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Bob – you nailed it. And those aren’t my objectives. I’m not going to run for office simply to run for office. That’s just ridiculous (see CD9 of last year for examples of well that works out for those types of candidates). If I run for Governor, it’s because I am the best candidate with the best vision for our state. I’ll stack my experience up against anyone in this state – including Mr. Duval. The last thing this state, and Democrats for that matter, needs is more of the status quo. It’s a recipe for disaster. I love how some people are trying to claim that I’m the one running simply because I have nowhere else to go and I just have to be in elected office. Ha! I would respectfully suggest people take a closer look at the two potential candidates (and their histories) and then reassess the situation… And if anyone thinks a Primary is a bad thing they also need to reassess the situation. I’m not afraid of a Primary. People who are usually have a reason to be. I’ve won 3 primaries over the last 4 election cycles. I’m the only person thinking about running for Governor who has ever won a Primary. In fact, I’m the only person thinking about running for Governor who has ever won an election. So, if I run, bring on a Primary. The Democratic voters of Arizona deserve to know who the candidates are, what we stand for, and what we’ve accomplished (or haven’t accomplished).

2013-04-19 15:52:06 Chad

Kilgore Trout, with all due respect, I will match my record up against Mr. Duval or any other Democrat in AZ. As the Democratic Leader in the House for the past three years I know exactly what needs to be done for AZ. I know it better than any other potential candidate, in fact. And if I decide to run I look forward to discussing my experience and the issues.

2013-04-18 21:44:32 Chad Campbell