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After becoming Chairman of my County, I realized we had no insructions on what Precinct Committee Members were required to do. I set out to write out a step-by-step instruction booklet based on what we had just gone through in the 2008 Election Cycle. It explains the entire party structure from the top down to the Precinct Committee Member. It is on-line on my county website at www.LvnCountyGOP.com. Feel free to copy, duplicate and use as you see fit. It is being modeled for use throughout our congressional District and has been sent to numerous County Chairmen. Feel free to email me with questions /comments at [email protected]. 2009-12-22T21:29:30-07:00 John Bradford
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Now that the truth has come out in the open, for whatever reason, Col Hunt joins in as the know all, of I was there,
(Don’t get me wrong – I like the guy). But why, with the public forum that he has had in the media the last few years, has he kept his mouth shut about this incident, instead of telling the truth long ago?????

2008-03-26 14:33:29 JBrad

John Mc Cain will destroy the Republican Party. Just remember that he was considering running as John Kerry’s VP. He lusts for power and will get it any way he can and destroy whoever trys to stop him. He still has not clarified his position on immigration, but says his position has not changed at all (previously amenesty), except that he will build a wall first. He severely limited the First Admendment by pushing through McCain-Feingold, he is also not strong Pro-Gun, Second Admendment. Anyone who continually sides with Teddy Kennedy on any legislation needs to be outright rejected. Spread the word.

2008-01-25 01:28:19 JBrad