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I really am sorry for the poor communication on this change.
We are reading your feedback.
I had no idea it would be so disruptive.
Sorry about that.
Jim Hoft

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Thanks for your patience with the comments. We are still looking at our options.

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So sorry to hear this horrible news. My prayers are with Mary Katharine and the HotAir family. Please let us know how we can help.

2015-09-20 15:26:31 gatewaypundit

Thank you both for posting this.
Obama’s abortion and infanticide record is a disgrace.

2008-11-03 18:03:04 gatewaypundit

Great job today, Michelle.
You really nailed it!

2008-11-03 17:18:13 gatewaypundit

Thanks for pointing this out, Ed.
It’s too bad the media won’t.

2008-10-16 12:54:31 gatewaypundit

I took sitemeter off my blog last night.

It is still not working with IE7.

Here is the sitemeter homepage.
If you click on this and still see the “Operation Aborted” error message– it’s not fixed yet.

2008-08-02 13:14:20 gatewaypundit

That was a wonderful clip.
Thanks for posting that!

2008-07-31 22:02:46 gatewaypundit

This guy is really starting to grate on me.
Or, maybe it’s the media?

He shows nothing but the lack of good sense and the media shows nothing but adoration.
It’s really sick.

2008-07-22 14:11:36 gatewaypundit

Thanks Ed.
I would have liked to have been there. I hope to next time and am so glad to hear that conservatives have their own online convention now.
Have a great time and can’t wait to see the video.

2008-07-19 18:21:09 gatewaypundit

Maybe it’s just me, but I understood that Hitchens does not think much of Bill Clinton from that video.

2008-06-28 03:46:07 gatewaypundit

What a great event!
Michelle and Melanie did a great job.
Congratulations to all!

2008-06-27 02:23:59 gatewaypundit

That is a brilliant analysis, Ed.
Democrats – unfit to lead and unfit to follow.

2008-06-16 17:26:50 gatewaypundit

This is a disaster and there is no “change” in sight.
It doesn’t sound from the call that they have any answers.
I hope I am wrong.

2008-05-14 17:43:31 gatewaypundit

That’s a wonderful story.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

2008-05-04 05:58:00 gatewaypundit

Here’s a confession. I won the St. Louis Hoop it Up tourney two years in a row not that long ago. If you know anything about b-ball you know that this says something. I say that to frame my assessment of Barack’s game… Besides the racist comments by the hosts Gumbel and Matt Lauer– Obama’s passing looks wimpy. His shot looks weak. He showed no jump and chances are he would get that ball slammed down his throat if that was all he had. His dribbling was high. I am curious to why they kept showing the same couple of scenes over and over??? All in all, there was not enough there to make an accurate assessment except to conclude that the two hosts are in love with BO.
That’s for certain.

2008-04-15 14:36:38 gatewaypundit

I won’t pay money to see Clooney.

2008-04-06 00:31:57 gatewaypundit

Terrific job by HotAir and Jason Mattera.
Finally, JFK gets his handed to him.
And, to think he was almost president?

2008-03-13 14:25:51 gatewaypundit

Ed- You are being much too kind.
The paragraph you highlighted is dishonest and irresponsible.

I posted contact information to McClatchy to ask them to correct this mess.
…Or we can just be silent?

2008-03-11 14:02:34 gatewaypundit

Best of luck to Bryan.

2008-02-25 18:30:22 gatewaypundit

Congratulations to both Ed and Michelle.
What a fantastic addition to HotAir.

2008-02-25 18:02:54 gatewaypundit

Michelle was very good.
I miss seeing her on O’Reilly.

2008-02-21 05:03:48 gatewaypundit

That was outstanding.
I wish his radio show was 24 hours each day.

2008-02-19 14:51:09 gatewaypundit

Bryan- This video is just as good today as it was two years ago. It is terrific!
Thanks for reposting this.

2008-02-13 15:41:28 gatewaypundit

What a class act.
I am shocked.

I heard the boos already for McCain after Mitt left the stage.

2008-02-07 18:19:56 gatewaypundit

Please post Missouri!!
McCain took the gold.
So did Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

2008-02-06 05:03:09 gatewaypundit

That clip won’t calm any conservatives tonight.
I thought his line about lowering taxes during his victory speech was a bit confusing, too, considering he did not vote for the Bush tax cuts.

2008-01-20 05:04:57 gatewaypundit

Rollins is very annoying.
Huckabee better tell Ed to “put a lid on it.”

2008-01-04 18:07:46 gatewaypundit

That was just fricking spooky.

2008-01-02 17:16:24 gatewaypundit

The livestreaming is very cool!
Great job, HotAir!

2007-11-29 02:31:08 gatewaypundit

Jason Mattera is my new hero!
I loved the smirk— I hope you can ask him the same question tomorrow!
And, then the next day.

2007-09-18 19:50:33 gatewaypundit

Sweet Jesus, that’s funny!
Didn’t the goons hear OBL take credit for 9-11 just yesterday?
When will they give it up?

2007-09-09 03:38:01 gatewaypundit

Allah that is too funny.
Let’s hope the FBI and CIA don’t discover google or we will be put out of business!

2007-07-16 17:48:05 gatewaypundit

Well said, AP.
You are spot on- Make them put it on record!

2007-07-13 14:25:57 gatewaypundit

Three Cheers for Tony Blair.
He was a great friend to America. I will never forget him sitting in the audience when Bush addressed Congress after 9-11.
A great man.

2007-06-27 15:23:31 gatewaypundit

MK Ham was great. It was nice to see her gain Bill’s respect.

2007-06-21 14:02:25 gatewaypundit

The Terrorists met with JAM in Trinidad!

2007-06-02 16:38:39 gatewaypundit

I give her about two weeks.

You forgot “Stop this Bulls**t!”

2007-05-31 21:42:51 gatewaypundit


When every leftist group who has been counting the deaths in Iraq (Iraq Casualty Cout) and come up with numbers less than 100,000… The fact that Rosie repeats a number that is 10 times higher than the others says more about her than it does about truth.

I wish Hasselback would nail her on that!
Rosie is an America Hater. She makes it more obvious by the day.

2007-05-23 17:57:29 gatewaypundit

That was outstanding, Robert. Thank you.

2007-05-22 19:31:11 gatewaypundit

Did Michelle just call Katie a clown???

Yeah buddy- Michelle was in rare form.
Her slams on the liberal Couric were beautiful.

2007-05-15 01:20:14 gatewaypundit

Terrific work, Bryan. I wonder how much of that story was just muffed up reporting and how much of it was bias.
I wonder if the military needs a regiment assigned just to correct media goofs.

2007-05-12 20:23:50 gatewaypundit

“Quinn and Rose” have the story up on their homepage at The War Room.”
I posted it here.
Senator Brownback is the one who could end this all right now if he would talk.

2007-05-11 13:16:20 gatewaypundit

I do wish Biden would win.
It would be at least be fun to have him as president of any of the democrats.

2007-04-27 14:42:42 gatewaypundit

Ching Chong- So Long- She’s Gone- Take Behar along…
HAH! That was too funny!

2007-04-26 15:46:07 gatewaypundit

That was great!!
…Loved the clucking!

2007-04-25 17:33:35 gatewaypundit

Congratulations of your first great year!
Wishing you much success in the coming years.

2007-04-24 13:55:35 gatewaypundit

That was just amazing.
How the democrats get away with this is just shocking.

2007-04-21 04:46:31 gatewaypundit

Thank you, HotAir for showing this clip.
And, thanks INDC for the terrific footage.
This was very powerful.

2007-04-15 00:56:51 gatewaypundit

I just posted the Malik-Michelle video!!

2007-04-13 00:53:22 gatewaypundit

My Lord! She’s kicking a**!

2007-04-13 00:15:24 gatewaypundit

The Republican strategist on the segment was AWESOME!
She thumped them both bad. She shut down ultra-lib Fleming in her tracks.

2007-04-07 18:22:04 gatewaypundit

Allah- I must strongly disagree with you on this one.
I am not sure who you would rather have in charge of Pakistan right… Mitt Romney?
The options are just not that attractive.

For all his flaws, people must remember what the alternative would look like in Pakistan. And, it is not wise to fall in line with the American press who have attacked Musharraf for years. Probably because he is an ally of the Bush administration and to some, the most important ally considering his domain.

Musharraf has passed women’s rights laws, held democratic elections, allowed further voice for women in Parliament, improved the economy, spoke to an American Jewish Group in NYC, talked about establishing relations with Israel, and has continued to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda groups in an impossible environment.

Musharraf also attended Christian schools as a child. I know this because my uncle built the school.
We should praise Musharraf and not attack him.

2007-04-07 05:52:08 gatewaypundit

My God Michelle was good!
It’s no wonder they hate her so much.

And, it’s too bad O’Relly hates the internet so much. It would be wise for him or his staff to spend a little more time at HotAir, MM, Insta, Powerline, LGF…

2007-03-31 05:09:17 gatewaypundit

Thank you HotAir and MSNBC for that wonderful story.

2007-03-30 18:08:37 gatewaypundit

God Bless George Bush!
Where have you been? We missed you.

2007-03-23 18:39:41 gatewaypundit

Once again, could you imagine if a Republican would have said that to some dimwitted democrat?

2007-03-21 23:32:11 gatewaypundit

Sad to hear about the Drudge attack.
I heard him mention you, Michelle, a few weeks back, too.
What’s up with that?

Funny, that it is usually HotAir or MM who have the jump on the news today… Drudge is many times late in on the game. He really ought to follow your blogs more closely.

2007-03-19 19:49:58 gatewaypundit

Great job!
Congratulations for your huge success.

2007-03-19 16:28:36 gatewaypundit

If she is still on the air after today there is definitely something very wrong with our society.

That is absolutely disgusting, offensive and insane.
She needs to be canned!

2007-03-15 18:29:05 gatewaypundit

I am not only proud that Sanchez is a conservative today who has shown that he has class and confidence in the way he handled himself at Columbia, but I am proud that there are people like Bryan Preston who calls himself a conservative and has the guts to write this post.

2007-03-08 14:55:11 gatewaypundit

That was bloody brilliant!
Too funny!

2007-02-07 22:22:27 gatewaypundit

It sounds like you definitely made the right decision staying clear of Eason. You guys did a great job.

2007-01-23 04:11:23 gatewaypundit

Michelle and Bryan- This is amazing stuff you are reporting. Thanks for bringing this hopeful news back with you.

2007-01-20 05:03:27 gatewaypundit

What a wonderful report. Thank you, Bryan.

2007-01-19 18:09:15 gatewaypundit

Great analysis, Bryan.
Can’t wait to hear more.
I am really glad that you made the trip and glad that you are back.

2007-01-17 14:02:34 gatewaypundit

What a terrific job! That was just captivating.
I can’t wait to hear more!
Great job- Michelle and Bryan!

2007-01-17 13:51:38 gatewaypundit

Thanks for the update, Bryan.
Have been thinking and praying for a safe trip for you both.
Can’t wait to hear and see more!

2007-01-11 15:11:40 gatewaypundit

I don’t think Hernandez answered one single question.
But, the one thing he was honest about, is that there will be mass demonstrations for these “pioneers” this year.
Watch for the media to play fiddle.
Michelle was great and much more knowledgeable than O’Reilly on the topic- for sure.

2006-12-27 05:09:33 gatewaypundit

Wow. The Donald was not amused.

How many times did he call Rosie “unattractive inside and out” in that 3 minute segment, anyway?

2006-12-21 03:16:25 gatewaypundit

That was an amazing fight! Anthony clocked him!
Say Bye-Bye!

2006-12-17 06:36:00 gatewaypundit

FYI- The “O’Reilly Factor” is going to do a segment on this ad tonight. I just saw it in the previews.

2006-12-15 01:09:05 gatewaypundit

Michelle and HotAir! Thank you. That was just brilliant.
No one does it better than you guys!

2006-11-06 14:06:22 gatewaypundit

That was terrific! Scary but terrific.

2006-11-01 03:39:07 gatewaypundit

Go Michael Steele! Go! You are the man!

2006-10-27 02:34:53 gatewaypundit

It was a good catch though… Ha!

2006-10-20 05:15:06 gatewaypundit

This is my first comment on HotAir and I could not be happier to see MY CARDINALS beat the Pond Scum!

Yes! (Will this comment get me banned from HotAir?)

2006-10-20 04:01:38 gatewaypundit
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Steve, love the blog. Where did you get the information for the graph? 2014-03-29T14:26:05+00:00 jhoft
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Congratulations! 2007-11-01T23:52:37-05:00 Jim Hoft
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I liked your post. Voter fraud is a democratic plague across this country. 2005-12-04T01:17:26-07:00 Jim Hoft