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It is not statistically possible to have political gerrymandering in the North Carolina congressional map by the republican legislator. The statewide party registration totals as of 6/18 are as follows democrat 38.2%; republican 29.9% and unaffiliated 31.3% of the total of the 6955137 total voters. Not one of the congressional districts have a majority of republican voters and the percentage of registered voters in each group is approximately 30% +-.
Also three other limiting factors preventing political gerrymandering is each congressional district is nearly composed up of whole counties, each district is composed of the same number of registered voters and there are only 13 split counties to form the 13 congressional districts. If all the republican and democrats blindly voted straight party, the unaffiliated voters will end choosing the district election winner based on quality of the candidate and the strength and believability of the political message.
With these facts how is it possible for any party to gerrymander districts?
The NC lower court’s findings and ruling was completely rebuked by the US Supreme Court. Judge Wynn and the other judges had their hands slapped for making up the law.

2018-06-28 19:49:27 Bob Rucho
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Rather then continue driving down the big business taxes, we should focus our efforts to significantly lower the Personal Income tax rate which will put more money in the pockets of small businesses and middle class working families. Additionally, we need to continue to broaden the sales tax base into services and transition to a pro growth consumption based economic tax model. We have a consumer driven economy with 70% of our economy are small businesses. As we broaden the service tax base we must protect against B2B tax pyramiding. The broadening of the sales tax base will allow state government to accelerate the reduction of the PIT rate. Our goal should be to allow the tax payers to determine how their hard earned money should be spent, not government. As consumer spending grows so will the state GSP increase and allow all to share in the prosperity.

2017-10-22 04:18:00 Robert Rucho