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Thanks for the response. Tester’s support for gay rights was never half-hearted until he beat Morrison in the primary. I like Jon a lot personally and politically, I just wish he would run on his outstanding record instead of running away from it.

It gets pretty frustrating to be used as a political wedge. And it’s far worse when it’s your friend that’s doing it.

I hope Jon wins. I think he’s got a better shot if he stops talking about taxes and starts talking about all of the policies he worked for in the Senate and all of the positive and hopeful implications those policies have on our communities.

2006-10-27 20:18:10 Kim Abbott

Oh uh. Is it irresponsible to state my opinion publicly? Did I embolden the enemy? Come on, you guys are better than that.

If I’m the reason that Democrats lose elections, then maybe it would behoove them to stop marginalizing minority populations, stop using these populations for calculated (although clearly minimal) political gain, re-center the margins and mobilize their base. It seems to be working okay for Rep. Brown in Ohio.

I like your blog. Thanks for putting the time in.

2006-10-24 18:31:42 Kim Abbott