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Jebamoni4, I invite you to break bread with me and the family at my house whenever you are available. Then, you can pass judgment on me. I happen to be a proud Haitian-American and I love my life. 2014-05-04T17:23:44-04:00 Emmanuel G Morel
I thank you, Mr. Mohammed al-Swain, for your support. Let me know whether you and yours wish to volunteer for the campaign. This is a grassroots campaign. We can ill afford to continue with business as usual. This land is your land and mine. We must fight for it and make these United States and more perfect union. Tonight at 9, we are holding a fundraiser, of any amount that one can afford at the Versailles Development. Let me know if you can attend. 2014-05-03T12:15:46-04:00 Emmanuel G Morel
I have been a registered Democrat since I became a Citizen in 1982. That is the only point they got wrong in the article. 2014-05-01T23:42:01-04:00 Emmanuel G Morel
I am supporting State Senator Nan Rich because she is the true Democrat in the race. My opponent in Congressional Democratic primary, Mr. Ted Deutch, is staying neutral. Really? These types of behavior are the reasons for the apathy of the voters.
I stand ready to debate Mr. Deutch at any time and place.
Emmanuel G Morel
District 21,Congressional Candidate
2014-04-21T01:03:40-04:00 Emmanuel G Morel