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The state didn’t want to open the ethanol plant, a private company wanted to open it but the state wanted to allow it.

2015-12-08 01:30:22 Councilman Brewer

Harry, Harry, Harry!
Open mouth and insert foot again. DEQ is a State Agency and the last time I looked we have a Democratic Governor and have had one for a number of years! With that said, DEQ had NO enforcement powers. They had to negotiate any violations whatsoever. It wasn’t until the Dumfries Town Council and the citizens of Dumfries pointed this out and exposed the state and demanded the Governor (Warner) give DEQ enforcement powers due to a continuing problem we were having with concrete companies dumping chemical into Quantico Creek. Luckily it was an election year. You could have asked them to grown breasts and they all would swallow a bottle of hormone pills just to get re-elected. Pathetic wouldn’t you say?
So you and all your Democratic colleagues are just NOW finding out about this? Better do your homework! When the state wanted to open an Ethanol Plant on Possum Point Road which would endanger the wellbeing of all the residents who lived near and around this, where were you and your democratic homeboys? Out to lunch! Maureen Caddigan stopped that catastrophe. I’m sure she will be in our corner again. As for your help Harry, thanks but no thanks, we will count on Maureen.

2015-12-08 01:25:34 Councilman Brewer

Yes we all know the party affiliation concerning candidates for school board is not allowed but…these parties want to stick their noses in where they do not belong and believe me they do! The Virginia Legislature should have very stiff monetary penalties for when they do. That’s how you get the message across. The only way they are going to stop meddling is to hit them in the pocket book! Candidates love having party affiliation so their work is much easier. Getting signatures, money, advertisement etc. each person should have an even playing field and become elected based on their merits not because the party says so.
Just my take!

2015-08-10 16:23:57 Councilman Brewer

Willie Toney, Derek Wood, Gwen Washington, Helen Reynolds and Kristen Forrester along with members of the democratic party including Congressman Connolly gathered at Helen Reynolds home for the announcment of their running for office.All the above are current council members! AND YES THEY HAD TO DISCUSS TOWN BUSINESS, AFTER ALL THEY ARE RUNNING FOR OFFICE!
This constitutes a “Sunshine Meeting” AND VIOLATES THE SUNSHINE LAW! and Commonwealth Attorney Ebert should investigate this immediately.

2014-02-26 21:38:44 The Godfather

As Paul Harvey Says, Here is the rest of the story.
Years ago, the former Community Services Director would receive proposals from different non profit organizations trying to pry their way in and partner with the town. Ms. Neville as well as many others were turned down numerous times because the programs she and others peddled were not part of what the town was really wanting to get into. Babysitting, showing parents of young kids how to be a parent, giving her an income, riding on the coat tails of the tax paying citizens.As time went on, without Ms. Nevelle and others sucking the hind teet of the local government draining the town of it’s resources, the Community Services Director moved onto bigger and better things. Then the flood gates opened. Ms. Neville at the time was a Zumba teacher.Just so happened,one of her students,fortunately for her,was a councilwoman from the Town of Dumfries,how fitting. She was hired as a grant writer then low and behold before the council and citizens could blink their eyes, she became the Community Services Director. She had no idea how to run this department and had the entire staff including certain council members show her how to do her job. After these certain council women left office, she still had no idea how to carry out the programs that were in place for years. This is evident in the past Christmes Parade.
Now she seeks office as retribution against the town manager and current council for her loosing her job. Now, the council finds out she also had her own business as Neville Empowerment Network (non profit) which she used her job as the Community Services Director to further her own business. Conflict of Interest at it’s best!Remember council, stupid is, as stupid does!
Now that is the rest of the story!
Instead of Uriah Kiser doing a story about her running for office, he should have ask her,” Since you have your own business and it parallels with exactly what you are doing for the town, wouldn’t you consider this a conflict of interest? Instead of starring on her company website!Local reporting at it’s best!
Oh, what tangled webs we weave!
Now as for Forrester, the staunch Republican! Limp, lame and lazy. Oh, and currently working with Willie Toney and the Democratic Party. Who do you think is getting her signatures. So much for non partisan politics in the Town of Dumfries!
This election, above all other elections, will be the funniest fiascos in town history!
Can’t wait for it to play out!

2014-02-26 21:25:53 The Godfather