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BancyNotwin___It’s precisely  because the past administration brought in all the Meth clinics and a host of other programs that we CAN’T afford valuable programs like Head Start!  The legislature cut reimbursement to those too but the D’s squealed  about that as well.
Head Start costs about 10,000.00 per year per child….there would be more opportunities to help folks with day care assistance if they put that money toward the other child care subsidies that cost about 3,300.00 per child per year….

2012-09-12 00:27:00

LePage wasted $0.00 in the ACA fight and yes….the cuts are closer to aligning with federal guidlines but are, in a couple of cases, still a bit higher…..

I guess we have a choice folks…roll back a little….or collapse the whole system…you choose.

2012-07-10 19:11:00

It’s the D’s that want to take a “Comprehensive” approach and raise taxes and do across the board cuts to all departments instead of  address where the problem really lies.  Within the Department of Health and Human Services.  

the Republicans do not want to raise taxes.  They want to address the problems that create HUGE shortfalls year after year after year in the department.

2012-01-12 13:42:00

If the state doesn’t have the money to pay it’s portion….we aren’t going to get the federal funding.  it’s that simple.

2012-01-12 13:35:00