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Thanks for your half-apology for the insults, and I'll let the fat picture of Newman pass, because I know that's probably you just projecting.

Not only did I not make a death threat in my column, but I didn't call for the killing of Assange either; I simply asked why he wasn't killed already and pointed out that Obama has ordered the targeted killing of many people, including U.S. citizens.

Of course, if Assange ever did live up to the original mandate of Wikileaks, and shine the light of scrutiny on regimes like Russia, China, various in Arabia, etc., he'd be dead by now. Which is less fun than hustling Swedish chicks in 5-star hotels, and then scramming when the cops come.

I do think a prosecution is in order; Krauthammer makes a good case for that, and other legal responses. But I'm not opposed to a targeted killing of Assange. He's a spy for the enemy during a time of war, he's doing real damage (Krauthammer points out the Yemen disaster), and pledges to do more imminently. I don't believe in prosecuting a war through lawyers instead of soldiers; I don't believe in weighing to a nicety the way in which we defend ourselves against sworn enemies. And Assange is that.

A prosecution, a Predator drone, whatever. Given Obama's timidity, the drone is more likely to happen. And, yeah, I do think the New York Times and the Guardian should face espionage and treason charges.


2010-12-04T22:58:04-05:00 Ezra Levant
Hi Jeet. I acknowledge I'm not as smart as you. But I do know that what I wrote in the Post was not a death threat. A death threat is when you threaten to kill someone -- and, under law, the threat must be credible and imminent.

I didn't threaten to kill anybody, and never have.

President Obama should catch and prosecute Assange for espionage and other offences. But it's pretty clear that Obama lacks the political will to do so -- if he'll spring a murdering terrorist like Omar Khadr in a plea deal, I doubt he'll have the tenacity to prosecute Assange, especially when the New York Times is in league with him.

So I do think than an extra-judicial killing would be more likely. Obama has dramatically increased the use of Predator drones for targeted assassinations. That seems to be his style.

I know that none of this suits you. But it's a war and Assange has made it clear that he's on the other side.

Perhaps you might be motivated by more liberal goals, such as stopping Assange from revealing the identities of dissident journalists, as he has done to reporters in Venezuela and Algeria. If you don't care about national security for the West, perhaps you'd care for the lives of human rights activists in the Third World.


Yours dumbly,

Ezra Levant
2010-12-04T11:31:29-05:00 Ezra Levant
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Sorry I swore. 2010-10-27T22:37:42-06:00 Ezra Levant