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Really?? Do Facts and Figures mean anything?

First and foremost, I want to thank the residents of Springfield, Marple, Morton, and Radnor for their support and confidence in me over my 28 years as their State Representative. It was truly an honor and privilege to serve.
I probably should not respond to a Holiday rant by someone who thinks he is an expert on every issue. However, this article is full of misrepresentations of the facts. I need to set the record straight.
The first misrepresentation was stating that being a member of the PA Legislature is a part-time position. Polidoro only uses the days that the Legislature is in session as if they are the only days we are working during the year. He does not include budget hearing days, committee meeting days, both in Harrisburg and throughout the state, and also the meetings in the District with various groups and individuals. Many times these meetings are held in the evenings and on weekends.
Other Misrepresentations:
1) When I took office in January, 1989, the salary was $47,000 not $35,000 as stated by Polidoro. My last term, which ended November, 2016, a rank and file Legislator’s salary was $84,500. This increase from 1989 through 2016 is comparable with the Cost of Living over those 28 years.
2) When I was elected by my colleagues as Appropriations Chairman the salary for this leadership position was $114,410 not the $120,000 as stated by Polidoro. Like many of my colleagues, I returned raises to the Commonwealth without fanfare.
3) Polidoro states that I received a $600 a month auto allowance, but in reality, I used my own car and was reimbursed for Legislative use only at the standard IRS rates. I chose the per diem method for overnight reimbursement for bookkeeping purposes as well as cost savings to the taxpayers.
4) For some reason, Polidoro calculates District Office expenses as a cost that would not have been there if another person was their Legislator. During my career my staff consisted of 2 local residents. The rent and other expenses related to the District Office would have been paid whether I was the Representative or not. The services provided at this office helped thousands of residents over the years.
5) Polidoro states that my pension will be $120,000 a year with full health insurance. The fact is my pension is less than 50% of his misrepresentation and in addition, I also contribute to my health insurance.
6) I have secured state grants totaling millions of dollars for our local municipalities and local agencies. These Grants have helped with reducing our local property taxes by improving our local park system, highways, and providing equipment for our First Responders. All of these grants were appropriated and accounted for during the application process.
7) As Chairman of PHEAA, with the help of a new board and vice chairman, we passed reforms which reduced spending by over $4 million dollars per year. The report that Polidoro refers to is for years prior to my Chairmanship of this agency. For your information, PHEAA is now contributing over $100 million dollars a year to the state program to help our college students.
I could go on and on regarding how Polidoro misrepresented and misconstrued the facts. He has tried to use this strategy or spin during his unsuccessful campaigns for local, county, and state office in the past.
I was honored and humbled to be recognized by so many local organizations, boards, clubs, and agencies over the last 30 days upon my retirement. Obviously, this recognition and praise bothered Polidoro so much he went on this Holiday rant. I must remind him that to bury someone, they must be dead – and I can assure him, I am alive and well. Happy New Year!!
Bill Adolph

2016-12-29T18:47:39 Bill Adolph, Jr.