taking to bullying instead of joining the team and giving our duly elected Chair a hand to tackle the big issues. Don’t think our memories will be short when the time comes to vote in Greensboro. You may wish you’d waited until after the state convention to show your colors.

2016-03-21T18:16:04 Mattie Lawson

Show up in numbers and bring your righteous contempt with you.

2016-03-18T18:45:09 Mattie Lawson


2016-03-18T18:43:52 Mattie Lawson

So what is the strategy for supporting our legitimately elected and highly regarded grassroots Chairman? Is it funding he needs to be able to claim? How do we send funds earmarked to help him? Is it showing up in numbers at the state convention? Writing letters to editors? Phone calls? Emails? All of the above?

How can we hope to overcome the corruption in Washington DC if we can’t even muster support for our great state? Let’s show the corrupt influences, whoever they are, whatever they may innocently do (giving them the benefit of the doubt) instead of helping our state they are instead moving us toward the way things are done in Chicago, hometown of the ultimate corrupt political machine 0bama.

2016-03-14T13:11:58 Mattie Lawson

Harnett, sir, you have a bright future and we who understand that it is very likely you have been under a great deal of pressure to “play along to get along” and to forego your deepest convictions as well as your campaign promises are very proud of you for openly stepping up. Anyone who can stand up to the establishment is a hero. Nowadays when the world is rapidly decaying we sorely need a Godly leader with integrity and guts. We don’t need miracles, just an inspiration. You are that man. Thank you.

2016-03-06T02:40:41 Mattie Lawson

Dr. Stein has been out there all over NC promoting better school standards for students for at least three years. She is articulate, smart and understands how to improve our schools for our students – that’s what schools are for: students, not teachers or administrators.

Get rid of Jane Atkinson for good, finally. Get rid of the cancer of Common Core.
Vote for Dr. Stein.

2016-02-01T02:06:34 Mattie Lawson

Dear US Senator Burr, how about not just retracting by saying you “will support the nominee” but include some particulars about how you are someone who loves this country and understands why North Carolinians are terrified about venomous ISIS being brought here to our backyards without immigrant vetting, about the cost of ACCESS (not actual but only access) to healthcare scaring off seasoned doctors and hapless patients, about the irresponsible debt ceiling climbing while our military is being shortchanged and girlyfied, etc. How can you compete, with your voting record, against patriots who will make a difference by overruling our current evil Marxist administration? Senator Burr, where is your commitment to our Founding Father’s ideals? Where is your righteous indignation for what is happening to a once proud sovereign nation? Where is your backbone!!

Are you the same Richard Burr who:

>>> Voted to fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty program;
>>> Voted to fund Planned Parenthood;
>>> Voted to fund ObamaCare;
>>> Voted to debate the Second Amendment;
>>> Voted to raise the debt ceiling 9 times;
>>> Voted to raise taxes by $630 billion.

And didn’t you vote to keep homegrown crops from being eaten because they aren’t inspected by the FDA – or am I wrong on this one?

I plan to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon, a man of integrity who will do what it takes to restore our Republic.

2016-01-22T04:00:48 Mattie Lawson

My 7 year old granddaughter’s homework was a sheet on Antarctica. She read about the length of the daylight for the summer and the winter (but not a clue as to why) and about the animals. Nothing about geography or science. At the bottom was a propaganda statement asking. “Don’t you think this land should be protected for future generations?”. This is typical. Common Core or not, our education system has already fully embraced The United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century. Sustainable Development. Smart Growth. How do we get to a “redo” button to fix this damage to the ability of our young people to think about the usefulness of an idea and not the obligation to withhold for idealistic reasons? We are 20 years too late (or more). This bright young person who could be a great engineer or ballet dancer or anything wonderful now wants to be a marine biologist. Mind control. Those of you who are home-schooling may be our redemption.

2014-01-16T17:32:46 Mattie Lawson

Real issue is getting adequate funding into the hands of the conservatives who will fight to turn the ship of state around. Without giving them the money they need to run for office and win, the low-life traitors will keep their grip on our freedoms until we all go down the lifeless path of serfdom. Send money to Dr. Greg Brannon! The “other side” has no trouble raising funds because of the big-government loving company they keep. Talk with your wallets.

2013-09-28T09:31:53 Mattie Lawson
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Understanding the Constitution

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Wonderful portal into truth. Thank you.

Mattie Lawson

[email protected]

Truth is a hard master, and costly to serve, but it simplifies every problem.
2015-09-12T12:51:38-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Would love to be there to support you but I will be out of town. Thanks for all you do for liberty.

Mattie Lawson

[email protected]

A Nation Can Survive Its Fools And Even The Ambitious, But It Cannot Survive Treason From Within. Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)
2015-05-18T15:27:52-05:00 Mattie Lawson
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Inspiring response! Thank you, dear patriot, for all you do in the name of liberty. 2013-08-28T14:36:32+00:00 Mattie Lawson
Thank you for being our eyes and ears at the event. Your analysis is spot on. You are an incredible blessing. 2013-06-21T12:47:35+00:00 Mattie Lawson
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Thank you for the alert, Browny and Lisa. There are even more hair-raising parts to this news. Why this atrocity isn't making headlines is astounding to me.

I read half of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" this week. As if the truth revealed in this book isn't scary enough, I interrupted my studies long enough to watch "The Fall of the Republic" video. This amazing documentary filled in some of the missing gaps.

When the Chairman of the Federal Reserve (which is not a federal agency but is run by an off-shore banking cartel since 1913 when our Congress and President handed our money over under the promise of stabilizing our economy) looks a Congressman in the eye, smirks and says he doesn't have to report to Congress how American taxpayers are financing overseas banks with trillions of dollars in promissory notes, it's time to take action.

The Fed has never been audited. With socialist members of Congress and our like-minded "President" standing in the way, it probably never will be. And it’s nearly too late.

Do the math. How do 360 million citizens in this country (of which only half pay income taxes) ever pay the interest let alone the capital that has been indebted to us by sleight of hand and fiat (manufactured "money" without backing by gold or anything else) on $14 trillion and continually growing? Seriously. WAKE UP! What doesn't come out of our pockets as taxes will be made up for as inflation. Forever. Our middle class will shortly be in poverty. All this to line the pockets of greedy power mongers. They are raping our country - and other countries - to "help the working class". Welcome to communism 101.

Shocking, too, is how the IMF forces money on underdeveloped countries for expensive "improvements" knowing they can NEVER repay the loans turning their citizens into slaves - run off their own farms and rounded up into retention camps like an Orwellian nightmare.

There's more. Thanks to the “Signing Statement” procedure our Congress has been made impotent from restricting the Executive Branch of our government. What the President doesn’t like in any bill passed by Congress, he simply prepares a statement that rewrites it to his personal preferences. Congress be damned. Simple as that. This is how dictators are made. And who is going to stop him? His cronies won't impeach him. He's one of them.

An overarching government taking over private industry and our financial markets? Our own military spying on legal citizens while failing to enforce laws that safeguard our borders? Our government allowing weapons to be sold to Mexican drug lords which will be used against our citizens? Citizens taxed into poverty? A war in Libya where money is poured in to support the same enemy our soldiers are dying to contain in Afghanistan? A socialist dictator for President of the United States? All this without a shot being fired. Without a whimper in protest.

This is not "maybe someday" or "a silly conspiracy theory". This, ladies and gentlemen, is the current state of affairs in this world. Get off your couches, march on Washington, visit your Congressmen, prepare your families for tough times and most importantly get on your knees before a God more powerful than any cartel and ask once more for mercy for this great land. Our forefathers surely did not suffer and die in vain.

How do we look our grandchildren in the eye?

This happened on our watch.
2011-08-05T07:36:40-04:00 Mattie Lawson
While I'm not satisfied that the Tea Party activists were sufficiently credited at the Convention to indicate those in charge actually noticed that the tsunami that created our excellent slate of reformers in the NC House and Senate was not of their making, the forecast is not quite as gloomy as the blog indicates. The parting comment at the end of Sunday's Executive Meeting (which the blogger missed, unfortunately) from Hayes was how the media tries to build a wedge between the GOP and the Tea party. He said he appreciates the Tea Party and wants to see their role continued (not his exact words). He claimed the media wants to divide the GOP. That is their tactic to beat us. We need to be unified. I was encouraged because I had mentally debated bringing up the topic myself to the body. His comments were almost like he'd read my mind. There is hope. Do not dispair. Our leadership may be of the good ol' boy ruling class but I believe they are understanding the changes necessary to keep the positive inertia going.

BTW, all the resolutions were approved at the Executive Session (en masse).

We also elected officers. They are the same as before except for the former treasurer is now assisting a newly elected treasurer. No one was nominated to challenge them except the assistant counsel slot, which was resolved by creating a special position working with Hayes (both are gratis positions).

Let's work on a strategy to get some one-on-one time with Chairman Hayes. I feel the wind changing.
2011-06-05T22:06:35-04:00 Mattie Lawson
John Campbell voted no and explains it here (he says it didn't cut deep enough and then says the Senate won't pass it anyway. Spin, spin, spin - you can spin but you cannot hide!!).
2011-02-21T12:24:19-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Ha, ha, ha - love the headline that ties to the season - you crack me up! Good work. 2010-12-09T21:44:19-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Great job reporting! I could hear Hood's voice in my head as I read the arguments. He is a solid contender who knows what he is talking about. I hope and pray he gets the chance to stop the "good ole boy" corruption in North Carolina. 2010-10-18T21:57:43-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Will, all tax money comes from tax payers - wake up.

It's misleading to imply grant money is free or magically appears at no cost to hard-working citizens, even if it is existing (what difference does that make!).

"Education" has become a sacred cow; a justifiable excuse for excesses, regardless of measurable benefit. Look at our tax money going to the state university sports programs - is that "education"?

Balancing the budget on the back of the state pension plan and redirected funds from the state lottery are not laudable acts. Relook at the facts.

The responsible thing to do is to cut the budget - at all levels of government - recognizing there are going to be shortfalls due to the poor economy instead of scape-goating and pushing off the hard decisions to the next administration.

And it's no accident the fancy new pier (which you think has only "educational" purposes - not!) is a very short distance from Basnight's restaurant - a restaurant that does considerable catering. How convenient for the man who runs North Carolina. The man who is too busy getting rid of our handy recyclable plastic bags (I don't remember being asked my opinion on that - do you?) to bring the marriage amendment up for a vote.

Democrats have had control of the national budget for 4 years and the state budget for an eternity. North Carolinians deserve better.

Let's put the grown-ups back in charge of government.

Vote Republican.
2010-10-12T05:48:39-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Real solution: repeal the stupid law and vote out every politician that voted for it. You did notice this didn't come before the citizens to vote on . . . We didn't get a say. Watch for a VAT tax to come to us the same way. No representation by the people. This is why we need the TEA Party movement. Government is for the people not the politicians. Keep praying. . . . 2010-08-23T11:21:32-05:00 Mattie Lawson
So - this is why the "great" Senator has such an interest in plastic bags! I thought he just wanted to show how he could throw his weight around by passing a frivilous law. But, no. There's money to be made! There's influence to be bought! It's more flirting with corruption from a politician who has demonstrated a lifetime of questionable decision-making. Good job, ToD! Let's all get behind HOOD RICHARDSON for NC Senate! 2010-08-23T09:05:04-05:00 Mattie Lawson
I received the subject email. I immediately responded to the clerk asking if we Republicans can get the same visibility. She answered that it was a mistake. I believe it was an innocent error but the error occurred because of the general mentality that everything done by governments in the Outer Banks is done by and for Democrats. They don't understand that they aren't the only people here.

In any case, I don't think this error will bother most people, unlike other blunders I can think of.

I suggest whenever we use the word "Marc" and the word "Basnight" together we insert these words "Ban the Bags". So, he becomes popularly known around town as Senator Marc Ban the Bags Basnight. It has a suitable ring, don't you think!
2010-08-12T21:15:53-05:00 Mattie Lawson
Thanks for the summary on Bob's remarks. It's good to see both sides. What happened to the guest immigrant idea? Allow the aliens to come for a specific time for a specific purpose. And they track them. How hard is that with today's technology? Of course, this administration would hire one person for every alien. It helps "unemployment" you see. Umm. 2010-07-22T19:31:20-05:00 Mattie Lawson