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Erdogan benefited from ISIS oil because he cooperated with obummer admin, so naturally he has evidence. politico is a mainlame source. go after flynn if you want, podesta and the clintons are crooked enough.

2016-12-31 05:40:00 barry goldwater

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. wondering if that Spencer bro is a Psyop to make conservatives racist again. you think its bad when obama supports Isis wahabi muzzies? Thats a clinton defense department. https://youtu.be/-uyQjF3-gVo

2016-12-28 08:32:00 barry goldwater

Yeah this guy is just a useful idiot to divide and conquer. He’s also being used to blur the lines of economic nationalism as racist, which it most certainly is not. I don’t think we have to worry that some goat will turn us all into hateful bigots.

2016-12-17 17:18:00 barry goldwater

We can preserve and harvest. Put your hope in no man.

2016-12-14 02:27:00 barry goldwater

very interesting christopher

2016-12-14 02:25:00 barry goldwater


2016-12-09 05:37:00 barry goldwater


2016-12-07 23:53:00 barry goldwater

when interest rates rise on lending between big banks from 0, it may not matter which party governs

2016-12-07 23:50:00 barry goldwater


2016-11-28 02:49:00 barry goldwater

Def Soros. Hail HYDRA

2016-11-26 20:59:00 barry goldwater

Are you being racist while you label others as racist again?

2016-11-26 20:59:00 barry goldwater

As a conservative I don’t trust this dude

2016-11-22 21:03:00 barry goldwater

It’s so liberal to bomb Libya back into the third-world

2016-11-17 02:06:00 barry goldwater

Yeah there is on the rioters. And bernie sold his soul to Hillary like a chump. He’s good at identifying problems. Socialism is always evil. Trump’s team could be a disappointment, we’ll see.

2016-11-17 02:06:00 barry goldwater

That’s what they think too man. It’s this great moral signaling. Rational discourse is not allowed.

2016-11-17 02:04:00 barry goldwater

A lot of compassion with those rioters lol

2016-11-17 02:03:00 barry goldwater

I’m glad twitter is a safe space. I’m going to go color in my coloring book now. I don’t want any dissent, that’s not liberal.

2016-11-17 02:02:00 barry goldwater

That’s a big amen

2016-11-17 02:00:00 barry goldwater

Jury nullification

2016-11-16 03:01:00 barry goldwater

Kinda bummed this guy is governor.

2016-11-16 03:00:00 barry goldwater

I guess I was suggesting not so clearly that Democrats race-bait and virtue signal when they have no record of helping the constituents they purport to

2016-11-01 01:00:00 barry goldwater

Bill and Hillary are criminals. Quite obvious

2016-10-31 22:05:00 barry goldwater

democrats were the original racist party, ironic when you think about it

2016-10-31 22:02:00 barry goldwater

meanwhile Fukushima continues ignored in mainstream press

2016-10-31 22:00:00 barry goldwater

Meanwhile its all fiat money

2016-09-06 14:07:00 barry goldwater

Would you like some crepes Lily?

2016-08-28 01:12:00 barry goldwater

I think your being sarcastic manservant

2016-08-22 01:46:00 barry goldwater

nope CTR shill

2016-08-21 15:52:00 barry goldwater


2016-08-21 15:52:00 barry goldwater

professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

2016-08-21 02:10:00 barry goldwater

lol na try again

2016-08-21 01:58:00 barry goldwater

“crisis of character”

2016-08-20 20:55:00 barry goldwater

Feds lose track of trillions

2016-08-20 16:05:00 barry goldwater

We could always cut spending too 😀

2016-08-20 16:04:00 barry goldwater

“clinton cash”

2016-08-19 05:40:00 barry goldwater

Liberal doesn’t mean what you think it means

2016-08-15 15:37:00 barry goldwater

LOL this couldn’t be more accurate

2016-08-15 15:32:00 barry goldwater

That was a micro-aggression. Check your privilege

2016-08-15 05:20:00 barry goldwater

conspiracy theorist

2016-08-15 05:19:00 barry goldwater

You must be very proud of yourself

2016-08-15 05:19:00 barry goldwater

Not PC bro

2016-08-14 23:15:00 barry goldwater


2016-08-14 02:05:00 barry goldwater

Yes, stir the pot

2016-08-14 02:00:00 barry goldwater

A REAL Montanan. LOL

2016-08-14 01:59:00 barry goldwater

Yes indeed, why would troll bots seek to correct the record?

2016-08-14 01:53:00 barry goldwater

w/e shill

2016-08-11 04:05:00 barry goldwater

Nope CTR shill try again

2016-08-11 04:04:00 barry goldwater

“clinton cash”

2016-08-10 16:06:00 barry goldwater

also long as you socialist commies separate and create a voluntary coop amongst yourselves, go right ahead. You’ll learn values akin to you varies for everyone.

2016-08-10 16:04:00 barry goldwater

truth is stranger than fiction

2016-08-10 16:01:00 barry goldwater

Hillary wanted Isis Jihadis in mid east

2016-08-10 03:47:00 barry goldwater

No the truth is she left armed forces to die because they were running guns to ISIS in libya. Just more Vietnam from democrats and republicans alike. And yes Clinton does laugh at the death of others how naive do I have to be?

2016-08-09 20:29:00 barry goldwater

Perhaps he’s not a career politician. He wants peace with Russia and that would save us from losing WW3

2016-08-09 20:26:00 barry goldwater

He who sets the discussions limits controls its conclusions. “Gate-keeper”

2016-08-09 20:24:00 barry goldwater

I like it when you talk mad to me

2016-08-09 20:23:00 barry goldwater

Your all theory no real world examples, best socialist in Africa was bombed by NATO for the OBama/Clinton defense department. France wanted to retain power in the region.
Socialism can work but its real-world successes are far and few between. You need an actual philosopher king, a benevolent dictator.

2016-08-09 20:22:00 barry goldwater

Can’t defend that dude because I don’t know him but there’s only 1 judge in this cosmos. We’re not it.

2016-08-09 20:19:00 barry goldwater

Alright Huma, support the radicals

2016-08-09 20:18:00 barry goldwater

I wish you went to such lengths for your fearless leader. Clinton foundation is a political bribery slush fund. Trump is just a man but you know what you’re getting with the oligarchy. Hillary supplies ISIS fighters in Libya and Syria

2016-08-09 20:17:00 barry goldwater

Wrong again friend http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/01/18/the-truth-about-huma-abedin-that-media-matters-doesnt-want-america-to-see/

2016-08-09 14:17:00 barry goldwater

wise words

2016-08-09 14:15:00 barry goldwater

negative misssilly

2016-08-09 14:14:00 barry goldwater

lol yeah she did. to support such evil, shows your ignorance

2016-08-09 14:13:00 barry goldwater


2016-08-09 14:13:00 barry goldwater

You don’t like numbers do you?

2016-08-08 15:21:00 barry goldwater

straw man

2016-08-08 15:21:00 barry goldwater


2016-08-08 15:21:00 barry goldwater

I must of short-circuited on that answer

2016-08-08 06:04:00 barry goldwater

Facts are funny things

2016-08-08 06:02:00 barry goldwater

socialism makes things cheaper never

2016-08-08 06:02:00 barry goldwater

nope they lied to you

2016-08-08 06:01:00 barry goldwater


2016-08-08 06:00:00 barry goldwater

carebears care

2016-08-08 05:54:00 barry goldwater

Aw, sweet fascism wrapped in tolerance.

2016-08-08 05:54:00 barry goldwater

hypocrite much?

2016-08-08 05:53:00 barry goldwater

More like Huma Abedin and muslim brohood

2016-08-08 05:52:00 barry goldwater

“What difference does it make? We came, we saw, he died (cackle).” Defending clinton, lol you fool.

2016-08-08 05:52:00 barry goldwater

Wise words, friend.

2016-08-08 05:49:00 barry goldwater

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. mark 3:25

2016-08-06 02:51:00 barry goldwater


2016-07-31 18:58:00 barry goldwater

yep and people won’t realize how stupid this was until its too late

2016-07-31 00:14:00 barry goldwater


2016-07-26 14:52:00 barry goldwater

they myopic musings of the politically retarded

2016-07-25 04:17:00 barry goldwater

lol he’s unsure still

2016-07-25 04:14:00 barry goldwater

virtue signaling activated

2016-07-25 04:14:00 barry goldwater


2016-07-25 04:13:00 barry goldwater

Meanwhile, at Fukushima and nuclear power plants around the world

2016-07-15 05:40:00 barry goldwater

dicky jones and his name-calling. very intellectual.

2016-06-25 01:55:00 barry goldwater

Yeah its a good cover for bribery slush funds

2016-06-12 15:31:00 barry goldwater

do you honestly think hilary clinton is honest

2016-06-12 15:30:00 barry goldwater

when you have nothing smart to say, attack the messenger. /troll

2016-06-12 15:29:00 barry goldwater


2016-06-12 03:33:00 barry goldwater

And yeah corruption is ok when hillary does it.

2016-06-11 16:04:00 barry goldwater

Why dont you name a few. lol name-calling troll bots. Defending hillary clinton baahahahaha

2016-06-11 16:01:00 barry goldwater

Hillary clinton is rotten to the core y’all are hilarious. Clinton foundation 150 million in speaking fees LOL please

2016-06-11 06:00:00 barry goldwater

This is lawyer bait. Someone go after nuclear power. Goats.

2016-04-23 00:31:00 barry goldwater

Picking sides in civil wars is foolish. Russia is keeping an eye on the growing terrorist/mercenary forces created by intelligence agencies. 90% of Syrian civilians believe America created ISIS.

2016-04-13 01:18:00 barry goldwater

think you’re on the right track. order our of chaos. Hegelian dialectic. Create problems and create your own designed solution. Less liberty, more police state.

2016-04-13 01:15:00 barry goldwater

/call people racist /liberal moral superiority complex /anger

2016-04-13 01:11:00 barry goldwater

He probably works for a corporation acting the in name of a lawful government so on paper he is not very liable for our situation

2016-04-13 01:10:00 barry goldwater

/call people racists /angry liberals /wayne brady

2016-04-13 01:01:00 barry goldwater


2016-04-10 19:15:00 barry goldwater

You’ll never believe, why try?

2016-04-10 18:59:00 barry goldwater

That is a true statement. But we’ll be labeled the crazy ones 🙂

2016-04-10 18:44:00 barry goldwater

Why don’t you put some brass balls on the table and treat them like the Russian Air-force does and we should be good to go. Instead we have a treasonous executive branch. If you just told the truth on the national stage you could do well. ISIS was created by the CIA/Mossad/Saudis/Mi6 and is funded from Switzerland. Putin knows, the far east knows. Western mass media doesn’t want to know.

2016-04-10 18:42:00 barry goldwater

LOL thestuff ppl care about

2016-04-10 18:36:00 barry goldwater

Something feels sarcastic here

2016-04-09 14:23:00 barry goldwater

Typical democrip, lots of pretty words

2016-04-08 04:22:00 barry goldwater

Nice showing your lack of understanding, good

2016-04-04 02:43:00 barry goldwater

LOL na yer basic

2016-04-04 02:42:00 barry goldwater

Thanks DHS

2016-04-04 00:04:00 barry goldwater


2016-04-03 23:36:00 barry goldwater

You’re a towel

2016-04-03 23:35:00 barry goldwater

Well you tried to sound intelligent 🙂

2016-04-03 23:32:00 barry goldwater

Your screen name comes from the bible lol

2016-04-03 19:00:00 barry goldwater

Yes. I can tell by the spirit behind your words

2016-04-03 18:59:00 barry goldwater

Amen well said

2016-04-03 18:58:00 barry goldwater

what a basic understanding. your pride will not serve you well.

2016-04-03 18:57:00 barry goldwater

Keyboard warriors! unite!

2016-04-03 04:04:00 barry goldwater

LOL you described yourself

2016-04-03 04:03:00 barry goldwater

And what about what they do to female genitalia. First couple chapters of Koran —> its ok to murder for allah.

2016-04-03 04:02:00 barry goldwater

misquoting bible doesn’t make you look smart, just angry. context; miss angry

2016-04-03 03:59:00 barry goldwater


2016-04-03 03:58:00 barry goldwater

This article is called “gatekeeping”

2016-04-02 14:59:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-30 22:46:00 barry goldwater

I am stupid, as is anyone who opposes your political viewpoints

2016-03-30 18:31:00 barry goldwater

Yea being correct makes bad behavior acceptable

2016-03-30 16:09:00 barry goldwater

Yes anyone who disagrees with you just doesn’t understand

2016-03-30 15:21:00 barry goldwater

Yeah your name-calling was more acceptable because it was mild

2016-03-30 04:12:00 barry goldwater

Yeah name-calling is wise.

2016-03-30 03:41:00 barry goldwater

I don’t know if verdell is racist. But calling someone a racist today amounts to someone saying something un PC. There is no institutionalized racism just whiny social justice warriors. I’m not really concerned with your questions no, the water compact is deceptive enough.

2016-03-29 14:30:00 barry goldwater

Alright PC Bro, your moral superiority is apparent

2016-03-29 03:47:00 barry goldwater

typical regressive left. its racist when someone disagrees with you 🙂

2016-03-28 05:40:00 barry goldwater

well written! well said! here come the trolls 🙂

2016-03-27 00:20:00 barry goldwater

How noble, defending the innocent.

2016-03-23 04:57:00 barry goldwater

Would you like some crepes? Charlie murphy?

2016-03-23 04:56:00 barry goldwater

Haha I am. I understand how business works in the 21st century. Find better complaints

2016-03-23 04:56:00 barry goldwater

Indeed, manservant

2016-03-22 14:57:00 barry goldwater

rhett the troller

2016-03-21 23:58:00 barry goldwater

you’ll regret that proud heart

2016-03-20 23:37:00 barry goldwater

I’ll let you be with your childish name-calling and defense of the clintons. LOL

2016-03-20 23:35:00 barry goldwater

I can tell where you’re coming from, and the spirit of truth is not in you

2016-03-20 17:53:00 barry goldwater






2016-03-20 16:20:00 barry goldwater

Islam is a really liberal world view

2016-03-19 21:51:00 barry goldwater

The clinton foundation is a corruption slush fund.

2016-03-19 18:39:00 barry goldwater

Sure let’s hear them

2016-03-19 14:51:00 barry goldwater

Na the establishment doesn’t like him because he’s a hardcore patriot that will shutdown the globalism that dismantles our economy. He ain’t perfect and most people hate white males these days which is hilarious in irony but I like him not perfect but best option for sure. Not sure there is a political solution to our countries spiritual issues though.

2016-03-19 14:18:00 barry goldwater

Personality politics. Hillary’s record is criminal and conniving. Bernie advocates more central planning and redistribution. Whole establishment hates trump, I like him.

2016-03-18 22:31:00 barry goldwater

Amen Art

2016-03-18 22:27:00 barry goldwater

I disagree with everything you and reggie believe in but I respect your kind and civilized discourse.

2016-03-17 21:29:00 barry goldwater

I am informed. Bernie is a warmonger insider like the rest of them. He was all aboard the Libyan war of naked aggression. He didn’t have a real job for most of his life and vacationed in soviet Russia.

2016-03-17 21:28:00 barry goldwater

I tend to agree with most of your thinking there. I’d prefer a real free-market, one in which we haven’t had since the Federal reserve act of 1913. I think Marx is a masonic fool. Rand did predict the future pretty well. The mainstream american right has dumbed down the solution and failed us like the mainstream american left, you’re right.

2016-03-17 21:26:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-17 15:02:00 barry goldwater

socialism destroys economic growth. read history

2016-03-16 20:57:00 barry goldwater

Can’t stump the trump

2016-03-13 06:59:00 barry goldwater

I for one welcome our federal overlords and cannot imagine a world more representative.

2016-03-13 06:58:00 barry goldwater

Thankyou DHS

2016-03-12 18:41:00 barry goldwater

Logic and history would point to a republic. Democracy is mob rule and the mob is very fickle.

2016-03-12 17:44:00 barry goldwater

Meanwhile, all of Europe is regretting this foolishness

2016-03-12 06:52:00 barry goldwater

Thankyou man-servant, that will be all

2016-03-12 06:37:00 barry goldwater

Tim’s honest, your a duplicitous fool. Hopefully a paid troll or bot program.

2016-03-12 03:43:00 barry goldwater

“Plaid by fools” Bill and Hillary are honest people Mateo – c’mon !

2016-03-12 03:41:00 barry goldwater

Doubting thomas trusts government lol

2016-03-12 03:39:00 barry goldwater

The mainstream left and right have the same master. Your views are myopic and outdated. But that’s your job right? Democrats don’t serve the banks? Laugh.

2016-03-09 16:44:00 barry goldwater

Get your head out of the gutter.

2016-03-09 15:31:00 barry goldwater

It’s what the left does these days, name-calling. Not very liberal.

2016-03-09 15:30:00 barry goldwater

No thanks my regressive left knee-jerk

2016-03-08 15:46:00 barry goldwater

You sound like a really good person

2016-03-07 23:31:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-07 15:23:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-07 15:22:00 barry goldwater

Dumb, irrational, no line of thought

2016-03-07 06:41:00 barry goldwater

lol your a petty fool

2016-03-06 19:59:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-06 19:58:00 barry goldwater

Nice, I’ll take you to tupelo we can discuss how you can get a long with more folks. Glad you have a business, that is respectable, unlike your political views. Be well sweet-pea

2016-03-05 03:35:00 barry goldwater

Sounds good. When you run your own business you’ll better understand how government works.

2016-03-05 00:20:00 barry goldwater

Agreed Janet. Politically correct = political control. Top-down you believe what you’re supposed to, etc.

2016-03-05 00:14:00 barry goldwater

well atleast you have your own train of thought here, no, you’ll have to buy me dinner first

2016-03-04 02:59:00 barry goldwater

yessir, fear no evil. stop using my lines, I see you

2016-03-02 02:22:00 barry goldwater

Did really good giving away water rights to corporate paper tigers pretending to be native tribes lets re-elect him.

2016-03-01 23:08:00 barry goldwater

Well this poster has no imagination

2016-03-01 23:07:00 barry goldwater


2016-03-01 23:05:00 barry goldwater

wise words

2016-01-18 05:49:00 D.W.D.

To blame one side of a myopic lie is disingenuous to the full picture

2016-01-18 05:47:00 D.W.D.

this is a pretty darn sad situation for everyone

2016-01-14 04:14:00 D.W.D.


2016-01-14 04:11:00 D.W.D.

Funny part is both sides think they are right and no one lists the data. None of the debate is scientific and if history would be the judge it becomes warmer before every ice age, and ice ages are fairly common.

2016-01-12 22:40:00 D.W.D.

Professional and kind folks!!!

2016-01-07 05:09:00 D.W.D.

Political correctness is a suicidal effort

2015-12-16 22:54:00 D.W.D.


2015-12-14 21:45:00 D.W.D.

lol, i like what you did there

2015-12-13 06:48:00 D.W.D.


2015-12-12 11:56:00 D.W.D.


2015-12-12 11:55:00 D.W.D.

Center-line challenge

2015-12-12 11:51:00 D.W.D.

Obama funds the Jihad irl

2015-12-12 11:40:00 D.W.D.

Government being wasteful? ? What?

2015-12-09 05:50:00 D.W.D.

Dont worry our next cycle of economic collapse stats soon. None of this will matter

2015-12-09 05:48:00 D.W.D.

Have a good day 🙂 <3

2015-12-06 03:09:00 D.W.D.

LOL your a bad echo, like your liberal (fascist) comrades

2015-12-06 01:11:00 D.W.D.

why don’t you stop talking about your idiotic worldview. Like democrats care about your little american worker, just dumb.

2015-12-05 06:01:00 D.W.D.

I agree with you senator. Its about time someone gets some gonads and stands up to a bully

2015-12-04 02:22:00 D.W.D.


2015-11-29 18:45:00 D.W.D.


2015-11-29 18:45:00 D.W.D.

so true

2015-11-29 18:42:00 D.W.D.

Your a hypocrite

2015-11-29 02:26:00 D.W.D.

I don’t expect you to understand money, you’re liberal

2015-11-29 02:25:00 D.W.D.

There is free energy. Tesla. Water can be run in a car as well, LOL these philosophical debates on here are like controlled debates with paid gate-keepers to simulate normalcy.

2015-11-27 02:37:00 D.W.D.

I hope your a paid bot

2015-11-27 02:34:00 D.W.D.


2015-11-27 02:00:00 D.W.D.

EPA destroys rivers and ignores fukushima, crickets. EPA issues neo-fascist mandates and acts as a corporate paper tiger. Doublespeak orwell stuff bruh. American economy has had a forced deconstruction from the top since nixon & china

2015-11-27 01:04:00 D.W.D.

Nuclear as they are built now is not a safe alternative, probably more destructive than the forbidden life-giving gas, Co2

2015-11-27 00:59:00 D.W.D.

nope its just very juvenile when you copy my message. what am i avoiding? are we run by a corporate fascism? Yes. Does bernie provide a real alternative? No way.

2015-11-27 00:58:00 D.W.D.

Yes your copying what i told you, you unoriginal fool

2015-11-26 15:09:00 D.W.D.

Yes I can read Reggie. Sure you can be better informed. Yes your making a distinction without a difference, Yes I can read your weak-minded unoriginal arguments. No I’m not impressed with your thoughts, per-usual.

2015-11-24 19:23:00 D.W.D.

Probably Hillary, and not because I like her, that woman scares me. She cackles at the deaths of thousands in Libya.
I like Rand Paul. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump candidacy made it easier for Hillary to win. Like Ross Perot in 92.

2015-11-23 21:44:00 D.W.D.

You know my faith as well, quite a bold assumption.

2015-11-23 21:36:00 D.W.D.

Real wealth for the middle class to inflation was not keeping up by the late 70s. You think your grasp on reality is superior but that is hubris. You are attacking the messenger instead of engaging in honest debate. Centrally-planned economies as the Federal Reserve system is, are not real capitalism. Our country experienced its largest growth for real wealth after the civil war during reconstruction. The macro-economics were a land of opportunity. Now its just debt-based fiat paper and as history tells us, they are not good systems long-term.

2015-11-23 21:34:00 D.W.D.

Wrong again reggie our wealth was destroyed by central planning economics of the federal reserve. You are barking for crumbs at the children’s table. Be well

2015-11-23 19:13:00 D.W.D.

The devil quoted scripture too

2015-11-23 18:18:00 D.W.D.

Wrong again reggie, there is no fair, fair is a figment of your imagination.

2015-11-23 18:18:00 D.W.D.

There are many conspiracies at play in this world, and friendship with the world is enmity with God. It gets warmer before every ice age. The only constant is change. Climate change is real, the causation being co2 is utter nonsense and the solutions presented being more taxes is moronic.

2015-11-23 15:14:00 D.W.D.

Yep still disagree. We’re going toward another ice age. Do you want to talk about fukushima?

2015-11-23 03:35:00 D.W.D.

The climate is changing, the causation for change being human activity is foolishness.

2015-11-23 00:22:00 D.W.D.

Bernie will disappoint you, and your asking for crumbs at the children’s table.

2015-11-23 00:19:00 D.W.D.


2015-11-22 19:29:00 D.W.D.


2015-11-22 19:21:00 D.W.D.

Sanders wont win and he’s not as great as you think he is

2015-11-22 19:00:00 D.W.D.

I could be wrong on my source, I’ll concede that one, haven’t looked into it enough. I also believe a C02 greenhouse affect warming is incredibly oversimplifying the many dynamics that interplay to affect temperature around the world. There is always some warming before the next ice age, and we are actually going back to Maunder minimum most likely. Europe and the East coast are already experiencing it. Either way more taxes to the government is the height of insanity.

2015-11-14 23:38:00 D.W.D.

I respectfully disagree, causation is all wrong, world is always going in and out of ice ages, the remediation of the planet by more taxes is also foolish

2015-11-14 23:34:00 D.W.D.

carbon doesn’t cause warming

2015-11-14 15:31:00 D.W.D.

This climate science is a bunch of horse’s manure. Heaven forbid someone might want to promote their own economic interests, that’s just so, capitalist. I prefer communist edicts based on bad science.


2015-11-13 21:14:00 D.W.D.

Yeah it would be nice if someone stood up to the bully, hint hint, state legislature

2015-11-12 22:57:00 D.W.D.

As you were, hypocrite

2015-11-09 14:30:00 D.W.D.

Pot, kettle

2015-11-09 04:45:00 D.W.D.

you’re all arguing over crumbs, your government hates you

2015-11-09 04:44:00 D.W.D.

the entire pacific ocean is destroyed by fukushima

2015-11-01 15:13:00 D.W.D.

your unoriginal and mean-spirited. I hope your a paid troll

2015-10-27 02:51:00 D.W.D.

My thoughts exactly

2015-10-26 22:12:00 D.W.D.

“fair compensation” sounds like loose rationale to me

2015-10-26 22:12:00 D.W.D.


2015-10-25 20:21:00 D.W.D.

Well said, comrade!

2015-10-25 20:21:00 D.W.D.

start packing

2015-10-13 05:18:00 D.W.D.

divide and conquer

2015-10-13 05:17:00 D.W.D.

they are all crooks at that level

2015-10-03 13:14:00 D.W.D.


2015-10-03 13:13:00 D.W.D.

irony is andrew jackson on a central bank note

2015-10-03 13:07:00 D.W.D.

Oh, Ok.

2015-10-02 00:07:00 D.W.D.

ok you’re right

2015-10-02 00:07:00 D.W.D.

“, no its the truth.”

2015-09-29 16:00:00 D.W.D.

You can do all those things and still love God. Plausible explanation but he just read the bible dude, KJV.

2015-09-29 14:48:00 D.W.D.

Using different words for murder is still morally wrong

2015-09-29 14:25:00 D.W.D.

Wrong ask madison how he came up with legislature, executive and judicial

2015-09-29 14:24:00 D.W.D.

LOL never been Judeo-Christian !!! Ask Madison about that!!!

2015-09-29 14:24:00 D.W.D.

Democrats, Republicans, treason

2015-09-29 14:23:00 D.W.D.


2015-09-29 14:21:00 D.W.D.


2015-09-21 03:43:00 D.W.D.


2015-09-21 03:42:00 D.W.D.

A distinction without a difference.

2015-09-12 18:43:00 D.W.D.

u mad

2015-09-12 18:43:00 D.W.D.

Dave, polyculture forests, harvest and replant. But make sure the forest service has new trucks.

2015-09-11 06:47:00 D.W.D.

A lot of wisdom here, I’ll have to think about it and get back to you, bro-bud

2015-09-11 06:44:00 D.W.D.


2015-09-10 22:15:00 D.W.D.

u mad

2015-09-10 14:42:00 D.W.D.

Quantum mechanics confirm God’s words. Mainstream science is just enough to keep you in-line.

2015-09-10 14:37:00 D.W.D.

you mad bro?

2015-09-10 14:35:00 D.W.D.

And I am left helpless against your belief in the grand delusion.

2015-09-10 06:15:00 D.W.D.

You’re good at name calling, but bad at loving the truth.

2015-09-10 06:13:00 D.W.D.

Yes I understand the part, you’re just naive.

2015-09-10 06:13:00 D.W.D.

First off- its not a free market bud, secondly you don’t understand how it works, you’re philosoraptor skills lack disicipline

2015-09-08 15:32:00 D.W.D.

that seem, the reasons, conspiracy theories

2015-09-08 15:29:00 D.W.D.

the moral superiority of “we” is dangerous and uncivilized

2015-09-08 02:29:00 D.W.D.

BLM targets Americans and persecutes them for “turtles.”

2015-09-08 02:27:00 D.W.D.

Do you have a more trust-worthy source? Do you know ice ages are commonly repeating throughout time? Did you know global warming occurs before every ice age? Is the only solution more tax and spend economics? Can we engineer little to none-new technology for 21st century problems? Is there a mushroom fungus to eat plastic? Does the nuclear power industry have a gun to our collective heads? Will these wide-sweeping fantastical notions address the nuclear problem? Is the sun’s light spectrum changing colors?

2015-09-08 02:23:00 D.W.D.

free 99. The mob is ruthless

2015-09-08 02:13:00 D.W.D.

You don’t sound like you’ve run your own business before.

2015-09-08 02:12:00 D.W.D.

Richard, you should morph into a henpecking adult.

2015-09-08 02:11:00 D.W.D.

Liberals, idiots.

2015-09-07 04:04:00 D.W.D.

what a rather foolish attempt at an argument

2015-09-06 06:19:00 D.W.D.

It’s time for some peaceful resistance, and label stuff on our own, starve the beast.

2015-08-31 22:39:00 D.W.D.

Climate change so.. more taxes

2015-08-31 22:37:00 D.W.D.

It’s very liberal to use courts to outlaw any disagreeing opinion. /sarcasm
Liberal used to mean freedom of choice

2015-08-31 22:32:00 D.W.D.

Oh the irony

2015-08-31 22:28:00 D.W.D.

You’re wrong in causation and real solutions to the problem. If we all truly cared about environmental issues Fukushima would not be ignored. Asking Government to solve a problem with more taxation is just uninformed idiocy and will become another global ponzi. Climate is changing, why destroy the economy with more communistic taxation when you can engineer out of our problems through a marketplace of ideas?

2015-08-31 22:27:00 D.W.D.

Nope, it is indeed to marginalize and demonize christianity. You can have secular gods as well, see; Government.

2015-08-31 22:24:00 D.W.D.

i see you

2015-08-30 17:11:00 D.W.D.

Is it a religion if it is secular? 😐 #borg

2015-08-30 17:11:00 D.W.D.

Amen Sir! watch out for the trolls, there are paid disinformation artists on the internet. Some of us know political lies when we examine the facts! The climate is changing but the causation asserted being Co2 emissions is pure foolishness! Public dogma has become a religion of idiotic doublespeak!

2015-08-30 04:37:00 D.W.D.

any adult who trusts the republican or democratic party to be representative of the common man is deluding themselves

2015-08-30 04:28:00 D.W.D.

You know the technology exists to artificially stimulate rain fall. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_seeding

2015-08-24 02:20:00 D.W.D.

Man this feels idiotic.

2015-08-20 04:23:00 D.W.D.

I’m surprised folks still believe in representative government mythology.

2015-08-19 05:28:00 D.W.D.

Lol carbon emissions are not causation for worldwide global changes. The one constant is change. The environmentalists arguments are a new religion. Trendy fascists know no irony. The new pope will lead this ‘moral’ argument that is based on JUNK science.

2015-08-19 05:22:00 D.W.D.

Meanwhile, in a Tokyo General Electric Power Plant ..

2015-08-06 04:30:00 D.W.D.

environmentalism it the new trendy fascism. yes all politicians are bought. If government cared about the environment they would act on fukushima and nuclear power plants everywhere. banking without glass-steagall will make this system untenable. once the volcanoes start up all this co2 nonsense won’t really matter. reasonable environmental protections are needed yes, usually that can be addressed in the court room, but half of those are political hacks as well. the deception is full-spectrum.

2015-08-06 04:18:00 D.W.D.

the only thing you serve is a false narrative with false gods

2015-07-25 06:40:00 D.W.D.


2015-07-25 02:15:00 D.W.D.

lol yessir

2015-07-21 03:45:00 D.W.D.

Fracking ruins the water table

2015-07-19 15:45:00 D.W.D.

pot, kettle

2015-07-17 22:32:00 D.W.D.

Fascists already run the country when Private-owned banks have total sovereign rights before the state. The word game on what you call it is irrelevant.

2015-07-12 06:15:00 D.W.D.

the homofascist lobby waits for the right crisis

2015-07-08 04:24:00 D.W.D.


2015-06-26 22:42:00 D.W.D.

Nicely said Tim. Pope is serving the spirit of Antichrist at the moment.

2015-06-26 20:53:00 D.W.D.

LOL spoken like a true coward !

2015-06-26 05:33:00 D.W.D.

Pretty heartless world-view dumbing down a human soul to a bad stats class

2015-06-26 05:31:00 D.W.D.

Pot, kettle

2015-06-26 05:30:00 D.W.D.

Nice, very humble.

2015-06-26 05:27:00 D.W.D.

Pot, kettle. I came off as out of place, and I am. I am equally unimpressed with the intelligence level of all these discussions. Tired name calling, no logic. Suit yourselves. You should be allowed to have an abortion, it is indeed a woman’s choice. To promote and defend the murder of babies in the womb is a rationally weak place to argue about hate. Get a grip. I’m sorry I shouldn’t be here. I’m also sorry our popular culture has become this mislead. We fundamentally disagree about the nature of good and evil, so no discussion here on the inter webs is going to solve that.

2015-06-26 05:21:00 D.W.D.

Stole my words, goat-boy

2015-06-26 05:21:00 D.W.D.

Appears to be a good excuse for sentencing requirements

2015-06-20 18:20:00 D.W.D.

Wise words Jen. Very spiteful, very angry. I’ll think they will add significantly to the debate we’re having here.

2015-06-20 17:56:00 D.W.D.

u mad ?

2015-06-20 17:53:00 D.W.D.

Sometimes love is hard truth, Jen, thanks for your henpecking

2015-06-20 17:13:00 D.W.D.

enjoy your ego and hard heart

2015-06-20 17:12:00 D.W.D.

As you wish, Jezebel.

2015-06-20 06:03:00 D.W.D.

There is nothing logical about comparing two different acts and saying that makes them morally the same.

2015-06-20 05:27:00 D.W.D.

What he did was wrong and he deserves punishment. How much? Oh I don’t know, he’s young and dumb. Is abortion morally sound? Unless its a medical emergency, no. God is up there shaking his head. I agree in tolerance too. I’d rather win a debate of ideas than promote violence. Popular sentiment is against fundamentally sound Christianity so this case can be a rallying cry for people’s egos. I’m ready for my microchip to buy and sell

2015-06-19 20:05:00 D.W.D.

hey ! goat-boy !

2015-06-19 02:08:00 D.W.D.

go along to get along Dave, “open the pod-bay door Hal,” “I can’t do that Dave” . . .

2015-06-19 02:04:00 D.W.D.

So what your saying is the government is acting like a corporation. Credit markets are fickle. There is a chair in the window

2015-06-19 02:00:00 D.W.D.

nothing is real anymore, its all lost in the vague nebulous of politically correct. the mob can be fickle.

2015-06-16 15:52:00 D.W.D.

Lindsey worships his zionist overlords

2015-06-16 15:37:00 D.W.D.

pot, kettle

2015-06-05 17:11:00 D.W.D.

did you know an air force ip address manipulates the public opinion of internet sites such as reddit.com ?

2015-06-05 17:08:00 D.W.D.

you’d like my goats richard

2015-06-05 16:07:00 D.W.D.

Yeah you have the liberty not to sacrifice our babies to false gods planned parenthood was created by a eugenics-racist woman funded by super wealthy sellouts. It’s also more dangerous to a woman’s body for some of these abortions, all miscarriage is extremely stressful to your body. I can agree with the left on many things but your conception of reality here is really telling. There’s also a lot of dead babies in some make-up products etc, I know, CRAZY.

Yes of course you should have the right to protect your life in the case of a medical emergency, no one is suggesting to remove liberty, but to actively promote murder rights is just a sad state of american politics meant to divide and conquer. Because we will never agree on this issue, and that is ok.

2015-06-04 18:51:00 D.W.D.

Righteous amen

2015-06-04 18:44:00 D.W.D.

amen !

2015-06-04 18:42:00 D.W.D.


2015-06-04 18:41:00 D.W.D.

great example of a
pseudo intellectual

2015-06-03 04:48:00 D.W.D.

yeah I shouldn’t be so blunt its disrespectful to those poor souls, I’m just jaded at the idiocy of the left

2015-06-03 04:46:00 D.W.D.

touche’ salesman

2015-06-03 04:40:00 D.W.D.

but it’s so liberal to kill 60 million babies

2015-06-03 04:05:00 D.W.D.

aw mt cowgirl – it all makes sense now.

2015-06-02 23:48:00 D.W.D.

I wish you could talk like an adult your word choice is poor and bias is evident. Labeling the opposition as extremist is a social mechanism called; “gate-keeping.”

2015-06-02 23:38:00 D.W.D.

I like your specifics, it’s more sincere. Issues highlighted appear to be rather menial and police state affirming. What are your thoughts on TPP, is the era of sovereign government over?

2015-06-02 23:30:00 D.W.D.

TPP doesn’t mind which political party rules

2015-06-02 23:23:00 D.W.D.

!!!!! Wayne Brady is hilarious

2015-05-26 02:41:00 D.W.D.

I love when politicians talk in general terms, it gives me a feeling of well-being and trust

2015-05-26 02:38:00 D.W.D.

It’s a signpost of things to come the rest of this is just peoples’ egos. a lot of pride, not a lot of wisdom.

2015-05-20 06:39:00 D.W.D.

We have to pass the bill to see what is in it

2015-05-15 03:03:00 D.W.D.

Wise words Richard, may the chains rest lightly friend

2015-05-08 21:01:00 D.W.D.

yeah, u mad

2015-05-08 00:47:00 D.W.D.

That’s fair man. Take it easy

2015-05-07 18:25:00 D.W.D.

u mad?

2015-05-07 18:24:00 D.W.D.

Respectfully disagree. A lot of words there, but nothing convincing in my mind. I imagine you know when the reparations are paid in full? What feeling would evoke a fair number in your mind? I like natives too, I just understand this world is run by divide and conquer. Comrades? Interesting word choice in your morally ambiguous socialistic notions. Do you think a native would view you as a comrade? Do you know what banking interests funded global communism?

2015-05-07 01:41:00 D.W.D.

I was just following orders are you paid to harass?

2015-05-07 01:31:00 D.W.D.

Not many leaders, just a bunch of empty suits

2015-05-07 01:12:00 D.W.D.

whatever you say, goat boy

2015-05-04 15:03:00 D.W.D.

Nope just not dumb enough for your group think. All men were created equal.

2015-05-04 05:15:00 D.W.D.

White guilt is for mind slaves

2015-05-03 21:59:00 D.W.D.

Pasteurized milk has no nutrition. Raw milk is the only real milk. Health department is just a bunch of mind controlled fascists that are not intelligent enough to understand the greater deception.

2015-05-03 21:58:00 D.W.D.

pot, kettle

2015-04-26 23:32:00 D.W.D.

goat, butler

2015-04-26 14:45:00 D.W.D.

Goat, Butler

2015-04-26 14:45:00 D.W.D.

I’m happy your happy!

2015-04-26 14:39:00 D.W.D.

Those conspiracy believing idiots, this nation wasn’t founded on individual rights! Go along to get along!

2015-04-23 22:39:00 D.W.D.

The bill was passed with “gamesmanship” in the first place. So hypocritical! This executive has its’ own agenda.

2015-04-23 22:36:00 D.W.D.

We’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. These corporations that act as lawful governing bodies are giving themselves a status above reproach. Makes you wonder what’s the bigger picture here? Step back and differentiate the trees from the forest. Very disappointed that one is labeled a conspiracy “ring wing nut job” if you read the stuff our “representatives” try to pass. Too many adults have been reduced to name-calling and child-like party politics. What do I do when both ruling parties work together to alienate the rights of the individual?

2015-04-23 22:32:00 D.W.D.

goat, butler

2015-04-23 18:21:00 D.W.D.

pot, kettle

2015-04-21 15:02:00 D.W.D.

Your cordially invited to name-call folks because you have no real-world connection with reality. Enjoy your mental servitude

2015-04-21 04:37:00 D.W.D.

You’re right Rhett. Libya was a justified war. You liberals and your peace. No there was no Iran-Contra type gun-running going on here. No we didn’t leave people there do die to cover up a failed black-ops operation. No, its the tolerant Left that has all the answers.

2015-04-19 02:43:00 D.W.D.

What difference does it make Rhett? I’m ready for oligarchy!

2015-04-19 01:35:00 D.W.D.


2015-04-18 20:30:00 D.W.D.

LOL!!! Y’all are right, I’m wrong. Hillary Clinton is an honest, wholesome human being and I look forward to her inspiring and leading our country into prosperity.

2015-04-18 18:55:00 D.W.D.

Snopes is disinfo bro.

2015-04-18 17:54:00 D.W.D.

Hillary Clinton fired from the Watergate investigation for lying and unethical behavior. It’s nice to know what works over there. Most elections can be stolen electronically anyways. Man I sound Jaded

2015-04-17 23:53:00 D.W.D.

These dickheads don’t represent us anymore

2015-04-17 23:49:00 D.W.D.

In Soviet Amerika

2015-04-17 05:44:00 D.W.D.

Commies…Commies everywhere

2015-04-17 05:41:00 D.W.D.

Yeah the parties are not accountable, therein they are serving despotic influences. Authoritarianism is here, we’re in agreement on most things. I was a bit short with you as well, making me hypocritical. Be well dude, David

2015-04-15 20:52:00 D.W.D.

Very well thought out, with a nice passive aggressive moment at the end. I still think blaming the constitution is wrong.
Moreover, Washington makes the case that “the alternate domination” of one party over another and coinciding efforts to exact revenge upon their opponents have led to horrible atrocities, and “is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.” From Washington’s perspective and judgment, the tendency of political parties toward permanent despotism is because they eventually and “gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual.”

2015-04-14 15:15:00 D.W.D.

Environmentalism in a nuclear power plant age always astounded me. Most 40 year old reactors (average age around country) leak tritium into the air. Fukushima, that new york near-disaster, chernobyl. At least the coal won’t permanantly damage ecosystems like certain industries are. And I imagine we could engineer safer ways to harvest the coal energy as well. Since the 70s – opening up Chinese markets, its been a steady de-industrialization of the country.

2015-04-14 03:03:00 D.W.D.

We could always create a modest City hall compared to the over bloated budget that I heard it has now. Small business is already tough enough in this economy.

2015-04-14 02:55:00 D.W.D.

I think you’re wrong to blame the constitution and I’d challenge you to explain the causation you see

2015-04-14 02:53:00 D.W.D.

i’ve seen her at the gym, she gets after it. Pretty heart-warming ! God bless young miss!

2015-03-17 04:56:00 D.W.D.

oligarchy 2016

2015-03-17 04:51:00 D.W.D.

Our opposition “isis” is created by top levels of the military industrial complex – the Lord told us what controls us. Follow the money, not the rhetoric. http://www.globalresearch.ca/u-s-airdrops-weapons-to-isis-as-iraqi-army-makes-gains/5422034
O’bummer runs guns just like the bush oligarchs

2015-03-03 02:05:00 D.W.D.

We’re doomed either way republican or democrat both destroy the country for money

2015-02-08 01:19:00 D.W.D.

I saw we roll-over and take whatever our fascist overlords deem appropriate

2015-02-08 01:17:00 D.W.D.

Pipeline would be safer than trains and the track infrastructure

2015-02-05 07:50:00 D.W.D.

Yeah, the government knows everything !

2015-02-03 04:03:00 D.W.D.

Pot calling the kettle black mr donho?

2015-01-31 23:02:00 D.W.D.

If you read the water compact you can tell that this man is lying to you. He is gatekeeping when he labels detractors as a ‘conspiracy theorists.’ A politician lying? A noble idea.

2015-01-29 23:52:00 D.W.D.

deck chairs on the titanic

2015-01-05 21:06:00 D.W.D.

Tim Baldwin is a boss y’all just hate the truth. We’ve created a world that hates honest introspection and this is what results. Deluded mental shenanigans

2014-12-24 02:06:00 D.W.D.