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The state Senate is considering a bill that would end the state’s burdensome licensing requirements for barbers. Predictably, the people who benefit from the current system are outraged. And, just as predictably, they justify this outrage not as being in their own self-interest, but as being in the ...

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I applaud your faithful pixel donation to the coverage of the global warming commission. Frankly, I don’t care that your enthusiastic treatment of the issue is due to the sheer bliss you derive from repeatedly typing ARGOCOGLOWARM. Who am I to question your motivations?

2009-01-14 19:06:04 D. Sanders

I stand by my single-sentence rumor-mongering. 😉

2008-12-16 18:50:58 David Sanders

I interviewed Reed on Saturday — tomorrow’s offering. I concur with Max.

The folks who’ve been chattering about Reed running against Blanche are VERY close to him — something I point out tomorrow’s column.

Of course, never get in the way of Johnny Ray holding himself up as a big ole paragon of journalistic virtue.

2008-12-16 17:13:32 David Sanders


I would agree with your assessment if Huckabee had simply sprinkled in a few score-settling passages, but he drones on and on, spreading his pettiness out over multiple chapters, which is why those significant parts of the book have received so much attention.

2008-11-19 17:47:22 David J. Sanders