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I absolutely agree that women in platoons and on the battlefront would be a disaster. You cannot change genetics and human nature. Men by nature will protect their women. This will get them all killed. How stupid to even think a woman could handle the rigors of combat and frankly, as a woman who the hell would want too. Women have a roll but not in the front line.

However, if women and the feminized military and society decide this is appropriate then they should have all women platoons or regiments fighting within their own unit separate from the mens. Let’s see how they would like them apples. War is hell and no one wants to see it up close and personal but women are not cut out for it emotionally, physically or mentally.

Yes, if we have to fight we will and I do believe women should be trained in tactics and weaponry for a time that we may need to protect our children and nation from the threats from within and without that are bent upon destroying America and our way of life. Get a bunch of menopausal women together and watch out…..LOL

Seriously, commonsense needs to be used and I don’t believe knowing the nature of men and women that it is smart to have the together on the front lines. There are plenty of roles from women in the military but the front lines is not one of them in my opinion.

2015-10-29 14:54:41 Lori Klein Corbin
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First of all, the misinformation that you spew due to your hatred of our Second Amendment rights and individual liberty is staggering. To misinform the public by misrepresenting the facts further discredits your arguments. In my case, I was giving an interview with my 380 LCP Ruger as the main subject of the interview and why I carry in Arizona. I obviously missed the memo that it was anti-gun week at the Arizona Republic. I was innocently demonstrating my laser when the reporter inadvertently walked into the line of fire. I immediately averted my pistol and we both laughed as it was not intentional, at least not on my part.

I am very tired of the lies generated by the media that is hostile to guns and gun owners. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Since I am a conservative Republican the leftist press thinks it is fine to malign, lie and misrepresent the truth for their own objectives which are to disarm this country completely in order to usher in their socialist utopia.

Having said that, I will never give another interview with my gun to an irresponsible reporter who then gains national fame by misrepresenting the truth. Had I done what was claimed, I would be facing jail time. Look at the facts, not the lies that go unchallenged by your new media that has no boundaries and traffics in half truths. I learned long ago that a half truth is a whole lie.

2014-01-10 15:01:23 Lori Klein