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Thanks for the plugs, folks. RedState.org is just a month old, already has nearly 1,200 members, raised more than $1,000 per candidate in less than a week for both Tom Coburn (Oklahoma) and Jim DeMint (South Carolina).
As for why Kos is bigger – which we hope won’t be the case for much longer – it goes back to the old P.J. O’Rourke question about why it is that when leftists hold protests, they seem to always have ready-printed signs, organized phone lists and portajons. Meantime, when conservatives hold a protest, you end up with two members of the YAF waving miniature American flags on a street corner.
The chief reason for this, O’Rourke concluded, was that Republicans tend to have day jobs.

2004-08-19T16:52:49 Ben
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Thanks, Sasha. I promise I'll fix your link.
2002-10-02T15:43:53+10:00 Ben