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what part of wake up do you not understand. who cares what republicans think about the election for the party chair…?? are you that much of a troll that you don’t even know what is being discussed here??? the guy is ALREADY a seated U S Congress person…. we are approaching a dumbass moment in your world…..

2017-02-23 18:00:06 Hooper

Religion may be an issue with the folks on the RIGHT but the progressive wing of the party ….for Cripes sake he is a US Congressman… suspect doing the party job would be less difficult than running for that Congress job. Keith is the only guy who brings the Bernie crowd into the fold quickly and Bernies message is the true message of the REAL Democrats, not the party that sends bankers and lawyers up to represent the real folks in the heartland of America who want JOBS and Environmental Safeguards and EQUALITY in income and rights… As the R party went far right, moderate Republicans went into the Democratic Party and polluted it by pulling it into the banking world with big money ruling. We need to get back to our roots and recognize Working folks should have a RIGHT to organize and be able to grab a larger part of the pie THEY help create.

2017-02-23 17:58:16 Hooper