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It seems you have misunderstood the article entirely, perhaps intentionally. Hard to tell.

My whole point is that science has failed to inform the public. All you did is restate what I said. The rest of what you said about science crawling toward the truth is clearly stated in my piece.

And if you think that I, a typical non-scientist do not understand such things as the details of nutrition science, that is MY point, not your criticism of my point.

First, try to understand what I wrote. Then criticize. Works better that way. I didn’t see anything you said that wasn’t what I said that you misunderstood or took out of context.

Or are you just an outragist? See: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/109482303301/outragists-are-the-new-awful

Scott Adams

2015-02-17 02:08:41 ScottAdams
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Snubbing Eris, Searching for Truth

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I notice you have to change my opinions from what I wrote to something a little bit crazy before you can debate them.

You cleverly change my prediction about chemical castration into a "should" that wasn't in my writing.

You turn my common sense observation that nature has a role in our actions into a crazy absolute: "if every fleeting impulse can’t be acted upon..."

And so on. I just picked two.

You should try arguing with stuff I actually said. You'll find it more challenging.

Scott Adams
2011-07-01T15:09:52-04:00 Scott Adams
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Surviving the Trumpocalypse

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Here's your reading comprehension test that I assume all of you will fail:

If I say all men have a natural urge to eat, and some men are cannibals, have I implied that all men are natural cannibals? Did I condone the practice of eating people?

Scott Adams
2011-06-25T09:05:46-05:00 Scott Adams
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It's fascinating to watch strangers debating what they imagine is in my head.

On the wife/girlfriend beating/shooting questions, there's no credible evidence that Sheen did those things. In the "normal" world, a guy who has been accused of the same sort of crime several times is probably guilty. In the celebrity world, it doesn't mean the same thing.

I say that as a person who has often been accused of being a holocaust denier, creationist, misogynist, and racist. That's just the starter list.

I can't say Sheen didn't do any of the things he has been accused of. But the evidence against him is as credible as the evidence that Osama used his wife as a human shield.

2011-05-08 09:51:17 Scott Adams
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Interesting theory :-) 2011-04-27T09:08:31-05:00 Scott Adams