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Internet comments have a way of confounding and stunning me. They are largely vile and imbecilic, which is why I usually refrain from participating. It’s a waste of time (ironic as I am typing now) and given the absurdity of many it’s interesting that today I choose to comment. It is the comment by ZuS at the top that prompted me to do so. Nowhere near the meanest or most brainless comment I’ve seen, but nonetheless…. Who decides to write from the anonymity of their computer about a person who is trying their best to provide an entertaining informative news program on a fill in basis? Is there a sense of accomplishment after the words “worth missing?” It leads me to one question and one conclusion. The question: Could ZuS come remotely close to hosting any type of program better than the host he commented on? And the conclusion: ZuS answer to that question and more than likely their sad existence, is largely worth missing.

2013-06-05 12:19:46 John Calabrese