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  So says, until recently, Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson : Dallas stated that the party had spent $350K on Justice Edmunds race and his only regret was spending anything at all.  Hmmmm.  *Nice.* What's the point of even having a party if you're not going to fight the opposition or...

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I was going to make a counter arguement about the FALSE information from some of your puny little out of sight chicken-shit “8 ball friends” who don’t have the “balls” to identify themselves and show their true character in sunlight that I would even consider the Jeter position but then I remembered some advice from a wise man; “If you see a man arguing with a rock, it ain’t the rock’s fault.” Hope all you little minded parasites have many good days ahead arguing with your pathetic selves.

2016-07-28T15:23:00 Rep. Jimmy Dixon