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Consortiumnews / consortiumnews.com

Volume 25, Number 39----February 8, 2019

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2018-01-27 16:44:36 Randy Credico

John Pilger , Robert Parry and Dennis Bernstein! To have one’s name mentioned with these three giants on the same page is an honor beyond description. It is also Beyond description the vast contribution these 3 bold and courageous men have made to the world of Journalism.. we can only hope that their work inspires others down the road. Their work has enriched my understanding of the sad realities of the world inwhich we live

2018-01-27 16:43:11 Randy Credico

The Villager / thevillager.com

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Nice to see john penley join ranks with clapper and mieller…he hasnt a clue..someday he will apoogze for falling for this cointelpro scam

2017-12-19 03:55:47 Randy credico

Another well written piece by my good friend that tireless writer and journalist Lincoln Anderson

2017-12-02 13:02:12 Randy credico