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I think snipers are cool —and are the targets of snipers, A very scary situation IMHO–“Enemy At The Gate” for a fun couple of edge of your seat hours

2015-01-20 20:27:00 G Speed

Hi Rich—did somebody push your button-huh? Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan—–HaHaHaHa—-I love to make socialist/unionist/statest jerks angry—How’s your buddy Soros doing with the FX trades lately– He wasn’t on the wrong side of the Swiss Franc was he?
Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan

2015-01-20 00:12:00 G Speed

Way to spruce up the site Javier–About time you put something besides pictures of those horribly ugly open mouth democrat racist hags that you usualy post. -You thiink you could get some of those Russian/Ukrainian/Monrovian mail order bride adds to run in the boarder? I’d click those at least twice a day–what do you think?

2015-01-20 00:00:00 G Speed

Gee you’re a dumb ass– you should get some lessons in “reading comprehension”. The blog clearly states his house was shot at by a speeding car– not “from a car” as you so stupidly assert. In typical socialist liberal double speak you have changed the facts to suit your agenda–

2015-01-19 23:40:00 G Speed

the Rino representatives and senators you elect have not an ounce of respect for your ideas, beliefs or the things you hold dear– these guys are self serving elitist nacissistic primpers and the sooner they go the better—

2015-01-19 22:39:00 G Speed

WOW this is so cool–I love it when a bully gets kicked in the mouth—stuff like this makes my day.

2015-01-19 22:27:00 G Speed

800K is chump change. RP raised that in a day— the Rino/National Socialists/Croney Capitalist/ Money grubbers have shown their behinds– now its up to us to make sure the real Constitution Conservatives get their running money.

Lets bring on the “Litmus tests”

Pro Second Amendment
Anti Common Core
Pro Tort Reform
Anti Lobbyist/Corporation Executive Revolving Door
Pro Banking Reform
Anti Pay Raises for Senators and Representatives
Pro Tax Reform/Simplification/Reduction
Anti Camera Redlight Ticketing
Pro Republican Party Internal Reforms
Anti Asset Forfiture
Pro Police Force Corruption and Ethics enforcement
Anti Police Militarization
Pro Public Service Review Boards
Anti Public Service Unions
Pro Term Limits
Anti New Gov’t Bureaucracy Formation
Pro Gov’t Size Reduction
Anti Illegal Immigrants Amnesty
Pro Reduction in H-1B Visas
Anti Federal “Affordable Health Care” Inititives
Pro Privacy/Internet Freedom
Anti Gov’t Illegal Spying

Try that Domestic stuff for starters ( foreign and international and trade stuff later) and put a couple of hundred dollars on the line–
$200 dollars times 4000 contributers is chump change–

Role call anyone??

2015-01-18 21:35:00 G Speed

And voting for a tax and spend Rino is not wasting your vote–It’s jerks like you that got us in the trouble we’re in —voting for the least bad– what a crock —and I hope I offended you.

2015-01-01 23:27:00 G Speed

I believe I was one of the first on Shark Tank to point out that Common Core would be the litmus test for candidates in the future.

Common Core is the ultimate insult by gov’t to parents of public school children.

2014-12-26 23:25:00 G Speed

Well when I watched Casto kill and eat those chickens in his NYC hotel room the thing talked about most was the “haves and the have nots” In Cuban society. A lot of “Organized Crime” big money and those who were in the “Club” business lost a lot– thats a fact. Business, large and small, lost mostly everything in Cuba under Castro in the early years– thats a fact. People who opposed Castro mostly lost everythig and a lot of them died. –thats a fact.

What cannot be proven is if the blockade and sanctions worked to our advantage. Lots of smart people believe that the US followed the wrong path and Cuba should have been brought into the fold ( prefered trading partner status) after the cold war.–I think they are right– It’s almost certain that the imbargo has hurt the average Cuban (living in Cuba) and thats a fact.

If every wrong in the past needs payback then lets start with the Indian Nations, reparation for all perceived and imagined wrongs against the negro race, the Irish indentured, the Chinese railroad builders, and every other “wronged” being living or dead including animals.

The only people who really care about the Cuban “problem” are bitter live in the past used to be “rich in Cuba” familes that live in South Florida and for the most part have done quite well, and of course the averge Cuban on the streets of Havana who hasn’t done so well.

2014-12-22 17:12:00 G Speed

Cause they vote democrat, Are you are really that dense?

2014-12-17 15:40:00 G Speed

Jeez —Onward? What a hack–this is the end of the GOP—join the Wigs in the dustbin of history–

2014-12-16 21:22:00 G Speed

the correct answer is “of course not–only a fool would own a gun”—“You don’t own a gun,do you doctor??”

2014-12-10 18:15:00 G Speed

well all the commenters on here agree on one thing at least—-torture, whether physical or psychological is the purview of the state–the state —-the great decider of life or death, the giver of all things and the taker away of all things–blessed be the name of the state– all things are possible in the name of the state–no man shall rise above the state —-no one person shall be more valuable than the state– the means justifies the ends of the state–If the one must die so the state shall live so be it–if one must suffer pain so the state can triumph so be it– all heil the state — bend your knee and bow before the state– Our state which art in asention–hallowed be thy name–Thy empire come -thy will be done– —

When the state becomes your religion and your God–then you will condone torture and murder by the state– life becomes cheap–a thing owned by the state–you life is not your own–

Go look in the mirror and repeat—I am not a man –I am a vessel of the state–my life for you —my life for you—

2014-12-10 18:06:00 G Speed

Hi Rich
There are a lot of problems with fracking– one is using a lot of water and another is gettig rid of the waste water. Thats not to big off a problem in actuallity because the money has been abl to buy of the regulators ( Calif has many well drilling operations pumping used water back into clean aquifers)
The big money in “fracking” has been made in leases of land with drilling rights —it’s speculators wet dream.
Don’t worry to much about it though because the break even on fracking is $60 bbl. on average. The future of fracking is not bright.

On the other hand sustainable renewable fuels are a joke– mostly because of thermodynamics but also because of gov’t involvement picking winners and losers. The breeder reactor in Savanna was a working renewable fuel generator that was sustanable into the 22 century– leaving minimal nuclear waste. But hey — your kind of forward thinking shut it down– instead we have “big corn” —and “global warming?”–go dummy.

2014-11-30 01:10:00 G Speed

Innocents are innocent– guiltys are guilty— the courts have proven time and again that justice can be bought– so the proof depends on politics and bucks–

Your innocent till proven guilty cliche’ is fodder for fools- the laws heaped on our heads by our well meaning but totaly clueless representitives insure that you are guilty of something only needing to be charged at the convenience of TPTB —- but who am I to comment with truth, I’m not politicaly correct so must be in error–

By the way thats a charming photo of the “faggot in chief” and his s–t packing buddy–

2014-11-21 22:15:00 G Speed

actually they are for Democrat trolls– Conservatives all use ad block—jezz are you stupid-

2014-10-18 23:28:00 G Speed

Well –you know I’ve had tons of people tell me what I am and what I can’t have and who I can’t be with and where I can’t go and what I look like and why It’s my fault and why I’m never going to make it and that I’m stupid and that I’m not good enough to make the team and why my grades aren’t high enough to get accepted or that I don’t meet the racial quota or that I make too much money or don’t make enough–
IMHO its all black peoples fault and so I hate all black people and especially those with aids and Ebola and black women that twerk and teen boy blacks that walk around looking like penguins and loud mouth fat ugly black “preacher” women that wear colors to make you sick and black men that wear other black mens football numbers as fall fashion—and all that —so there

And thats why I need a new Iphone and why I’m in the “free shit army” and you can’t come in my neighborhood —-

By the way can you gib me a job? -I need a reference to get a new car loan? All I need is a reference–I don’t need to work because my mom gets foster care checks and we use EBT cards to get stuff and my student loan has four years to run yet–

and on and on and on—

“Stupid is as stupid does” and “life is like a box of chocolates”

2014-10-07 15:55:00 G Speed

The thought of either one or the other makes me feel like I have to vomit.

2014-10-03 18:34:00 G Speed

I just don’t believe the MSM sycophants are going to be able to push this old nag to the starting gate much less get her a win— the Democrat party has one and half years to find a viable candidate —trust me, they are looking hard– Soros et al won’t bide a Clinton or a Clinton hack or a boutique wannabe like the one they have now –they want a vetted non controversial pro war banker buddy to run for them–

2014-09-26 16:32:00 G Speed



2014-09-23 13:39:00 G Speed

Rand walked through miles of north east USSR in deadly conditions with her sister to make a life in a (at that time) free country–wrote books and started a movement — I don’t think you’re Ann Rand— shame on you for using that name as yours.

2014-09-23 13:30:00 G Speed

Rubio is in McCains coat pocket peaking out from behind the hanky– ISIS(er -um — that is the moderate ISIS) is McCains stepchild—google around for #tweet from McCain with pictures of him and his “moderate ” FSA (who made a pact with ISIS this week) buddies hanging out together. Thats why Rubio voted for the CR– it funds McCain’s folly. Just like Rubio went with McCain’s amnesty he will vote lockstep with McCain on every piece of &%$# that comes down the pike–

2014-09-20 22:12:00 G Speed

as a matter of fact Rich–Clinton did more to spur gun and ammo sales than the NRA ever has–but thanks for recognizing the valiant effort the NRA has put forth in its almost insurmountable task of placing portions of reason on the plates of idiots at the liberal table.

2014-09-19 23:29:00 G Speed

Porn is the quintessential gauge of “too much free time”.

2014-09-19 16:12:00 G Speed

Javier —-
You are absolutely correct. This war is unwinnable. In fact it is not a war!! It is internal strife between religious factions of the Muslim sects. However some would say “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

So –now we are getting the talking point words– —-“Stabilize” ( means US troops on the ground to occupy infrastructure like wellheads and pipelines )–“Unwinnable” (means a political solution is the only way in the foreseeable future) –“Solution” (means – win for ISIS and a win for the US –who would have thought?)

More and more it begins to look like ISIS is a US creation (just a lot of name changes)— from the scapegoat for 9/11, to the reason for preemptive war, the overthrow of Libya ( oil and defending the petrodollar), the destalization of Syria (US foreign policy for getting rid of Russian navy in the Mediterranean) to the stealing of Iraqi oil and selling it on the black market (new pipeline to Turkey through Kurdistan for trans shipment to US refinery in Lake Charles, LA. ) for $20-$40 dollars a barrel while WTC is at $90+. That would also be making sure the oil keeps flowing during the ME conflict scenario.

Remember the big bombing crusade against ISIS a few weeks ago by the US to prevent ISIS from killing a those thousands of kids on the mountain–but now ISIS oil (stolen Iraqi oil) flows freely to Turkey through –you guessed it–Kurdistan. Kurdistan was a part of Iraq but now is selling oil (Iraq oil) to Israel—and is in a quasi cease fire with ISIS ——–“Whoa Nellie”

Iraq by the way is trending toward friendship with–?? Iran–a fellow majority Shia population state.

Mark my words–by the end of 2015 we will have a working political relationship with ISIS which will have UN approval. Soon after the ME will be redrawn along religious borders. The house of Saud will be ready to fall along with royal families in Kuwait and Qatar. ISIS will destabilize them for the US and when its all said and done the payback for the Carter years oil cartel price rise will be done and oil will flow at $40 dollars a barrel with ISIS the new US friend and military/political power in the region.–you heard it hear first.

Now let me say I’m not against a good outcome in the ME. And also that I’m a true American and want the US to prosper. I just hope we get rid of the overpowering police state, erosive trend where our Constitution is concerned, and a movement toward less corruption in gov’t- Maybe even end this “war on everything” liberal mindset that has permeated the citizenry since LBJ.
As an aside–Did you see the nice watch on the head terrorist guys wrist in the latest photo op—a $6000 Rolex. Cool.

Also look for a few thwarted terror attacks here and there to keep the “foolem” going. Gotta fund the MIC and keep the high school grads enlisting.

2014-09-19 16:02:00 G Speed

What a pathetic right/left red/blue on the same page “foolum instill state supremacy” a little at a time talking points skit. You are continually lowering the bar for intellectual honesty standards. I don’t understand why? —

Continually referring to 9/11 as if it was what the gov’t tells us it was to reinforce your “more security at the cost of less freedom” point of view shows you to be a neocon propaganda shill—

Please use history to evaluate your current “war is necessary” bent– you will find you are on the short end of the stick.

If ISIS is fighting and getting it’s guys killed, turning world opinion against itself, using up its resources, conscripting local youth by threats of death then it is already losing and we should let it.

Any point of view that purports a “movement” of this ilk has any chance of sustaining itself without outside political, monetary, and military support is laughable.


If ISIS action is responsible for recent low oil prices then are they on our side??

If ISIS is using the petrodollar then then by all measures of current “national security policy” it is our ally, is it not?

If ISIS is an offshoot of NATO supported moderate “Islamist terrorists” in the effort to overthrow Assad then we are the “cause celebre” –do we go to war against ourselves?

If ISIS is financed by the House of Saud or Qatar do we sanction them while putting our kids “boots on the ground”?

By the way –where is ISIS getting its “guns and ammo”? It has a MIC to produce all that stuff (I presume) or they are getting it from NATO or the former “Block”— or we will just keep stockpiling the stuff in various CIA warehouses in US embassies for the moderate Al Qaeda groups to steal?

–just a few reasonable questions for you—

–as an aside—
Anyone in this country or the developed world for that matter who joins with this Theocratic nightmare to “convert the world” to a particular sect of Muslims is beyond foolish and should be given a ticket and a backpack. Losers all –good riddance.

2014-09-13 13:32:00 G Speed

Police need to “intimidate criminals”?

Police need to “protect themselves from weapons used against them during uprisings”?

Alan’s smart and knows this?

Who writes this drivel? I can’t believe you post this kind of mindless crap.. What the hell is wrong with you Javier? I would like you to defend these postulates —without more neocon talking points.

Please try to clean up your act — postings like the one above has you coming off as a fool. If you want to make a point or further an opine, supposition, or prejudice at least at the minimum be scholarly.

2014-09-12 20:08:00 G Speed

It was your “stinky cigar” sucking buddy Clinton that piled NAFTA on our backs.in 1993–so now you want to jump on “us” for not pressuring legeslators? you are one __________ low life POS Rich—

2014-09-10 17:26:00 G Speed

Well Ann Rand—the reason is that guys like Rich and his liberal ilk have demanded that they be in charge of educating the youth. They have infected the public education system with racism. Their continued (since LBJ) policies of lower standards and politicised busing have destroyed public education for back kids. Black kids from outlying areas are bussed to inner city black schools that hire black teachers of questionable credentials. All in the interests of fairytale equality and black votes. Most black boys don’t have a prayer in this system unless they are highly athletic, and race baiters keep getting elected by black women voters in gerrymandered districts so they can receive race qualified, family destroying gov’t benefits

2014-09-10 17:17:00 G Speed

Do you mean that if I write in a name that that vote is counted as a vote for Crist? Or do you mean its so close that a vote for anyone except Scott could cost him the win? Or do you mean any vote for anyone but your guy is automatically a wasted vote? Or are you just relaying the talking points BS?

2014-09-05 14:48:00 G Speed

I could reply with “you watch way too much television” but that would be the truth and would close your ears.

Drones have limited capability and will not knock out mines, tunnels etc–the size and weight of the munitions is not there—

Facial recognition only works on someone who doesn’t want to fool it–

Every time Obama does something things get worse–is this your intent??

Blanket labeling of others with terms like “Extremist”, “terrorist”, is phobo centric and plays into the hands of the “security before freedom” mavens.

By “we need to seek out” I take it you mean for your kid to do it –or maybe the kid from next door?

“As far as ISIS, we know” is foolish beyond belief because “we don’t know”—we don’t know who funds them, who supplies them with intel, who’s the strategist organization, who leads them, and who they are fighting for. There are lots of rumors out there– the zionists, the Saudis, the CIA, Qatar, factions in NATO, the MIC in the US, —one thing is for sure–we don’t know.

“Without supplies they can’t fight” is a major stupid TV armchair general opinion–they have been fighting with out supplies and supply lines for decades. The real Generals say with a 100% all out effort in 10-15 yrs we may beat them. Russia says not going to happen–

“We need to go into Syria right now” — You got that from John Kerry/McCain right? Thank God Obama foiled that idiocy.

2014-09-05 14:30:00 G Speed

Yes–but–leaving it at the local level just means support for Common Core at the local level– Many local level politicos support common core–just another in the back door foolum tactic–

Again —The litmus test is who denounces Common Core, who will fight it on all levels — no fudge -no waffle- no cross your fingers behind you back with foolum tactics—

This isn’t just about Scott either– Scott will cover himself with a “push” it down to the local level.
Apply the litmus test at all levels to be effective—remember you are fighting for the future of your kids–don’t let the gov’t dumb them down anymore than they already have.

2014-09-05 13:57:00 G Speed

And if we don’t watch out sinners will be drinking the devils brew on Sundays–we need prohibition in this country–any prohibition–and more jails and more and better equipped police and more laws for the Lawless and bigger budgets. If everyone would just be a Baptist (or listen to the Rush L show) everything would be solved — sarc/ (for those who can’t see it)

2014-09-04 15:19:00 G Speed

if you use drugs(pun intended) and money in the same comment there is no doubt you are referring to “Big Pharma” aka “Big Malpractice” aka Big Legal–

We have two parties because persons such as yourself cannot see out side the two party Paradigm. The two party system is the divide um and conquer um control mechanism–to believe otherwise is self deceit.

2014-09-04 15:08:00 G Speed

Whoosh–right over your head–the link is not about legalizing medical pot ( the Big Pharma term) its about legalizing any drug or herb or artichoke you can grow in your backyard–its about Big Pharma and the politics it owns. Its about freedom of choice. Its about death and sickness for profit.

2014-09-04 15:08:00 G Speed

And this about “drugs”


2014-09-04 12:56:00 G Speed

Remember folks –Common Core is your litmus test— no fudge-no waffle- Just vote the one who denounces Common Core.

Scott has his finger in the wind for sure– but you know he is from the big everything political genre–more than likely has his fingers crossed behind his back. “Now you gotta ask yourself-do I feel lucky” when you pull that lever.

2014-09-04 12:40:00 G Speed

truth is you’re splitting the vote–red vs blue–been doing it for ever it seems –just to be sure that liberty and freedom does not rear its ugly head.

2014-09-04 12:09:00 G Speed

Your hubris and narcissism know no bounds. Why would I be surprised? Who else but the Neocons, their friends across the isle from the tribe and whats left of the evangelical right could possibly think that the highly vaunted but largely ineffectual US military could kick sand in the face of a thousands of years conflict and have it just go away? The “let’s bomb them” religious fervor of the “exceptionalists” war drummers is going to finish whats left of any moral high ground the US still has in world opinion.
For all the wrong reasons Obama seems to be right on this one–(although you will never admit this). His convenient “red line” bumbling kept us out of Syria so far. It’s almost as if there is an angel watching over us to insure we survive in spite of ourselves. Maybe the angel is just there to protect the sons and daughters of those parents who want to sacrifice them on the alter of war.

2014-09-04 11:58:00 G speed

Alan is right on this one –just like he was right on the Fed —looks more and more like Javier is looking for a job in the “big media” — mis spelling, out of context comments, lack of research on subjects, knee jerk journalism, rip and read propaganda, —-try CNN—I hear their viewership is waaayyyy up there lately–very big on gov’t rights and pro Israel too —just up your alley J–

2014-08-19 16:38:00 G Speed

come on —you can do better than mistake dawn for don—really shoddy–especially with SC and all the word processing tools at your disposal–

2014-08-19 16:21:00 G Speed

If CONgress cared they would just defund the excess –but corruption is the password in DC politics–and if your not in the club you’re run out of town—

2014-08-07 11:36:00 G Speed

Lots of Klan in Florida you say?? I’ll have to look into it as it may have benefits–can’t be any worse than ACA membership–and it the law I have to join that–

Might be nice to have some neighbors you could count on if TSHTF -I don’t think the gang of blacks hanging on the corner are gonna pitch in to help this old white guy — Can i join if I’m Hungarian or maybe Russian or South African–?? Probably can’t join if my name is M Obama though–or Travon—Well thats ok cause I can’t join the Black Caucus in DC –or the Black Panthers or get in to see Corine Brown either– I’m puke sick of black whiner racists and their victimhood BS—

I’m going to join the KKK today—just thank Obama—

2014-07-21 14:50:00 G Speed

The wheels are grinding exceedingly slow -but I hope exceedingly fine as well.

2014-07-11 18:18:00 G Speed

and so it goes—another WMD war in the making???
or a false flag op that will make 9/11 look like a pie in the face.????? —just getting ready for the bad news is all.

2014-07-10 16:18:00 G Speed

Scotus has become a “finger in the wind” branch of gov’t. When they see the tide turning they turn with it. I bet if Obama Care was on the docket today it would go down in flames.

2014-06-27 13:35:00 G Speed

Boehner is just the feces floating on the surface–the whole infested sewer needs to be flushed. All the bought committee chairs and lobby whores need to go. All of them.


2014-06-27 13:27:00 G Speed

But does gay communism work?? or does that take a special kind of ear wax. — inquiring minds want to know.

2014-06-17 19:29:00 G speed

The same standards should hold that they apply to us–“guilty until proven innocent” Or “the seriousness of the accusation warrants investigation”

2014-06-17 19:25:00 G speed

Keep the faith Paul–a lot of people are waking up, Don’t give up -apply pressure —loud unrelenting vicious pressure. Adopt a “no prisoners” attitude with the gov’t and the bureaucracies. Be an “in your face” agitator. Make sure every representative (especially local) knows your face by heart. Speak to others on issues–make like minded acquaintances and join groups—remember freedom ain’t free.

2014-06-14 13:18:00 G speed

Jeez–why can’t these Democrat reps focus?? Here we have a woman who hit the nail on the head calling out law enforcement for using SWAT teams to raid barber shops for license infractions, which was a good call. Then she turns around and supports all the things that make gov’t a burden and a pox.

And then there is the down state Democrat rep with the big feet who hits the nail on the head with his attack on the FED only to revert to form and melt down into a slimeball.

More and more I’m beginning to think there is exists a mental condition that may need medication, or at least therapy.

2014-06-12 13:13:00 G speed

Now we just need a bill that holds the Secretary accountable, or is that position one of the To Big To Jail variety?
Well Rubio, your bill is a start I suppose and little steps still count as steps.

2014-06-12 12:55:00 G speed

Once again the difference between the Republican and Democrat party politicos will be “disappeared” in a primary when Mr. NPA who can’t run on a Dem ticket because of the (weak) incumbent decides out of the blue to be a “true Republican” and “staunch conservative” running for “family values” and “responsible small government” no doubt. And of course the MSM will support him with lies and impunity. .

Thanks for the heads up Javier

2014-06-12 12:46:00 G speed