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I don't know what triggered her more, his thanking Trump or saying Syrian refugees need to stay home. 2017-04-13T17:31:32-08:00 Dennis Dale
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News and commentary on interracial crime, race differences, white advocacy, Third World immigration, anti-white racism, and white identity.

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“This is the first to demonstrate that this method can be used to break long-lived, highly pervasive response habits deeply rooted in memory.”

He means deeply rooted in experience. So science seeks to actively negate empirical evidence.

“However, Aldous Huxley’s description of a dystopian ‘brave new world’ where young children are conditioned to certain values during sleep reminds us that this research also needs to be guided by ethical considerations.”

One ethical consideration would be: are we attempting to distort the subject’s appreciation of reality?

2015-05-30 19:54:00 DennisDale

According to PEG, white culture is based on “white individualism” or “white traits” like “rugged individualism,” “adherence to rigid time schedules,” “plan(ning) for the future,” and the idea that “hard work is the key to success.”

I am all for this.

2015-05-07 05:49:00 DennisDale

“I teach at a very elite boarding school,” explained a second woman who said she is from the Boston area. She said the school is “full of tea partiers” who “try to, you know baptize” political opponents

I call bullshit on this. An elite Boston boarding school a hotbed of Tea Party activism? She’s in the right region, but wrong century. I’m curious to hear what the representative from Salem has to say.

2015-03-14 00:02:00 DennisDale

Nelson Mandela himself was the son of immigrants.

2015-02-13 04:02:00 DennisDale

Bully for National Review! I’m relieved to know that sometime around 2040 they’ll be bravely calling for a white American ethno-state. Who says people never learn?

2015-02-13 04:00:00 DennisDale

His spurt was diluted.

2015-01-15 08:20:00 DennisDale

the misguided, diluted and unscrupulous representation of her character” by Mael.

I was scratching my head over “diluted” when I realized: this student at an elite college meant “deluded”.

2015-01-14 23:32:00 DennisDale

While more grammatically precise than most racist screeds, it is racist all the same.

Subtext: a rational argument but racist all the same! I will feel perverse satisfaction the day someone just comes out and says it: “true, but racist all the same!”

2015-01-09 00:23:00 DennisDale

You know, if that cop just ducks quickly, the dummies will probably take each other out.

2014-12-20 08:31:00 DennisDale

Downright eerie. Lying to protect “academic or professional career”? Lying “during every public moment of your life: at school, at work, at social events”? “Multiple” identities?
This guy has no idea of the irony too, apparently.
Yo, Ivan, meet the New Boss.

2014-12-15 07:53:00 DennisDale

He was admirably restrained.

2014-11-07 10:23:00 DennisDale

McDonald’s has this outrageous policy: no breakfast after 9:45. It’s infuriating. About the only thing I ever want from McDonald’s is a sausage and egg McMuffin. I’m sure that’s what prompted this. Come to think of it, cutting off breakfast at 9:45 is clearly racist, having the disparate impact it no doubt does on the later-rising black population.
These women are the Rosa Parks of fast food.

2014-11-07 10:21:00 DennisDale

365 Black, Mofos!

2014-11-07 10:16:00 DennisDale

“We’re the only non-xenophobic nation in the world that’s a major economy.”

So then, one needn’t be “non-xenophobic” to have a major economy? And the major economy that’s about to eclipse ours–China’s–is very “xenophobic”. Furthermore, he suggests of the non-“major” economies, many, most or all are “non-xenophobic”. If I’m reading Joe correctly. What a mind! Biden 2016!

2014-06-13 23:30:00 DennisDale

Matt Yglesias has already suggested we just print the money, since we’ve already been doing this via Quantitative Easing. What’s another trillion or two?

2014-06-06 01:01:00 DennisDale

I should specify I’m talking about female politicians, but yeah.

2014-06-05 01:46:00 DennisDale

And she didn’t accuse the interviewer of sexism once.

2014-06-04 21:40:00 DennisDale

A relentlessly hostile interview handled gracefully. Why are French women so superior to ours?

2014-06-04 21:38:00 DennisDale

Hang on now. There may be an expectation of gentrification on the part of some donors. Of course, Detroit’s city council will fight that tooth and nail.

2014-05-22 00:02:00 DennisDale

Crime is not slightly but significantly lower and the quality of life significantly better. Hispanic neighborhoods are dull and dingy, but never so chaotic as the black ghetto. The barrio is like war–boredom occasionally interrupted by terror. The ghetto is more like the post-apocalypse.

2014-05-14 22:24:00 DennisDale

The thanks we get…

2014-05-09 23:50:00 DennisDale

Isn’t that exactly what I said? What gives? Was I unclear? I’m doomed to be less understood the older I get.

2014-05-06 15:12:00 DennisDale

Halifax Alehouse was unable to “rebut the presumption of discriminatory behavior,” read the decision.
Emphasis added. Presumption of guilt, coming to state or federal legislature near you, soon!

2014-05-06 05:55:00 DennisDale

However, those groups still want to meet with NBA commissioner Adam Silver to discuss diversity in the executive ranks of the professional basketball league and to figure out ways to ensure such situations don’t happen again.
Really? They just hate that this happened. So sad. Saul Goodman couldn’t be less sincere.

2014-05-01 18:43:00 DennisDale

I know this looks particularly craven on the part of the NAACP, but show some pity; they’ve got to take every advantage they can–they just lost a major donor!

2014-05-01 18:41:00 DennisDale

It’s all getting quite sinister. I read in some critical race theory “scholarship” recently this particular turn of phrase: “…preparing whites for their new role [as a minority]…”, and saw it repeated in one form or another elsewhere. Maybe this is their next presumption, to be sitting us down to “prepare” us for our new “role”. Liberals really have no clue how much almost everyone but the Westerner views “justice” as the settling of scores.

2014-04-29 08:04:00 DennisDale

When you’re right, you’re right.

2013-04-01 21:23:00 dennis dale

He meant “Moby White” (who looks an awful lot like Uncle Tim Wise) is sarcastic. Wise up (forgive pun). If you’re going to argue in defense of white identity and interest in this corrupt and insane age, be aware even the average person who comes along is primed to find any excuse to dismiss you as a fool or a fascist. So be smart or be silent.

2013-02-27 21:38:00 dennis dale

Make Jesus black. Is he high? We’ve already outdone that. We’ve made MLK Jesus.

2013-02-23 20:42:00 dennis dale

They must have so much to teach us. I can’t wait to try their restaurants! Wait a minute; okay, we thaw out their DNA, and how many generations until this guy shows up?

2013-01-29 10:26:00 dennis dale

Reagan appointee, recommended by Al D’Amato.

2012-12-18 00:14:00 dennis dale

The killer is presumed mentally deranged, but the street vendor testifies that he showed up the day after the murder having shaved his beard and head, apparently to avoid detection. Such rational self-preservation isn’t the behavior of a delusional maniac.

2012-12-06 00:47:00 dennis dale

Well there’s public opinion and there’s political action. If the average liberal knew what was being done in his name–who am I kidding, he’d be doing what he always does, averting his eyes politely.

2012-11-21 05:27:00 dennis dale

82 percent for Asian students, 68 percent for whites, 52 percent for Latinos, 45 percent for blacks and 33 percent for kids with disabilities.

Blacks are 37 pts off the leaders and only 12 pts ahead of what used to be called mentally retarded. God help us.

2012-11-15 06:45:00 dennis dale

“There are a lot of letters, mail, blogs,” Ms. Rajalin said. “But it’s not so much arguments; it’s anger, basically.”

Yeah, because it’s not so much sane; it’s madness, basically.

2012-11-15 06:25:00 dennis dale

The originating site for this is comic gold: http://thefeministwire.com/writers/

2012-11-12 09:30:00 dennis dale

two horrifying words: Section Eight

2012-10-25 00:46:00 dennis dale


2012-10-18 05:37:00 dennis dale

You denialists arguing against black athletic supremacy better get up to speed on how to argue this hokum. The transcript from recent Supreme Court arguments in favor of AA would be a good place to start. Something like:

Why no, Justice Scalia, race will just be one of the factors we consider, an organic, not mechanical factor. Race is not a automatic factor. It’s an holistic individualized consideration in a complex, subtle process…

2012-10-18 01:55:00 dennis dale

Well done. Let Towson’s petty tyrants stew.

2012-10-03 22:03:00 dennis dale

So he didn’t eat from sun-up to sun-down, once? That doesn’t even count. Hell, I once fasted a weekend just to see what it was like.

2012-09-06 23:15:00 dennis dale

They should make posters parodying one of these, say, “Hispanics in History” things you see at school, celebrating their relatively modest achievements: “Europeans in History”; and just make the thing a hundred-foot foldout. Then hang it right next to theirs. So deliciously “racisss…”

2012-09-06 22:58:00 dennis dale

Hats off to the Daily Show. But not trucker hats, ’cause those are worn by stupid, ugly, bigoted white guys (who are intolerant)!

2012-09-06 22:53:00 dennis dale

I do admire Orientals and Jews. Expressing that admiration might be considered a faux paus at a barbecue in rural Arkansas.

No, it would still only be a major faux pas at that Georgetown dinner party. Though many might not make it past your use of “orientals” before they spit-take their Chardonnay. And they probably won’t serve venison.

2012-09-06 20:11:00 dennis dale

This business of “don’t listen to so-and-so, he’s a commie” has got to stop. Say what you will about Theroux, he’s got balls just to go out there and get the story, and he can’t be blind to the fact that no amount of po-faced framing by him will contain it.

2012-08-02 02:14:00 dennis dale

I was responding to FedUp too.

2012-07-31 18:30:00 dennis dale

You misunderstood me. You don’t have to buy into evolution to accept my point either: skin color is not the defining aspect of race, but this only illustrates the depth of racial differences, not, as the lady would assert, that race is insignificant.

2012-07-31 07:34:00 dennis dale

Also you gotta love the “old…white” audience having their brains “re-wired”; does this journalist reflect on the sinister nonsense she writes?

2012-07-30 22:59:00 dennis dale

“Skin pigmentation is not a unique attribute that can be used to define human races.”

This isn’t new–Darwin himself may have been the first to point it out. An Indian (subcontinent) can be as dark as an African but none of the supposedly discredited “racist” evolutionary scientists of the past mistook the two because of it.
 Part of the reason it’s become shorthand for race is because of its trivializing effect; if race were truly just skin color then it would truly be trivial. Alas.

2012-07-30 22:52:00 dennis dale


2012-07-26 17:54:00 dennis dale

When you negotiated for our land, you meant to the Earth’s core.

Well, duh.

2012-07-04 02:39:00 dennis dale

Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.
After which they will be chased by, uh, not professional actors as they make the harrowing journey back to the interstate. It’s all part of the experience!

2012-07-04 02:30:00 dennis dale

You’re just misinterpertating their words, devil!

2012-06-29 20:21:00 dennis dale

It’s not even original material. He lifted the dig-them-up-n-kill-them-again line from some ANC politician, who used it about twenty years ago.

2012-06-29 09:17:00 dennis dale

Progressive educational orthodoxy, meet “diversity”.

2012-06-21 01:44:00 dennis dale

How does a general decline in crime (attributable to longer sentencing and the attendant increase in young black men incarcerated) refute the documentation of disparate criminality and violence?

It’s sobering to consider that the current casual criminality of black Americans represents progress. I’m not sure it does (note incarceration statistics–more of the violent are behind bars).
What I suspect is what seems to many a worsening trend in black violence and racism is only an increase in its documentation (via YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, etc.).

2012-06-13 18:21:00 dennis dale

Can we get an edit? “WHEN WAS THIS”–I assume this is an editor’s note suggesting a date should go in there.

2012-05-11 23:42:00 dennis dale

Students are “receptacles of tremendous privilege”? Let’s keep it clean, lady!
Or does she mean “recipients”?

2012-04-24 22:42:00 dennis dale

And what sort of flame is not incendiary, Mr. Frazier?

2012-04-18 23:43:00 dennis dale

…to fan the incendiary flames of bigotry into full-blown conflagrations of violence across the land.

It’s the writing that’s the real offense.

2012-04-18 23:42:00 dennis dale

It’s just BRA, brah.

2012-04-17 23:28:00 Woody Peckerwood

A crypto white nationalist, he goes and marries a chinese and has mixed race children. Can you imagine a female writer of such an article eliciting sympathy from Amren regulars if she was married to a —-black man

Exhibit A as to why white nationalism is a dead-end. And yes, this regular can imagine sympathy for said woman. People can’t marry as they wish? Count me out, but have fun with your little club.
The man never described himself as a “white nationalist”, by the way. “Crypto” is appropriately radical language for such “with us or against us” sentiment–but applying it to someone who’s just sacrificed his career and public standing to be clear about race–well there’s just no pleasing the zealot, is there?

2012-04-09 15:59:00 dennis dale

Farrakhan may have some experience with setting up a patsy to commit an assassination. 

2012-02-28 19:41:00 dennis dale

Worlds in Collision, too! Stop bogarding and pass that thing over here, man.

2012-02-19 19:20:00 dennis dale

I call it–and all Critical Race Theory–what it is: conspiratorial slander.

2012-02-13 22:38:00 dennis dale

She sent one threatening note to herself, and one reason she was suspected by the police was that her name was the only name spelled correctly on the “hit list.”

This is an obvious fabrication.

I want proof she got her name right.

2012-02-11 03:29:00 dennis dale

“It’s hard to see ill-informed condescension if you the one engaged in it.”
Now there’s a campaign I’d pay to see.

2012-01-28 05:57:00 dennis dale


2012-01-21 00:45:00 dennis dale

Using arrest and conviction records to deny employment can be illegal if it’s irrelevant for the job, according to the EEOC
Criminal history is always relevant–and to more than any given job. Has the system no shame left?

2012-01-12 01:26:00 dennis dale

Diamond’s thesis has always made sense–but its proponents seem blissfully unaware of its implications. That is, if geography determines the extent of a given society’s advancement it must also, over tens of thousands of years, genetically mold its population, behaviorally as well as physically.

I suspect S.J. Gould’s “punctuated equilibrium” theory was motivated largely to perpetuate the article of faith at the center of his hogwash: that evolution “stopped” when we became civilized because we were no longer cowering beneath the elements and running from predators. For this to be true one has to presume a population uniform in personality and intelligence, or where everyone has the same amount of offspring, enduring for years without famine or genocide intruding.

2011-10-04 04:01:55 Dennis

Hey, she got the black guy to hoist the American flag at least!

2011-09-28 04:37:19 Dennis

How can one be more prejudiced after an event? Aren’t they in fact post-judicial?

2011-09-08 00:31:00 Dennis

Have the evolutionary psychologists seen this video?

2011-05-18 04:14:48 D

But in recent years, the push for a Bill or Charter of Rights in Australia has been rebuffed—not least, thanks to a chorus of News Ltd columnists like Andrew Bolt. Here’s what he wrote in 2007: “a Bill of Rights is actually a bid for power by an unelected elite that has about exactly enough of it right now” (Herald Sun online, 5th September, 2007).

Mr. Bolt is probably right too. If anything the present law suggests this gang shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of a constitutional convention. And here the author suggests he’s partly to blame for his predicament!

2011-04-07 03:21:13 Dennis
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returnofkings / returnofkings.com

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No, like “Hands Up” it becomes a “metaphor”


2014-12-18 21:27:00 DennisDale
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WhoWhatWhy / whowhatwhy.org

Groundbreaking Investigative Journalism

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partisan controversies like the death of America’s ambassador to Libya

How is the murder of a US ambassador–a direct result of our undeclared war assisting Ghadafi’s overthrow–merely a “partisan” controversy?

2013-01-31 11:37:00 DennisDale
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The store had more anxious customers than they had sneakers for sale—and that was a recipe for trouble. I think you left out an ingredient, Kai. 2012-02-07T14:20:34-05:00 Dennis
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CBS Baltimore / baltimore.cbslocal.com

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The store had more anxious customers than they had sneakers for sale—and that was a recipe for trouble. I think you left out an ingredient, Kai. 2012-02-07T14:20:34-05:00 Dennis
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"white ghettos"? You're adorable! 2012-01-06T17:48:13-08:00 eladsinned`
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I believe a gunshot is like Aloha in Detroit Yeah, it means hello and, especially, goodbye. 2011-12-23T15:29:27-05:00 eladsinned
The air traffic controllers' lives weren't threatened by savage youths. 2011-11-04T11:46:30-04:00 Dennis
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CBS Detroit / detroit.cbslocal.com

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I believe a gunshot is like Aloha in Detroit Yeah, it means hello and, especially, goodbye. 2011-12-23T15:29:27-05:00 eladsinned
The air traffic controllers' lives weren't threatened by savage youths. 2011-11-04T11:46:30-04:00 Dennis
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dailycaller / dailycaller.com

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This is the guy who took a picture of a “racist” cafeteria menu at NBC. Why do we humor him?

2011-12-02T19:41:00 DennisDale
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“staff plan to meet with all seven of the men involved in an effort to mediate the conflict”

Next headline:

2011-10-19T00:01:08-07:00 D
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Yeah, "Randy"; I didn't catch that the first time; an amorous pothead principal. This one just gets better and better. 2011-08-18T20:42:01-04:00 Dennis
I'm skeptical. This story may be a plant. 2011-08-18T20:39:23-04:00 Dennis
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Yeah, "Randy"; I didn't catch that the first time; an amorous pothead principal. This one just gets better and better. 2011-08-18T20:42:01-04:00 Dennis
I'm skeptical. This story may be a plant. 2011-08-18T20:39:23-04:00 Dennis
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Crisis? What crisis?

2011-08-12 09:08:52 Dennis Dale

Note the greater independence of our press to theirs at the time; now, at least regards foreign policy, ours is nearly as sclerotic and narrow as those Soviets were! One crude template, selectively applied, to understand the world.

2011-06-10 19:34:24 Dennis Dale

Yo, Dennis, you didn’t let me reply to Mike. Are you going to let me reply to Al’s bro?

If you must.

2011-06-01 18:26:37 Dennis Dale

You can’t make this stuff up!

Ha! Sarah just did. She knows.

2011-05-31 00:44:10 Dennis Dale

Her co-option of the event wasn’t lost on most participants. Snow-machine Sarah looked like the latest lipstick recruit to Dykes on Bikes hanging on to an authentic bad-ass chick.

Has anyone explained to this tourist the biker credo “…no one rides free”?

2011-05-30 16:15:25 Dennis Dale

“and may God forever bless the United States of America”

“…provided I vet His blessing beforehand and He, one, recognizes the special bond between Israel and the United States; two, makes no mention of borders; three…”

I’m being silly of course; all this is implied.

2011-05-25 17:05:21 Dennis Dale

Caligula forced the wives of senators into prostitution. Our decadence is more pragmatic and enlightened; our senators prostitute themselves. On the senate floor. With enthusiasm.

2011-05-25 16:55:36 Dennis Dale

In the year 2000 (pace the Conan O’Brien Show), under penalty of death hamburgers will have to be made in government laboratories under strictly controlled conditions.

Jobs there will still, however, pay minimum wage.

2011-05-21 04:09:42 Dennis Dale

Where’s the perp-walking for Mssrs. Greenspan, Rubin and Summers for ferociously dynamiting any oversight or limitation upon those over-the-counter mortgage-backed derivatives? Or for Phil Gram and the others who got rid of Glass-Steagall thereby putting the public fisk in the hands of the banks? Or for all those who have spent us into oblivion to get themselves re-elected and are now either still in office or very cushily retired?

I would settle for their humbling absence from the public realm as a consequence–the opposite of the perp walk; alas, we’ll be seeing more video of these fellows. Only here the humiliation is ours.

2011-05-19 21:48:19 Dennis Dale

Spare me the violins.

I would never try to move you with tender strings, Bill. For you it’s a double-necked Gibson feeding back through a stack of Marshall amps, frayed strings, wah-wah pedals and distortion, packed like a sausage into a studded spandex singlet, sporting a leonine mullet. Zeppelin-esque lyrics about apocalyptic battles and forces of evil. I know what makes you rock. Hello Cleveland! Hello Bill.

2011-05-18 17:08:33 Dennis Dale

Hasn’t he forfeited his right to privacy?

But certainly. Has DSK? The man not only hasn’t been convicted, the case against him hasn’t even been made. On what basis does he deserve this? Because he’s famous? No thanks.

All we’ve seen are a handful of news reports accompanied by silence from the hotel (why this curious custom? There’s no legal basis for denying the public this information; the media should challenge this practice, rather than encouraging the barbarism of the perp walk) and the anonymous accuser.

But if you want another way to look at it, DSK is now an underdog, just like one of us. You have to stand up for him.

Punishing people exclusively in private may effectively satisfy the victim’s need for justice, but I don’t think it satisfies the public’s legitimate grievance.

There is nothing “private” about a criminal trial or conviction. The public has a right to justice, not spectacle.

2011-05-18 04:18:11 Dennis Dale

“Does anyone think that the Chinese might be waving yen in front of Pakistani eyes to get their hands on such valuable equipment?”

Pakistan selling that tail-boom to China, after outing a CIA station chief, will be further evidence their anger is genuine–and they were in the dark regarding the raid.

2011-05-11 04:05:12 Dennis Dale

“I cringe each time the ghosts of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater are trotted out as champions of personal liberty and limited government”

That explains it; I thought it was a nervous tic. But yes, conservatives need to recognize the contradiction represented by these two–champions of individual liberty who nonetheless embraced the worst excesses of the Cold War–which continues under the guise of the GWOT–remains the single greatest source of constitutional degradation there is.

We need to storm the citadel and haul the “Victory in the Cold War” narrative out into the irreverent light of day.

2011-05-10 17:54:52 Dennis Dale

Perhaps this explains the 25 minute gap in the video feed.
It’s a good point, I’ve noted it above–a roomful of eyewitnesses to–what, exactly?

2011-05-10 02:54:06 Dennis Dale

You dark, nihilistic, glorious bastard! Pull up a chair.

It could change things if coupled with a policy shift announced in the sort of grand style Obama’s acolytes have always promised. It could change things if somebody wanted them changed. Change is hard, as the president is fond of saying (more fond I imagine when it translates as “get over it”); his actions echo the sentiment.

2011-05-09 23:30:04 Dennis Dale

A proposito: The real-time feed–originally coupled with pre-fab “iconic” photo (even I was charmed by Hillary’s matronly concern/hayfever)–by which our political leaders heroically squirmed in their seats, was revised; no, they did not see the gruesome event but spent that part in Nixonian limbo–twenty to twenty-five minutes should do. Why the re-write? I would hope it’s because it’s true, and that our leaders aren’t ghouls after all; but I can’t help wondering if it’s because the administration realized the problems created by revealing that room full of people were eyewitness to the circumstances of bin Laden’s dispatch.

2011-05-09 22:18:46 Dennis Dale

Note that first the administration said bin Laden was killed resisting, then, in the public relations unraveling, had to walk that one back down, as it became undeniable the raid was an assassination; why lie in the first place? Because–even with enormous popular support and no lack of defenders of the action–the administration was uncomfortable with the legality of it.

2011-05-09 22:03:47 Dennis Dale

I fixed that Greenwald link, thanks.

2011-05-09 17:35:35 Dennis Dale

So what am I missing here?

The Constitution. The president, acting as commander-in-chief, can’t order the summary execution of a combatant (or can he?–at any rate ours hasn’t and isn’t armed with a declaration of war)–and, acting as a mere mortal, he cannot order the execution of a criminal without trial.
Again, it’s not a choice between justice and illegality, but between trial and conviction and extrajudicial murder.

We chose expedience over rigor.

2011-05-09 16:19:40 Dennis Dale

Our law was broken, and if we were so focused on justice and not merely it’s most appealing aspect here–retribution–why didn’t we formalize it with a trial? Why should the serviceman who risks his life to seize someone like bin Laden then be made complicit in the crime we, apparently, allow our president and the state (here under the ruse of an “exception”)?

2011-05-09 15:32:48 Dennis Dale

I think OBL is still alive and posting, of all places, on TAC.

Well, you have just blown an investigation going back to the Clinton administration. Thanks a lot. But I’ll see you hang yet, “TomB”!

2011-05-04 23:37:17 Dennis Dale

What would happen to the Pakistan Government if it sold him out? I don’t see how he is a trump card. He isn’t India’s problem. They aren’t going to get Kashmir out of it.

Who knows what you get out of him? But they don’t call them “High Value Targets” for nothing. They don’t particularly want to kill him, to say the least. Indeed–they likely fear more being found responsible for OBL’s demise by the Pakistani public than being found responsible for his sheltering by us–if you’re Kayani, who do you want to face down, mobs waving their shoes in the streets of Lahore or Dennis Kucinich ?*

We’ve seen how profitable OBL’s been out of circulation. Pakistan will find out how much risk he held in potential. I’m guessing not too much–they can be assured they won’t be put out of power, like they might have been had they killed bin Laden.

*I see Boehner’s already lobbying on behalf of Pakistan’s military allowance–grotesque.

2011-05-04 23:27:34 Dennis Dale

Sounds like total BS to me. If he was in prison how was it that he had couriers visiting him to keep in touch with his network?

Good point; also, as Winston points out, reports of SUVs coming and going at odd hours.
Sounds like the man was, at the least, communicating at will (albeit through courier) and receiving visitors. But then if my worst suspicions about Pakistani involvement are correct, it’s unlikely the ISI would allow him freedom of movement anyway, and the distinction between prisoner and guest would be irrelevant.

2011-05-04 23:08:04 Dennis Dale

Every thread needs a troll.

Absolutely. Feed them. Nourish them. Care for them. Just don’t take one home at the end of the night.

2011-05-04 17:58:54 Dennis Dale

Probably being guilty of it myself every day I understand mis-speaking, but it’s no grounds to be calling me foolish and crazy to be pointing out what seems such a misdemeanor on your part initially.

I apologize for the inference. It was supposed to be a gentle ribbing but upon review I see you’re right–it’s unfair. And you’re not so off base if you see Coll and me lamenting the lack of a bludgeon–but all we’re really lamenting is the absence of the deterrent and Pakistan’s guile, if that’s not too fine a distinction, and I don’t think it is.

2011-05-04 03:11:12 Dennis Dale

Pakistan’s double-dealing is an argument for withdrawing from our dysfunctional military alliance–as well as for removing the distorting effect billions of dollars in mostly military aid has on Pakistan’s already corrupt institutions.

But that’s not the point. The truth, especially here, is always worth knowing. I will not argue from consequences but facts. Let the foolish and crazy draw whatever conclusions they will (such as: “recognizing Pakistan’s treachery means declaring war on Pakistan”).

2011-05-03 21:56:09 Dennis Dale

So in an ideal world Coll (and Dale?) just wish wish wish we were bombing Islamabad as we are bombing Libya?

Coll said nothing of bombing Pakistan and neither did I. There is room on the foreign policy continuum between prostrate humiliation and military action, particularly when you’re sending billions annually to the offending country.

2011-05-03 15:32:36 Dennis Dale

“As someone who has undoubtedly benefited from affirmative action programs during my career, and as someone who may have benefited from the Law Review’s affirmative action program when I was selected to join the Review last year, I have not personally felt stigmatized.”

As an understatement this is the seed that became the oak.

2011-04-28 21:40:08 Dennis Dale

Although this is rational thinking about an emotional problem by my lights, the problem at Fukushima was not a failure of nuclear engineering, but the inability a consensus-based society with a very chummy political system to cut the clap and dot their i s and cross their t s when they really had to.

You’re probably right about Browns Ferry and wrong about the Japanese.

2011-04-28 21:29:56 Dennis Dale

And f and d as well!

2011-04-28 20:56:38 Dennis Dale

I the Republicans nominate Palin or Trump I’ll vote for Obama ten times. And I’m sure the Democrats will be gla to help me make that happen.

2011-04-28 19:39:31 Dennis Dale

Is it me or is there something vaguely sinister about the child-like nature of this drawing, cramming all that disparate flora and fauna into one nightmarish, chaotic oasis.

Pandas and penguins, living together; mass hysteria!

2011-04-24 00:01:20 Dennis Dale

CPAC youths boo Cheney/Rumsfeld:


How’s the lefty press spinning this?

2011-02-11 01:10:40 Dennis Dale

Fox Mike Huckabee Show appalling on the subject, letting some obscure evangelical wax hysterical at length.

2011-01-30 01:28:18 Dennis Dale

Note that right now Mukhabarat and opportunist criminal gangs appear to be active.

2011-01-29 17:34:20 Dennis Dale

Soliman has clearly been chosen for Mubarak by int’l pressure; can this guy possibly have any popular support?

2011-01-29 15:36:04 Dennis Dale

Thanks Ken, but the week’s blogging was given me by a family member who won it at their annual “Strangercrombie” auction to benefit charity. The good people there have been remarkably gracious in publishing my posts as written, despite the opinions which almost certainly appall them as much as all those sputtering commenters.

2011-01-18 23:51:37 Dennis Dale

Again, right but redundant. The only fair comparison would account for the respective serviced populations’ size and SES, and the respective agencies’ size and resources.

2011-01-16 00:18:43 Dennis Dale

Thanks Kirt. There is a lively debate going on over at SDA (horrid name) on the value of this chart. As I said: To be fair we would have to compare the counties’ populations and any differences in the sheriff’s respective areas of responsibility.

2011-01-15 21:07:06 Dennis Dale

Correlation isn’t causation – not enough data here.

Already said. One more obvious non-comment like this and I shall re-name you Bland Doc McRae. You have been warned.

You too, Colin; you are right but redundant–the biggest omission here is the socio-economic makeup of the two populations, as I said. Obijuan’s skepticism, however, is downright nihilistic.

We would have to compare the relative sizes of the two sheriff’s departments also–Dupnik has 500 deputies, but I couldn’t find numbers on Arpaio’s. His deparment’s website boasts of a “posse program” open to volunteers. I’m not sure I’d want to live in either place.

The real question is whether Arpaio is turning his county into a police state to get these numbers. Low crime isn’t everything, after all.

2011-01-15 15:43:41 Dennis Dale

Maricopa (Arpaio) abuts Pima to the north; Pima abuts the border with Mexico. Arpaio is notorious south of the border for enforcing immigration law; after passage of SB1070, Dupnik refused to.

One therefore welcomes illegal immigration while next door the other discourages it, to say the least. Dupnik complained he would fill his jail in a day if he enforced this law. Dupnik probably has a larger proportion of illegals in his co., where they no doubt feel a lot more comfortable than next door.
Does this say something about crime rates among the illegal alien population? I ask in earnest.

2011-01-15 05:52:02 Dennis Dale

Running the jail seems to be a large part of Arpaio’s job, but that might just be the media focus (not unwarranted) on the severe conditions and gimmicks he imposes on his inmates–putting them in tents, issuing pink underwear, etc.

But no, the sheriffs are also tasked with enforcement in their jurisdiction, through their deputies, as in LA County.
To be fair we would have to compare the counties’ populations and any differences in the sheriff’s respective areas of responsibity. Still, I find it remarkable, and note that Arpaio has far better per capita numbers with a far larger population.

2011-01-15 04:55:53 Dennis Dale

The choice of Palin for the face of this, on the thin substance of her target-map, reveals this organized hysteria for what it is–the start of the next presidential campaign. It is obscene.

2011-01-12 19:45:50 Dennis Dale

Check out Kyle’s link too. Genius.

2010-12-29 16:44:01 Dennis Dale

Then that’s one hell of a deadpan. Well done Kyle. Got me.

2010-12-29 03:41:58 Dennis Dale

“half-heartedly fighting the war on terror”?
Of course, if John McCain were in the WH with the exact same policies K would be praising him in Soviet tones. Obama would have to turn the sand into glass to please some, and then we’d all be dead anyway. Scary place, that 2011.

Weeping for Khordokovsky is made more obscene by this: http://tinyurl.com/28456ff

2010-12-29 02:00:25 Dennis Dale

The debaters are supposedly discussing whether or not Darwinian biology and its social implications produce “conservative” results.

And we are to take them seriously?

2010-12-20 22:03:36 Dennis Dale

Now I feel bad for feeling glad that they went bankrupt.

Say, Alex, ever heard the phrase “buzzkill”? No reason, just curious…

2010-12-03 03:23:29 Dennis Dale

If Daniel Pipes is touting Iran’s prospects to lead the ME out of “Islamism”; he’ll next insist it’s the US’ responsibility to “liberate” the Iranian people from their criminal regime.

2010-12-03 00:40:27 Dennis Dale

The “see the Arabs want to bomb Iran” argument is rich, coming from necons; suddenly the Arab nations are to be heeded!

2010-12-02 14:06:59 Dennis Dale

With that phone to his ear MBD looks like he’s being visited in jail. “Ohh, Billy!”

2010-11-24 15:33:38 Dennis Dale

epic facial hair

2010-11-24 00:29:09 Dennis Dale

Looks like Postrel has been reading Camille Paglia, and has forgotten to adjust for influence. An effect usually found in College sophomores and the like.

2010-11-22 22:56:34 Dennis Dale

The bullet points in the document read more like those self-empowerment posters

I’m thinking,
“Hang in there, baby”

2010-08-04 23:13:35 Dennis Dale
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