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Thanks for the link, Sebastian!

2013-08-22 20:18:50 Cam

Amen, Countertop. It’s amazing how ingrained the Pauline Kael effect is these days. Even among the people producing media for “Middle ‘Merica”, there is seemingly little desire to truly understand the audience. It’s bizarre.

2013-04-14 05:27:28 Cam

Amen. Thanks for your efforts, Sebastian. Keep up the fight.

2013-02-21 14:33:13 Cam


The podcasts aren’t going anywhere, I can assure you of that. :)

2013-01-14 22:20:06 Cam

Thanks Sebastian!

2013-01-13 05:31:34 Cam Edwards

Glad you guys seemed to have weathered the storm okay!

2011-08-28 15:35:31 Cam

That’s awesome. Thanks so much! I think I’ll bring this up on tonight’s show. :)

2011-04-26 22:39:22 Cam

That sucks. Was looking forward to trying out one of their sandwiches, but I’m sure I can find plenty of other places to eat.

2011-04-26 14:59:00 Cam

I told him this was his best interview to date, but I guess he didn’t believe me. :)

2011-02-18 21:14:50 Cam

Someone should mash this up with “Miracles” from Insane Clown Posse.

2011-02-09 01:47:46 Cam

It’s amazing that Mr. Horowitz is outraged over movie quotes on a Facebook page… yet shockingly silent over the fact that the Brady Campaign has still not revoked the Visionary Award it gave Helen Thomas a few months ago.

I guess quotes from Ghostbusters II are much more horrifying than her anti-Jewish rants to Josh. I’m still more offended by Helen Thomas than James D’Cruz.

2010-12-08 00:46:38 Cam

I saw this story in my news feed yesterday and thought it looked really familiar. As much as I’d love to see a repeat performance, it looks like this story’s actually from last year.

2010-11-23 16:30:19 Cam

That’s really disappointing. If I recall correctly, I did an interview with the editor of Gun & Garden when they first launched. Guess they didn’t mind the free advertising that NRA News was able to give them… yet they don’t want to accept a paid advertisement for the Foundation?

2010-08-11 20:40:35 Cam

And apparently when they went to his house to arrest him, he was “engaged in sexual relations”. I don’t know why the CBS affiliate in NYC felt the need to add that, but I think it kind of adds to the overall awesomeness of the story.

2010-08-10 03:41:24 Cam

“Ghost chilis”, I’ve heard them called. Adam Richman ate a burger topped with them on an episode of Man Vs. Food. I think he managed to eat the whole thing, but he wasn’t looking good afterwards.

2010-03-23 19:51:36 Cam

I’m about halfway through “Intellectuals and Society”, and he makes some excellent points (including some references to gun control) throughout the book.

2010-03-08 21:18:35 Cam

Looks like it’s not the Center for Consumer Freedom filing the lawsuit. The suit was filed by the parent company of Ringling Bros./Barnum Bailey circus. I think CCF is just covering the case.

2010-02-23 19:26:48 Cam

I have ELO, Duran Duran, A-Ha, and the B-52’s… no Ace of Base however.

I’m not sure if I’m actually embarrassed by any of the albums I have on my iPod, but I have some that I’m sure others would mock.

– Billy Squier’s Greatest Hits

– Panic! At the Disco’s “Pretty. Odd”

– Hayseed Dixie (bluegrass covers of AC/DC)

are the first three that come to mind. :)

2009-06-01 18:16:53 Cam

Consider it confirmed: 9:20 p.m. Eastern time. :)

2009-05-22 18:55:37 Cam

Happy Birthday!

2009-03-26 18:00:03 Cam

er, replace “theory” with “strategy”. It’s been a long couple of days. :)

2008-06-28 00:13:51 Cam

Looks like the new theory is endorse the right in principle, then claim your seat at the table to regulate the hell out of it.

2008-06-28 00:13:13 Cam

Talked with Mark Muller… it’s the 1st National Bank of KANSAS that he’s referring to. On Monday I’ll call them and get their side of the story.

2008-06-21 00:48:45 Cam

I know there are many 1st National Banks around the country, and I’m 99.99% positive that the one Max Motors is having a problem with is not the same one that issues the NRA credit cards.

I’ve got a call into Mark Muller to confirm that right now.

2008-06-21 00:01:25 Cam

You were great! Way too many gunbloggers named Sebastian though. And we have them ALL on our show. :)

2008-05-14 15:43:51 Cam

Frankly, the exercise of my 2nd Amendment rights should be no more controversial than the exercise of my 1st Amendment rights. If I get the “ohmylord!” from people I know or run into, I tell them that and ask them if they’d be this freaked out about my blogging or talk show.

2008-04-21 23:09:46 Cam

I actually eat vegetarian sausage patties made by Morningstar Farms. They taste remarkably like real sausage (don’t get the sausage links though… yecch!). They’re lower in calories and fat than real sausage patties, which allows me to eat more cheeseburgers per week than I normally would!

Yeah, PETA’s still not gonna be happy with me.

2008-04-21 23:02:37 Cam

Err, is this where I chime in and say “yowza”? Though I have to confess a bit of disappointment at being one of the “funny guys at OnTap” as opposed to an actual “blog hottie”. :P

2008-04-10 03:43:43 Cam

Frankly, I find the argument disengenious. Prof. Tribe talks about the District’s “ban on concealable handguns”, but the question before the court is whether the THREE D.C. provisions in question violate the individual 2nd Amendment rights of non militia members to keep firearms in their home for private use (paraphrased).

If Tribe is really concerned about the Court taking the smallest step possible, he needs to recognize that there are three statutes in question here. All the Court needs to do is declare that taken together, the three statutes in question DO violate the consititutional right to keep and bear arms. It can leave the question of whether any of the three ordinances by themselves would violate the constititution for another case. At least, it would appear that way from this non-lawyer person.

2008-03-05 00:24:04 Cam

A man could run for president with a slogan like that.

He wouldn’t win, but he could run. :)

2008-02-25 23:45:54 Cam

Thursday, 10 p.m. Eastern at http://www.nranews.com. We’ll be taking calls and talkbacks afterwards as well.

2008-02-20 03:20:47 Cam

I believe we’ll be replaying the Russ Ford interview on Thursday’s show and taking comments afterwards. When we finalize a time I’ll post it here.

2008-02-20 02:47:40 Cam
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Guess I’m a geek then… I saw TMBG for the first time when I was in high school (Apollo 18 tour), and have seen them four times since. Just picked up “Hear Comes Science” for my youngest, and my 9-year old used to love “No!” when it first came out.

2009-09-28 20:31:40 Cam

When I took my kids to go see G-Force the other day I saw a preview for G.I. Joe. Unlike previous versions, this one actually had a character say (off camera), “A real American hero”.

My guess is that the studio has heard the rumblings of the fanboys and is trying to throw them a bone.

2009-08-06 18:32:16 Cam

Heck, he’s STILL looking for a church.

2009-07-23 15:31:53 Cam

I have three years left before my 20th, but I can’t gloat about that around the house since my wife’s 25th is this summer. 🙂

2009-05-29 21:10:50 Cam

I’m not buying it, frankly. I know there were 250 members of the House that signed on to the pro-Heller amicus brief. I also know that those Democrats who signed on are going to be under a boatload of pressure to “go along with the agenda”, and for both Clinton and Obama, that agenda includes support for a semi-auto ban.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t be an ugly intra-party fight, because it would, but if the leadership is serious about passing it then they can try to bully the Blue Dogs via committee assignments and other perks.

2008-05-21 18:23:02 Cam

You never think of what happens to professional musicians once they stop performing. I remember watching an episode of VH-1’s show where they reunited bands and the drummer from Flock of Seagulls was working in some factory in North Carolina, forced to wear a hairnet on the job.

2008-04-09 14:45:09 Cam

Catherine and James are now at that fun age (they’ll be 3 in late March). The other night they’re in the tub and James points at Catherine’s groin.

“Cat-rhynn… your penis is GONE!”, he says in astonishment. She’s nonplussed, and after we explained to James (again) that Catherine doesn’t have a penis, he’s okay too.

Catherine meanwhile, has discovered that farts are funny. Though she calls them “butt burps”.

I love my kids. 🙂

2007-12-04 23:46:47 Cam

To echo Clint’s first comment, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a mainstream media outlet use this information in a responsible manner.

However, I still believe there would be ways for the DPS to release this information without identifying individuals. They could sort by gender, zip code, etc. without ever having to release the names of individuals.

2007-11-02 00:07:16 Cam

I freaked myself out reading about everything that could go wrong, but honestly, it wasn’t that bad. And yes, it’s great to know there’s no chance of number 6 happening.

2007-10-03 14:18:04 Cam

Tam’s never heard of the teenage members of the Suburbanite tribe? Semi-nomadic, found mostly in malls with a Hot Topic. Sad, morose, and often pointlessly angry individuals.

I have one at home. No tattoos yet, but he is wanting a motorcycle.

2007-09-19 23:29:50 Cam

Congrats Unc! And happy blog b-day.

2007-08-31 00:21:42 Cam

Actually Weasel’s pled NOT guilty. He’s a pretty fascinating character, and the LA Weekly’s done a couple of big stories on him over the past couple of years. Apparently when he first got a city contract for his anti-gun group, he was facing charges of pointing a rifle at an officer. He’s got a history of arrests and no prosecutions, because family members have taken the fall for him.

2007-07-09 14:11:35 Cam
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Do you have a source for the Newsom quote?  I'm searching the internet for it, but a link or citation would be appreciated.


2008-07-22 18:57:38 Cam