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The only "evidence" presented in this article that conservatives have more children than liberals is that Red States have higher fertility than Blue States. That is nowhere close to proving that conservatives have more children than liberals. For one thing, it doesn't take into account differences among states in age cohorts -- Florida would have less "fertility" than New Mexico simply because more Floridians are older and post-reproductive. (Also, it doesn't factor in when a child is born; from the perspective of population evolution, one child at twenty is worth two at forty.) If I recall correctly, the ethnic group in the US with the highest fertility is Hispanics, and Hispanics are more liberal than the population at large. Also note that fertility can change suddenly and sharply, like the extreme drop in fertility in Iran, among a relatively conservative population. One certainly can have an interesting discussion about the heritability of ideology, and its potential long-term impact on population ideology, but this ain't it. 2017-06-19T21:23:26+00:00 Not Malthus