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Dave Ramsey for Secretary of the Treasury!

Clark Howard for Comptroller of the Currency!

2010-01-05 11:20:09 Tea Party Republican

Secretary Napolitano is distressingly incompetent. This is one of the most critical cabinet positions in DC. It should only be filled with a person with a background in law enforcement, the FBI or CIA.

The Administration needs to take these threats seriously. 9/11 was our wake up call. We don't need to let down our guard.

2009-12-28 11:13:21 Tea Party Republican

Real courage would have been for some of the Democrats to buck their leadership and vote NO. This is very poor legislation. It will not help the people it is supposed to help, it will hurt the taxpayer and the vitality of our nation.

Conservatives need to continue to fight against this bill and next fall we need to remember who voted for this. If the 60 are re-elected we just encourage them to heap more abuse on the taxpayer. They think we will forget. Next fall will tell the story, won't it?

2009-12-23 12:03:19 Tea Party Republican

What about some simple, reasonable actions?

1/ How about a spending roll back to the spending level of 2008 BEFORE TARP and all the other emergency spending? That would be a cut in government spending which would lower our need for some of the increased debt funding.

2/ How about a government freeze for 3 years? No one gets an increase, we make do with whatever money is in the pot. This would allow our receipts to close the gap, or a portion of it, between income and expenses.

2009-12-11 11:34:32 Tea Party Republican

Although you and I may not be addicted to runaway government spending, we as fellow Americans bear the burden along with our foolish something for nothing brethren. As a nation addicted to spending is it time for us to model real change after the 12 Step Community? First thing they do in rehab is ask the addict "What was the straw that broke the camel's back?" In other words how did you end up here? Without first understanding that how can you build a solid foundation for recovery?

Second, we, the nation-addicted have 2 choices for recovery. Like a heroin addict we can choose the so called easy path of methadone treatment. Not really clean, not really hopped up, it is a miserable existence for the methadone user. More like the walking dead than the living. Legal, but is it really the wise path for the long run?

The other choice is a tough choice, but is it not the wisest one for long term success? It is cold turkey. Suffer the shakes, chills, near death illness. Sure enough within a week the patient is beginning to think clearly. His color returns, life returns to his eyes. He has hope. Perhaps he doesn't have all the answers, but he begins to move forward to a new future of sober living.

It is time for America to sober up and face the brutal reality of where we are, but without losing hope. After all America, this is America. Have you forgot what we have done? And what we can do? Is it time for us to build a grand coalition of positive, creative free-market, free-people solutions?

Oh, by the way, most addicts never volunteer to get sober. Usually someone does an intervention. Maybe the Chinese will do us a favor and quit buying our debt. Oh, that would be bad you say? Would it? Wouldn't it require our politicians to finally do something?

2009-11-18 11:46:20 Voice of Reason, Suw

Isn't it curious, or should we say troubling, that when we have a weak President, Carter for example, the Iranians dump all over us. Then viola Reagan is elected and the hostages are released the day of his inaguration.

So here we go again, just 30 years later and we are just getting started. 3 1/2 more years of weakness and capitulation. Makes you shudder of where it will end.

Dictators and tyrants are only restrained when they see resolute and determined opposition. Strength deters aggression, weakness encourages it. Strength creates respect, weakness creates derision. A paradox for our liberal friends.

Oh, Ronnie, where are you when we need you?

2009-11-12 12:02:44 Voice of Reason, Suw

Let's leave aside the fate of this person, the Supreme Court will decide this issue shortly. Can we talk about underlying factors? Some have said that creatine causes depression and anger. Yes, people need to take responsibility for their actions, but if a product is commercially available don't we have some expectancy that a product is safe? As a mature adult I would suggest that our abilities to question product safety are immeasurably larger than a teenager. If you can buy it on the market wouldn't just about every teen think the product was safe? And besides isn't it the lure of what the product can do for your body that drives the sale; would a teen actually read the disclaimer? Is it even legal for a teen to buy this product?

So society dumps this product into the marketplace, mayhem results and all we want to do is treat the result and the cause. Isn't the cause of all this mayhem at its core a spiritual deficit? Wouldn't a healthy belief in a Creator help us navigate life in more productive attitudes? I would pray that regardless of the length of this sentence that this young man's life is touched by the hand of God. Then there will be true peace and true redemption for him.

In the meantime what can we do to fashion a society that more nobly reflects the values and aspirations of our Christian founders?

2009-11-11 11:38:09 Voice of Reason, Suw

"Teabag, anti-government…extremists". I would bet that King George III said much the same thing following the Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773 in describing the first patriots.

On the one hand we have a group of people who believe in freedom, personal and governmental accountability, people who respect the constitution and would not run roughshod over it. People who assemble in broad daylight, bringing their little kids to their cause. People not cussing nor swearing, nor angry, just principled in their beliefs.

On the other hand we have a group of people who coerce their fellow members to fall lockstep into their cause, people who vote in the dead of night, people who care little for the constitution since it limits their abilities to remake the nation in their nation.

So who are the true anti-government people? Who are the real extremists?

One side embraces Sam Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Henry, Lee, Madison, Jay, John Adams, Franklin, Adam Smith, Ricardo, Hayek and Mises.

The other side embraces Marx, Engels, Keynes, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Castro.

Who's side do you want to be on?

Freedom is an extremist viewpoint when one seeks to control others.

2009-11-09 12:08:45 Voice of Reason, Suw

People can change. Dr. Mimi Silbert at the Delancey Street Foundation has over a 90 percent success rate. Instead of gangs, murder, violence these felons and addicts earn degrees, become professionals and change their lives. Yes, this crime is brutal, but aren't we just dealing with the problem. Why don't we work on positive, life transforming solutions? Isn't this a win-win for all stakeholders; future victims that never become one, felons who change direction and contribute to their communities, society who doesn't have to fear violence and the taxpayer who doesn't have to fund all these prisons?

If one person can influence others for change, we know it can be done. Just from a cost standpoint wouldn't this make sense to make criminal justice reform a priority?

2009-11-04 11:23:35 Voice of Reason, Suw

If the facts are as stated, then this person does deserve life without parole. But shouldn't the Judge be making this decision? We need to empower Judges to judge and discern in juvenile cases. Mandatory sentencing of minors tried as adults takes away a Judge's input. If we don't trust a Judge then he shouldn't be on the Bench in the first place. We weren't part of these proceedings and for us to weigh in now is merely our opinion after we hear someone else's presentation of the facts.

It is one thing to try a juvenile as an adult. It is another to sentence him as an adult without any regard for his age at the time of the crime, the heinousness of the crime, the liklihood of transformation, etc. In other words, very deep and thoughtful considerations need to be weighed. Hardly something for us bloggers here.

2009-10-20 11:38:42 Voice of Reason, Suw

If this was your daughter what would you do? This need not be a discussion between left and right, it needs to be a discussion on right and wrong. If this was your neighbor's daughter what would you do?

2009-10-02 10:51:04 Voice of Reason, Suw

I was on a plane on September 11, 2001 flying from Atlanta to Phoenix as the carnage was unfolding in New York. Somewhere over Louisiana or East Texas I thought I noticed our plane descending. About 10 minutes later the pilot came on the Intercom and told us that the national air traffic control system had a computer glitch so all planes were being grounded so we were going to land at Austin, TX. No big deal we all thought.

About 15 minutes later we landed and as we were pulling up to the ramp, the pilot came on to tell us the horrific news that the World Trade Center was attacked. As we departed we saw the horror on the TV's at the Austin Airport. I said to no one in particular, "We are at war". It seemed surreal, is this how WW2 started during Pearl Harbor.

Then we all ran to the car rental facilities so we could grab a car before all the cars were gone so we could start driving back to home.

I remember. I remember seeing people jumping off the top of the World Trade Center. We all need to remember.

2009-09-11 10:34:50 Brad Raffensperger,

Tom Friedman is an economist. His opinion on the environment is no more valid than yours or mine.

2009-09-10 10:42:12 Brad Raffensperger,

This is lunacy. Last night on the news,Meteorologist Joe Bastardi showed a temperature graph of the US for the past 5 years and it showed temperature reductions. Best selling author, Michael Creighton broke ranks with the elites and wrote State of Fear which was filled with government graphs that showed no global warming.

Global warming is a tool for the big government crowd to expand government and tax the fool out of us, and the businesses that intend to profit off this junk science.

At the least it is misguided, at the worse it is obscene.

2009-09-10 09:57:52 Brad Raffensperger,

"I do not believe it wise to make major changes with minor majorities"….Thomas Jefferson

2009-09-10 09:47:53 Brad Raffensperger,

Author Mark Levin in Liberty & Tyranny covered the issue of immigration very well. First,borders needs to be secured, regardless of any security ( ie. 9/11) issues. What other nation in the world would allow people to cross back and forth without any check points? Germany, France, Italy, etc. don't. Argentina, Brazil and Columbia don't. New Zealand and Australia, although island nations still check who comes in and have their own version of the Coast Guard. Even Canada has border security before Americans can enter their nation. The idea that any sovereign nation would not have border security is ludicrous. Add in the fact that we are in a post 9/11 world and the need for border security is even more appropriate.

Second, Americans need to decide how many immigrants we want to absorb each year, what skills we need for our nation and what percentage from each continent. In the current economic climate you could make the case for zero immigration. And the way this Administration is headed we won't be seeing any rebound for a long, long time. Right now Americans would jump at the chance to do any of the physical labor jobs. Isn't our responsibility to our fellow American citizens first?

Third, I want immigrants who want to become Americans. People who cut the ties to the past and embrace the future, here in America. People who learn the English language and want to assimilate into the American experiment of a free people with unlimited dreams and aspirations. I don't want to hear how you did it back in the home country. If the home country is so wonderful, then without malice, I say, stay there. Bring your best efforts, bring the best from your home country, but merge it into our American society to make America stronger and better. Help build us up, not tear us apart.

2009-08-25 10:27:47 Matthew Malachi, Suw

Adult Time for Adult Crimes – Thank you Heritage for your detailed position paper and for including the link to the Equal Justice Initiative's Report so we could better inform ourselves on both sides of the issue. I read both papers over the weekend.

This issue raises very deep and thoughtful points on both sides. The examples that Heritage utilized generally lent credence to your position, but the gang member who shot his fellow gang member by mistake poked a hole in your argument. I saw that as Murder 2, not premeditated murder. That kid was the Barney Fife of gangsters. Young and stupid, perhaps incorrigible, but certainly hapless. If he was an adult with a good attorney he would have gotten 20 to Life, therefore as a Youth I would have to think he should have been eligible for parole consideration after 20 years. But heck, just picking bone with you. EQI did raise some valid considerations also. In summary I think an either/or position is too rigid and simplistic for the matter at hand. Some youths' crimes are of such a heinous and wanton nature and are committed at an age whereby there isn't any excuse. Life without parole is appropriate. On the other hand there can be cases where the youth's young age and lack of developed adult reasoning can be cause for parole review after a time such as 20 years has passed. This does not mean that parole would be granted, but that society would extend the grace to this youth felon to determine and review the facts of the case.

Years ago, a youth was a youth and no matter what his crime the law did not allow trying a youth as an adult. Over time this law was changed and youth can now be charged as adults. I would caution that if we don't give careful and thoughtful consideration to this trend we could end up trying 6 year olds as adults since society would not want him released when he was 18. You say it can never happen, but trends and actions once set in motion develop a life of themselves.

I visited a Metro Youth Detention Center on a consistent, weekly basis for about 6 months. Over that relatively short period of time in the YDC I saw life transformation. And in some of those cases their crimes were very serious.

One of the real issues going on here is that we have instituted mandatory sentencing all over our country for adult crimes. Why? Because we don't trust our judges' judgment. If a judge doesn't have judgment then why in the world is he there in the first place? By and large our judges are competent, learned people of the law attempting to do the best they can do with the stuff that society dishes out to them.

I would suggest that in the case of youth offenders tried as adults that in lieu of mandatory sentencing that we allow for the judges to use their wisdom and discretion and that a youth offender who has been tried and convicted as an adult that we empower the judge to allow parole after 20 years or other appropriate time has been served. Most judges are either appointed by the Governor or elected by the people. If the judge strays too far from the bounds of what we feel is appropriate in short order they will be removed from office.

2009-08-24 15:44:11 Matthew Malachi, Suw

Washington, please don't give us another stimulus plan. It just adds to the deficit and is part of the something for nothing cycle that is not fruitful. Instead why don't we rebuild America with new industry with incentives to build new facilities with new machinery. Let investors, entrepreneurs and businesses expense their entire costs for new investment in new plant buildings, new plant machinery and equipment if the equipment is made in America. It would stimulate American equipment manufacturers, particularly those in the mid-west, it would give us new manufacturing capacity with the latest technology which would increase our productivity. This is along the lines of Reagan's plan in the early 80's. America benefits from a strong manufacturing base and this proposal would work towards that end.

2009-07-08 10:08:05 Brad Raffensperger,

Where to begin? First, why in the world would anyone listen to what Paul Krugman has to contribute. Has he ever been right on anything yet? They say in Georgia that even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while. When will Mr. Krugman find his? Perhaps if he has a convergence experience, sees the light and joins the free market side of things. One can only hope.

Senator Schumer may believe what he says, but I think the vast majority of Americans know the truth. Government always have higher overhead structures; always have, always will, it is the nature of the beast. Why can't he just be honest and say "Hey, I like it when the government controls things and people, it gives us more power and it moves our society to our liberal vision for America". We may disagree with his ideology but at least we could respect his honesty, something solely lacking in many politicians these days.

And finally, the piece d'resistance, the debt explosion in the Western societies. Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues says it well, "I hear the train a comin', it's rollin' 'round the bend, And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when." The train wreck coming is our unsustainable spending. If we want some sunshine we need to throw off these shackles of government directives and turn towards our Founder's ideal of limited spending, limited taxation, maximum personal freedom with personal responsibility.

The Democrats may have the votes, but the Republicans can thwart the main thrust if they will stand firm and stand together. As Senator Schumer so aptly said, "there is no need for the left to compromise". Neither should the right if it is based on truth, real truth, truth that spans through eternity.

2009-07-07 13:19:13 Brad Raffensperger,

This debt is leading us to "The Road to Serfdom". Go read the book by F.A. Hayek by the same name. When the train is heading towards the end of the tracks wisdom would call out to quit stoking the furnace with coal and to start to apply the brakes. This Administration is doing neither, in fact just the opposite.

2009-07-03 17:16:28 Brad Raffensperger,

At some point people get tired of being lied to and manipulated, even when it is someone from your own team. Perhaps some of the press are getting tired of the charade and being played as fools. Good for them.

As our economy continues to suffers with little improvement the American people will be ready for real, authentic change. Let's get it right next time. Enough of the snake oil salesman selling us their blarney. Let's choose wisely. Real conservatives, with solid values, integrity, honesty. People who want a smaller, limited government. Limited spending, limited taxation, maximized freedom.

2009-07-03 17:08:53 Brad Raffensperger,

If a political movement would stand up for the honest, hard-working tax paying American citizen and the small business owner, provide policies to support the American family, a movement who would resist military adventures and yet have a strong military defense, a movement that would truly hold the line on spending and hold the line on taxation, encourage business investment in American made machinery and new plants and whose underlying philosophy reflected the noble character and integrity of our founding fathers that movement would win in a landslide in 2010 House and Senate races and that movement would win in 2012.

Right now we have crony capitalism and unionism. The big boys are taking care of themselves and the "little people" are getting the short end of the stick. The answer is not more government, is it less government. Any doubts… go get in line at the post office.

2009-07-02 10:15:05 Brad Raffensperger,

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar updated for a 2009 Liberal Politician in a moment of honesty,

"Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your wallets!

I come to bury American under a mountain of debt, not to strengthen it.

The evil that we politicians do lives long after we are run out of office,

The good is squelched on the road to good intentions;

So let it be with America."

President Obama is certainly a likable man and has a winsome personality. Within the next 4 years the fruit of his policies will come home to roost and he will be judged on its relative merits or shortcomings. I believe the debt he is inflicting onto America is not sustainable and this bailout bubble will burst just like the real estate and dot-com bubbles that preceded it. One can hope that in 2010 we the people elect politicians who stand up for small government, honest taxpaying Americans, small business owners who want a fair shake, not a shakedown.

2009-06-23 16:27:22 Brad Raffensperger,

Where in the world are we going to get the money to pay for another bailout? I guess the printing presses haven't clicked on to the 3rd shift yet. Is it going to take a total financial collapse before we realize we can not spend money we don't have? Rest assured Washington, the American taxpayer here in the heartland understands this very well. We are paying our bills and when we hit a roadblock in our personal financial lives we cut back so we can make ends meet. Why can't California do the same? It is hard work, it requires hard decisions, but leadership requires no less. You are driving the train off a cliff.

2009-06-22 10:35:28 Brad Raffensperger,

Congressman Issa is on target, but do not let your hearts be troubled by these momentary and transitory troubles. The battle has been joined. Liberty is stirring. There are people in the heartland fighting the good fight, standing up for what is right, fighting for the principles of Ronald Reagan. Here is an uplifting case in point. Ms. Ruth Malhotra and Orit Sklar of Campus Watch were recently awarded the American Conservative Union highest award, The Ronald Reagan Award for their work that challenged unconstitional policies that supported censorship and suppressed student's rights. We have had the "greatest generation", we have the "worse generation", perhaps this next generation will be called the "liberty generation". Great faith and optimism can move mountains and it can win the battle for freedom.

2009-06-18 10:17:11 Brad Raffensperger,

We must hold politicians accountable for their words. Everyone has said that they have no interest in running businesses or having the government own businesses. Fair enough. If they mean what they say then a vote will be a slam dunk.

Let us put it to a vote and see where everyone really stands and let us hope that the majority will support Senator Thune's legislation to get the government out of owning and running businesses.

It has never worked anywhere else in the world when it has been tried, let us be humble enough to admit that it will never work in America either. Let free enterprise have its own freedom to prosper or fall under its own control.

2009-06-12 16:09:14 Brad Raffensperger,

As the constitution so nobly states, " We the People in order to form ….". The upshot of this is that we, the American people own the government, both assets and liabilities. Therefore it is entirely appropriate for a "dividend" to be issued to us, the owners, in the form of both GE and Chrysler shares.

This also frees up our elected officials to handle more pressing issues than running private sector businesses.

In one enlightened action Congress can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A return on our investment for us and more time for Congress to work on the next issue of the day.

Thank you, Senator Alexander.

2009-06-12 16:01:47 Brad Raffensperger,

We face many challenges in our nation and Congressman Cantor is dead on about our need for a strong, vibrant defense. It is foolhardy not to implement a strategic missile defense program. Kudos to Congressman Cantor for standing up. The person who stands in the gap will take shots from naysayers, but courage and integrity demands nothing less. Continue to speak out in the hope we can educate people to our real strategic threats. Americans are bright people, but if we don't speak the truth how will they know? Well done, Mr. Congressman.

Now as to the trillion dollar in spending cuts that Roger in Florida speaks to. Yes, yes, yes. I am with you brother, the problem is not out of control defense spending, it is out of control social spending. Let's take a stand and cut that tree down to size. But that requires self restraint on the part of all of us and our Congress. Let's support small spenders for Congress next time and be serious about it and hold them accountable.

2009-06-05 10:46:39 Brad Raffensperger,

Why do we call these entitlements? As an American the only thing I am entitled to is spelled out in the Constitution. Aren't they simply life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I would be quite happy to make an exchange with the government. You keep my future social security checks. Let me keep the 15.3% you take out of my employer and me each week. Let me invest that in my own retirement and long term health care plan. And if things don't work out and I end up destitute I will call my kids for a handout or like an Eskimo I will look for the closest ice flow and be cast adrift.

By the way the financial gurus say that a person needs to save 15% of their salary each year they work in order to retire at 80% of their final salary. No wonder Americans can't put anything away, we are sending our 15.3% off to Washington each year and the government plan is never going to pay 80% of our ending salary, maybe 20% if we are lucky.

I think We the People are actually pretty darn smart folks. Let us keep our money and we will invest wisely for our retirement. It is time for a change.

2009-05-13 10:25:27 Brad Raffensperger,

Maybe this is Obama's payback to The Terminator for being called a girly man? Who is squirming now?

2009-05-12 10:44:09 Brad Raffensperger,

What about a spending freeze for 3 to 5 years? Some people in Washington would probably call that a "cut" in spending, but this is just a simple freeze across the board. In this current economic environment how many employees have taken payroll cuts to keep their jobs and their companies afloat? That is real sacrifice. Why can't our elected officials freeze spending to rein in the deficits? Personally, I think military spending should increase since the number one goal of the government is to defend this nation, but in the interest in restoring our house to fiscal sanity I would certainly not object to a freeze. Share and share alike. Freeze spending for the next 3 to 5 years.

2009-05-11 10:32:00 Brad Raffensperger,

I reviewed Mr. Higgins' assessment and believe he is on point regarding Chinese intentions. You may ask what drives this motivation for Chinese hegemony. If you watch Chinese films like "Fearless" starring Jet Li you will get a glimpse into the Chinese psyche. Words such as "invaded and humiliated by a foreign power" are constant themes in this movie with the underlying thrust that the Chinese must avenge for this past insult.

What is puzzling is that present day China has mis-directed their anger from the British Empire, no longer in operation to America. Somewhere along the line they have forgotten about the Flying Tigers and our assistance with them against the brutal Japanese conquest. Revenge is a powerful force, never a positive one, always negative, quite often destructive.

As the Dragon gains in military and economic strength it will need every increasing conquests to satisfy its thirst for its honor to be restored due to China's perceived slight to its people. President Obama will watch as Taiwan is gobbled up, either militarily or economically, most likely similar to Hitler's absorption of the Czech Sudetenland.

The Bear will enjoy the show until the Dragon decides that it is in China's perceived interest to expand into Siberia for timber and raw mineral resources and into Kazakhstan and the Caspian for oil to fuel its economic engine.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the American consumer will continue to spend his hard earned money on trinkets of junk of no lasting value, purchased at his local superstore.

There is a solution, it is to re-energize the manufacturing base of America and to implement incentives for the small business owner and entrepreneurial class. Big government, big banks, big labor, big business got us into this mess. Free us, the little people in the heartland to do what we do best, apply our hard work and ingenuity to build things and build this country. We can do it, we have before.

2009-05-07 15:48:15 Brad Raffensperger,

Jack Kemp inspired a generation of free enterprise conservatives. I remember hearing about Mr. Kemp's ideas as a young college student. His ideas seemed radical at the time, because his ideas were filled with common sense, a commodity in short supply in the 70's and a rarity today. Mr. Kemp believed in free enterprise and a free people. His vision was as inspiring and it was a key component of the Reagan Revolution and the Reagan coalition of farmers, small business owners, small government folks, heartland voters.

I mentioned Mr. Kemp's passing to my wife and I asked her if she remembered him. And she replied yes, she remembered how I always talked about his ideas and vision.

In computer speak what America needs now is JACK KEMP 2.0. Mr. Kemp, may God bless you greatly and thank you for your vision and inspiration.

2009-05-04 10:12:00 Brad Raffensperger,

If I wanted to drive a car owned and operated by the government then I would move to Russia and drive a Lada or to Yugloslavia and drive a Yugo. Remember those fine examples of State manufacturing prowess? And Fiat is not putting any skin into the game and is getting a huge ownership stake, what's the deal on that? Fiat is truly playing with the "House's" money, the White House that is. Boy, is the American taxpayer getting bamboozled.

And if anyone thinks that a free enterprising loving American is ever going to buy a car from a government run car company, they truly have been inhaling.

2009-05-01 10:09:35 Brad Raffensperger,

Without a vision the people perish. If this statement is true, and I believe it is, then wouldn't seem appropriate that we need to craft a vision based on our undergirding principles? Incorporating solid time tested principles into every aspect of our political and societal thoughts can provide us the benchmark of whether we are on track or off. Let us set an agenda on where we want to go. If our vision is different than the party in power, then what is it? Tearing down the other fella does not build us up nor does it provide a vision. People follow leadership, people follow vision. In 1977 there were 61 Democrats in the Senate, the House was solidly controlled by a very liberal group and Jimmy Carter was President. Three short years later Ronald Reagan led a revived conservative movement to victory and to some of America's best years. Who would've thunk it? Vision supported by conviction, a winning team. What is our vision?

2009-04-28 09:35:16 Brad Raffensperger,

A young Prince was fearful of his new responsibilities upon the death of his father, the King. He looked upward and asked of God for one thing and it was wisdom. His unselfish wish was granted and Solomon is credited as being the wisest man that ever lived. Perhaps we need to crack open his writings and read the distilled wisdom of the ages and learn from this source.

You can live on credit for only so long. If our government does not discipline itself the end result will not be pleasant nor will it be anything which we will have control. People want, but do not want to pay. Where we grew up they called that stealing.

2009-04-13 10:17:12 Brad Raffensperger,

Bravo, Ford! I only have 72,000 miles on my F-150, but I fondly anticipate the day when it is time to trade in my truck for another Ford. Your new cars have great curb appeal. You're on the right track. It's great to see an American company get its groove back. Well done!

2009-04-07 09:17:01 Brad Raffensperger,

UN Fails to Condemn North Korea's Missile Launch – Well, are we surprised? One can only wonder what would have happened if Ronald Reagan were the President. First, the Koreans would not have launched the missile because Reagan had the leadership gravitas to keep our adversaries on their toes. Would he shoot it down or wouldn't he would be the question of the day? Second, if the North Koreans would have launched I believe he would have shot it down and that would have made several statements.

First, America will protect itself and its allies. Second, America has the technology to shoot down missiles.

Ah, President Reagan you were a leader par excellence. We sadly miss you and your able cohort PM Margaret Thatcher. In times like these you really appreciate true leadership rather than the counterfeits parading around the world these days.

2009-04-06 10:01:42 Brad Raffensperger,

After the disatrous reign of Kofi Annan I had high hopes when Mr. Ban Ki-Moon was elected as Secretary General of the United Nations. Korea has been one of our strongest allies in the world and I believe that there has always been mutual self-respect between our nations.

Sadly, Sec. General Ban Ki-Moon is falling in bed with the "bash America" crowd at the UN. He sounded like one of those tin-pot dictators or despots rather than a reasoned leader of a free world. He certainly did not sound like the world's pre-eminent diplomat by expressing this view in front of the whole world. One would expect an accomplished diplomat to handle these matters discretely rather than on the front pages of the evening news. (As an aside I can't recall for the life of me when the Secretary General has ever called out and chastised any other nation. What about the genocide in Darfur as one example. Need I mention more?)

Second, why would anyone talk so disrespectful about any nation who was the largest financial contributor. Would the Sec. General be so disrespecful to Russia, China, France or a host of nations?

Now to the point; the US's GNP totals about 22% of the worlds total economic output so our contribution is relatively in line with total world output. China however produces about 10% of the total world output and only provides 2% of funding. If America is a deadbeat, then watch out China, to be equitable Ban Ki-Moon should be tearing you a new one any day now.

2009-03-16 10:44:04 Brad Raffensperger,

Buy America.

I believe Heritage's position on this provision misses the mark on several fronts. Yes, I am a conservative, but I am an American first. At the end of the day who is going to foot the bill for this $1.3 Trillion spending boon doggle? You and me, my fellow Americans. So if we are going to have to pay for this why not allow American businesses to provide the goods and services so we can put Americans back to work? Right now we have "Buy America" provisions on every federally funded DOT project in America. This provision is virtually no different.

Second, this "stimulus" is to get America growing again. Would any of you be offended if China enacted a stimulus plan and had a Buy China provision or if Germany, Japan, Britain, etc. did? Of course not. Let them have their stimulus plan and spend THEIR money any way they want to.

Third, having a Buy America provision is not a tariff. We are not penalizing any foreign manufacturer. They can still sell their products in this country. Smoot-Hawley restricted the flow of goods and services. Here we are merely saying that if we are going to spend American taxpayer dollars ( or put the taxpayer on the hook for this) we are going to buy American made products.

Finally, there is no constraints on the secondary purchases that will follow from these primary purchases. At the end of the day as America gets stronger so will the rest of the world.

2009-02-19 22:48:33 Brad Raffensperger,

Senator Olympia Snowe is on target. The Pelosi stimulus plan needs to be scrubbed completely. $1Trillion will put us in the poorhouse. Free us up to do what we Americans do best, create jobs and new businesses when we are allowed to release our creative energy and ingenious spirits. Lower all taxes, encourage investment into American manufacturing.

Senator DeMint has solid ideas for a solid recovery.

2009-02-04 10:54:30 Brad Raffensperger,