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Primus inter pares

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We tend to forget the side-benefit of our involvement in Iraq - and that is the drastic reduction of terrorist activity in Israel. Since the fall of Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein, the terrorist activity in Israel has almost ceased. Maybe this is due to the end of payments to the families of the suicide bombers by the Hussein regime, the presence of the US military in Iraq or the terrorists' focus being redirected toward the US troops in Iraq, the beneficiaries would seem to be, in some measure, the state of Israel. 2008-08-29T22:47:32+00:00 Jeff Duncan
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When You Give a Child a Choice, You Give a Child a Chance

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Keep rocking with the outstanding investigative data! This is invaluable to our education funding study! Thanks! 2008-08-06T20:23:59-04:00 Jeff Duncan
WOW! Very Interesting! Thanks for the info! 2008-08-05T22:01:29-04:00 Jeff Duncan
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Irreverence ... Institutionalized

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I first heard of the "One" campaign at a U2 Vertigo concert. Bono is to be commended for his efforts and his successes! I support the "One" fight to eradicate disease and poverty in the world. I don't think that it is only the U.S.'s role to do this. Other nations are beginning to see enormous prosperity, the kind we have enjoyed here for over 100 years.

Bono has taken this message globally & I hope we see other successful nations begin to take an active role in fighting global hunger, disease, African AIDS and tyranny. Rock on U2!
2007-08-12T08:50:37-05:00 Jeff Duncan
That Russian chick that Dan Akroyd was with in the final scene was HOT! 2007-06-07T12:59:01-05:00 Jeff Duncan